Saturday, July 02, 2022


I had an arranged 'experience' with someone this Friday. It was good. I felt pleased and it seemed it worked for him too. It had been a long time for me between drinks.

We dined this evening with Brighton Antique Dealer and her toy boy at a place called Clocks at Flinders Street Station. It is also a gambling venue though with profits going to housing the homeless, I think. It was ok and surely one of the cheapest places in Melbourne to drink and dine. Overhead where we sat were old suitcases on racks, reminding us that we were at a place of travel. Nice touch, I thought. I should have taken a snap.

An overhead conversation by presumably straight tradie guys, Mate, you had Covid two weeks ago. I need to suck your d*** and get immunity. Idiot straight guys can be so funny at times. 

On the tram on the way home, I met eyes with a young man a couple of times. He nodded to me. I nodded back. He smiled. He kept looking. I mentioned it to R who sensibly said look at what is sitting in front of him. It was a huge suitcase. For just one minute I thought I was desired, but no. He was looking for somewhere to stay. No matter. All a bit of fun. 

Mother Day tomorrow. I told Mother no clothes shopping which stresses R. Just lunch out. She replied, just Big W for a quick visit. Mother does nothing quickly and never has.

Friday, July 01, 2022

Sydney 4 Pt 1

We decided a trip to Manly must be done. You can't visit Sydney without catching the ferry to Manly. We had stuffs to do late in the day.

The 1980s Freshwater Class ferries with their huge carrying capacity have been all but retired, with a couple kept as spares for busy summer weekend peaks and when the seas near the harbour headlands are rough. Its passenger capacity is 1100. Otherwise the service is operated by the newer Emerald Class. The Freshwater ferries took 30 minutes to take the trip. 

We caught the new Emerald Class ferry to Manly. It seemed noticeably faster and it is, cutting the travel time to 22 minutes, but with only a passenger capacity of 400. You can see why the old ferries are brought back into service when demand is high. There is quite a difference between 400 passengers and 1100 passengers. No wonder the older ferries were kept for peak usage. Nevertheless, it was pleasant trip. We lunched at our usual Fusion Point Cafe and sat at the beach for a while, seeing what there was to see. 

Seniors only pay $2.50 a day for Sydney public transport with ferries included. An adult ferry fare is over $7 one way. For $3 more, you can catch the fast ferry for $10 but it now only shaves a couple of minutes off the ferry trip time. Oddly the fast ferry is operated by the NRMA, the New South Wales motoring organisation. 

Manly was just lovely and R said we should buy a small apartment with a view there. Then he looked up the prices. Oh well, it was a nice thought.

On the train for two underground stations to Circular Quay.

Wow. So many ferries coming and going at the Quay.

Plenty of surfer eye candy at Manly.

Along The Corso. 

Bathing corellas amused us as we took a 'photo stop'. 

This was a strange one. It kept laying its head down in the water. Ear parasites? 

No R. You can not afford any of these properties.

The alternative fast ferry.

We were on the left a few levels from the top.

The southern entrance to Hyde Park.

We were back on the harbour in a boat later in the day. Naturally part two to come.

Thursday, June 30, 2022

Finding your way

I love maps and I spend quite a bit of time perusing them. Old  maps can be so interesting, showing you something you had no idea about. Some I save for reference in the future, others I look at in detail when I find them. Here a few I've saved from the net over the last month. 

A ready reference map of the states of India. 

Partly tourist and partly regular passenger travel, Queensland does it country railway lines really well. See the disconnected red line near the top? I am sure Diane at Adventure before Dementia has taken The Gulflander.

No matter how many times I am told about the make up of the British Isles, I forget. This map is simple to understand and tells you what you need to know at a glance.

Now a shadow of its former self, our island State of Tasmania had an extensive train system. Aside from tourist trains, there aren't any passenger trains at all now. Maybe one day we might see a high speed train between the major city of Launceston and the state capital Hobart.

Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Sydney 3, a show

There was actually a reason we visited Sydney, not that a reason is needed. It is a fabulous city to visit. To misquote someone, if you are bored in Sydney, you will be bored anywhere.

The musical Moulin Rouge opened in Melbourne, when I cannot remember. In spite of personal recommendations from those who saw it, we did not get around to looking at seeing it until the end of its run. We could only get separated seats by then.

Fine, we will see it in Sydney then. We asked Victor if he had seen it and if he was interested and he had not and was interested to see it. We booked the Wednesday matinee. It was amazing and I loved the show. Over one hundred bits of songs were used to great effect. Surely I won't tear up at Moulin Rouge, but I had forgotten the ending, as we saw in the film I think in the early 2000s. 

Before the theatre, we brunched somewhere in Oxford Street, I cannot remember where. That evening we walked down the steep hill to the Lord Roberts Hotel and of course then had to walk back up the steep hill. We are from Melbourne. We don't do hills.

Here are a few photos taken at the Capitol Theatre where we saw Moulin Rouge. No photos during the performance. While I am not generally a fan of musicals, I loved it and only dozed off twice, during horrible torch songs. R asked me later if he at all snored. 

Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Updates and bits

Some of you queried what this ship was in my Sunday Selections. I have discovered it is bulk carrier and the parts that stick up from the deck area are I think lifting devices. It may have been carrying grain, which does leave from Port of Melbourne.

The new twin boys are now home and well. Fire Fighting Nephew's wife sent me a message that we are welcome any time to visit. That was nice and we will make the two and a half hour return drive to visit soon.

A funny thing happened yesterday after some chaos on the Ballarat train line with me experiencing two cancelled trains. I went to pay for something in a shop with my card and the screen displayed the message, 'Transaction system under attack. Please wait'. The woman who I know well enough shrieked at her display. Then my display came up, 'Please try again'. I did and all was fine.

For quite some time I have been bemused by men who write laws and judge how they are applied, and plant the seed into women, and then want to tell women what to do with the seed. They call me queer!

A neighbour recently died. I only found out a couple of days ago. She was a very private person and her apartment adjoins ours. Nevertheless, we feel a bit sad. She was pleasant enough and I never finished telling her about the history of her apartment, including when the previous owners had their door painted white, when all doors in this building are a certain colour, but I did get in about the gay barrister who rented there and his bit of paid rough trade he picked up punched in some plaster walls on our landing. Fortunately the two renting policemen on our floor sorted it out and the barrister paid for the wall repairs. 

Debby in the US recently used the blogpost headline The Faecal Matter Hits the Rotary Oscillator.  I've heard it before but I'd forgotten the phrase. I made up my own. Trying to Elevate Faecal Matter up a Steep Incline. 

Household Management is getting on a bit. Do we need a cleaner? Do cleaners snoop? By all means they can enjoy the gay porn on my USB sticks, or play with what is in by beside cupboard. Just wash it afterwards please. Do they clean while you are at home or do you go out? I do know that here cleaners do a good job for their first couple of cleans, but then get slack.

There was another update to mention but I've forgotten what it was.

A new one. I don't really believe in treats for dogs to train them. We've never done that.  Tradie Brother has a young deaf dog. May treats be essential in training a deaf dog? I don't really think so.

Monday, June 27, 2022

Monday Mural

I'm joining with Sami and her links to all over the world for Monday Mural.

Our Friend in Japan came across these murals on garage doors as she is on holidays. Rather impressive methinks. They look rather Russian, don't you think? Don't mention the war.

Sunday, June 26, 2022

Sunday Selections

I haven't made a Sunday Selections post for a while but this Sunday I will join in this week along with Elephant's Child and River.

Coles is now a supermarket but once was also a variety store with fantastic plain food cafes in several locations as I remember. I like this retro display at Coles in Elsternwick. You can see the same at Manly in Sydney, as we noticed a week or so ago.

Be afraid of what the machine will tell you. They are in Priceline chemists chain stores. Do you want to know your blood pressure, weight, body mass index, body composition, heart age and diabetes risk.

No one batted an eyelid at the sight of two table tennis bats on the floor of the tram.

R is an organised cook.

The tightest curve for our suburban train system is just north west of Rushall Station on the Mernda train line. It makes for a good photo.

Just west of Caulfield Station.

Federation Square.

One of our usual cafes in the city uses souvenir teaspoons. This one, if you embiggen it, shows Fairytale Castle in Bri Bri, state of Queensland. Never heard of it.

Green and orange birds in the trees? 

Just before we visited Sydney, it was Ex Sis in Law's husband's 65th birthday, so down the big roads we went to Langy (Langwarrin). There was a pig on a spit which was delicious, and other roast meats along with vegetables and salads. But really, there were showers and it was so cold in spite of heating in the pool room, the spit warming another outdoors room and this fire in an old washing machine tub. We arrived about 4 and left just after 7 to get home to watch The Bill (Yes, it is a long time since we said that for the first time and even longer when I was a child and wanted to get home to watch Zig and Zag). Mother wisely decided she would not attend, but there were many other family and friends of Ex Sis in Law who we knew. I soon became bored and felt exhausted once home by the social interactions. 

Do tell me what this ship is supposed to carry.

It is always good when a cockatoo visits our balcony.

In the photos below, they are en masse in the trees. They might actually be corellas rather than cockatoos.