Saturday, June 11, 2022

Gay Day

Did you hear the UK has minted a new 50p coin? It celebrates...dunno. Gay pride perhaps. Checking...ok, 50 years of the England's gay pride movement. The coin is not for general circulation and I expect costs rather a bit more than 50p to buy from the Royal Mint. I can't find out now but I heard a figure of 5? coins, that is either 5,000 or 50,000 coins will be released. I can't see there being much rarity value to the coins.

I like and the coin looks pretty good too.

It has ended now but there was a large photographic portrait exhibition spread over outdoor areas within the inner Melbourne suburbs. The suburb of Prahran would arguably have the largest gay population in greater Melbourne and so in Prahran Square the photos were appropriate. Parents didn't feel the need to cover the eyes of their children as they passed by. They will see much worse if they grow up in Prahran. There were more photos than I snapped. These ones just appealed to me.  

Friday, June 10, 2022

Friday Funny

Lee Lin Chin was a respected and very professional newsreader for our multicultural television channel SBS. Yes, the station that showed uncensored European films that included nudity. 

Lee Lin Chin read the SBS World News for a long time using her grave manner when needed. No local car crash stories on SBS news but it can be depressing as it crosses from one world crisis to the next.

I've shown this before, but here Lee Lin is being frank about a tv reporter. 

Hard Chat is supposed to be host Tom Gleeson getting a good edge over the guest and embarrassing them. Lee Lin turned the tables. 

Her last news reading gig at SBS. She is very gay friendly and seems like being great fun to spend time with.

Thursday, June 09, 2022

Two attention grabbers

Two matters grabbed my attention in yesterday's electric newspaper. 

Airbnb is under investigation for deceptive behaviour. I assume this applies to Australians looking to stay in US properties but I don't know that. It could be generally but surely not in Australia. As Aussies go through the booking process, they are not told the price is in US dollars. The newspaper suggested US$500 is about AU$700. 

It is only at the very end of the booking process when clicking 'Pay', that people see a tiny US$. It was so discreet, people did not notice. In spite of many complaints, Airbnb apparently ignored the personal messages and is now being investigated by the Australian Competition and Consumer Association. Airbnb has now said it will compensate a huge number of customers.

While we do have consumer protection in Australia, it is very slow to react to mass rip offs and cheating.  One hint of such happening should have set off an investigation by the ACCC. I think we also have state consumer affairs bodies too.

Another example is Uber, now being sued by the ACCC for $26 million. Up to five minutes after you make an Uber booking, you can cancel without cost. However Uber has been telling customers there will be a cancellation fee for cancelled bookings made within the five minute grace period. Uber Taxi also inflated the quoted price for travel, which turned out to be less and perhaps competitive with a normal taxi.

Yet conservative political parties and peak business organisations constantly cry, Deregulate. Cut red tape. Cut green tape. Self regulation. Codes of conduct agreed to among businesses.

Former UK Prime Minister David Cameron was very hot on killing off the safety culture in England. In 2012 he said exactly that and many laws and regulations were dropped or modified. Unfortunately as I have read over the time since it occurred, it led to disasters such as the Grenfell Tower fire in 2017, with the death of 72 people. The failures by authorities that led to the fire are mindboggling. Our building is stringently checked to ensure its fire systems are working. Do I trust our systems? Not fully but somewhat. This from The Guardian in reference to the ongoing inquiry into the fire.

It is difficult to overstate the depth of the scandal exposed by the inquiry, even though it has received relatively little coverage in recent months. What’s been revealed is a culture of corruption and a contemptuous disregard for people’s lives in the pursuit of profit. This is not something peculiar to construction. From Boeing to Volkswagen, from clothes manufacturers to big pharma, we’ve seen in recent years how lying and cheating is part of big business. That’s how the market works.

It is not, however, just about companies knowing how to circumvent regulation. It is also about regulators (and governments) allowing them to do so.

This is absolute crap. Medium to big business has shown us time and time again they cannot be trusted. They need to have rules and regulations and smartly slapped if they breach them. Grenfell Towers is a prime example. Its safety would have been inspected by a private company that may or may not have pointed out the many faults, but no action was taken regardless. It breached so many basic and rather lax standards with impunity.

We live in a capitalist society and I am happy with that, but business behaviour has never indicated any reason for it to be trusted to act honourably. Time after time. Business needs to be strongly regulated with severe penalties for breaching regulations. That is what history tells us.

Wednesday, June 08, 2022

Why wasn't I told?

A friend sent me a phone message showing a nice view. I replied with where is this? He sent me the location using Google Maps. I had no idea. I thought the location was within the secure area of the Port of Melbourne and not accessible to the general public.

I checked and there is a narrow walking strip between the highly fenced port and the waters of Port Phillip. The path is called Webb Trail, after the name Webb Dock and at the end of the path is Sandridge Lookout. Sandridge was an early name for area now known as Port Melbourne.

I really should had known about this walk. I should have been told. 

C'mon R. Get the motor out and we will visit. There was quite a full carpark near a terrific children's playground. I think the walking time to the lookout was suggested to be seven minutes. It seemed to take fifteen minutes. We reached the lookout and a strange German accented man engaged with us. I asked how much further the path went and he replied just around the corner. I drifted off and left him to continue engage with R, as I do.

We walked back with a break along the way on a seat for photo taking. (Code phrase for 'rest' there).

There were some fishers and as usual without an abundant catch. I am yawning about fishing as I type.

I wish I'd taken a video of the working fixed cranes as they moved containers around at speed. Melbourne's port is the busiest in Australia. 

The blue to the right is Port Phillip and the waterway to the left is the mouth of the Yarra River where the container ships enter the port. The white between is full of port facilities; roads, train lines, trucks and ships nearby.

Out along the gravel path we walked.

View of the city.

Seeing the working cranes was amazing.

What are these things called love? You can see Williamstown in the background. The only tall buildings there are public housing high rise apartments. 

Zooming led to no further understanding. There were some very interesting information panel displays at the lookout. 

Town with high rise apartments at Beacon Cove in the foreground. A friend lives in one of them. Very expensive.

Apparently this wall can make a singing sound when the wind is blowing from the right direction. I'd like to hear that.

Tuesday, June 07, 2022

Spam, Comments and the whole damn thing

WordPress users and self hosters can move along. Your tech might be better, but remember the superior Beta film cassette tapes. The superior does not always win. 

I do little for world peace and to stop the Biafrans from starving but as a public service, possibly telling grannies how to suck eggs, I am here to help.

Blogger is free product from Google and it is rather good. I've been using Blogger since 2004 and I am still here. It doesn't have advertising unless you choose to make your blog full of ads and it just kind of works well. Surprisingly to me it does not seem to make targeted advertising towards you just because your write about something, unlike Google search.

There has always been times when a comment went into your blog spam folder. I used to check once a week. The spam catch system took forever to catch up with Ratana. I became rather fond of Ratty's daily contact. I miss her a bit.

Some years ago I wrote a post about how after some Blogger change, to get back to receiving emails when someone makes a comment on your blog. I recall it was a hard slog to find out, but I did. 

What is happening now with Blogger is that many legitimate blog comments are going into your blog spam folder. I am now checking the spam folder three times a day as so many comments on my blog are going into the spam folder.

I think I may be teaching granny how to suck eggs, but if you don't know, read on.

Go to your blog dashboard. On the left hand side click on Comments. Look at the top and it will say All and with a number. There is a down arrow there. Click on the arrow, and a pop up drop down box will show Awaiting Moderation, Published and Spam. In the Spam folder you will find spam comments and possibly legitimate comments. Hover over individual comments and another pop up will appear and give you options to approve the comment or delete it. 

Clear as mud? Good luck.

Monday, June 06, 2022

Family Stuffs

Sorry about yesterday. If circumstances prevent me from writing a post, I think it is better that I just don't post. I will soon have instructions written for R to make a final blog post about my demise. 

Saturday night Sister and Bone Doctor unexpectedly asked for accommodation in our spare room for the night. R must have had a premonition and made a lasagne large enough for four. They have eaten R's lasagne before and know it's delicious. I knocked the heating temperature down a degree to 21, lest Sister complain. She didn't, although our place would be far warmer than they are used to. Friction between R and Sister averted. She did not tell us how to live in our home.

It was a nice evening chatting about all and sundry and sorting the world over a few drinks. In the morning at six I rose and still suffering from a cold after three weeks, blew my nose into a tissue and I must have burst a blood vessel. There must have been twenty blood soaked tissues. Later I cleaned up a spot of blood on my bedroom carpet. I lay back on my bed waiting for the bleeding to stop as the blood gathered in my throat. By seven the drama was done and no more blood. I was up and soon after Bone Doctor rose and read the electric newspaper with her cup of tea. Sister rose an hour later and went down to the podium for a swim and a spa. R rose an hour later and by 10 we were all showered and ready for brunch.

It was a good idea of R's to go to a cafe in Albert Park. We know the area is a bit upmarket and certainly not cheap. Actually the prices were ok. We were maybe three kilometres from home but in very white territory. I saw one South East Asian looking man and that was it. It seemed strange to me. Melbourne is so multi racial but Albert Park isn't. Barely one kilometre away in South Melbourne you will see all races.

It is rather like where Sister lives on the Bellarine. Very middle class well to do white people. This is not the negative it sounds. Sister worked 14 hours at a polling booth a couple of weeks ago for something like $90 an hour, for our Federal election and later analysed the votes by polling booths. Where she lives is one of the most socially progressive electorates in Australia and the most accepting of immigrants, but because it is such an expensive area to live, there aren't any immigrants who live there, just the occasional foreign born delivery driver. 

Is this a case of, of course immigrants are welcome. I just don't want them living near me. I don't think so, but the immigrants' behaviour would have to conform the general standard of behaviour in the town. The town is on a road to nowhere and so no one accidently visits or is just passing through. 

Two loads of spare room bedding washing done after they left. Two dishwasher loads for their stay, rather than the one for us. 

In other news the twins are fine, one sans a kidney. They and mother were supposed to go home yesterday but one twin has not pooed yet, so it should be today. Then there will be no end of poo to bother about. Fire Fighting Nephew's wife's mother is exhausted after looking after the twins twenty month old sister Little Ju, so Ex Sis in Law has taken over care of her son's new children, with a neighbour kindly offering her their spare room for her to sleep.

So there you go. I could go on about Tradie Brother's new deaf dog called Dog climbing onto his house roof twice, or Mother buying two pair of embroidered type slippers to replace her open toed shoes after one foot of toes swelled up with arthritis and ABI Brother decided cutting a shoe strap was the only way to get them on. Two pair of slippers bought, one size 8 for one foot and a size 9 for the other. 

No point giving the dog a name as it can't hear, so it is Dog and there is no point in addressing Dog as Dog as she can't hear. Dog seems to be settling in very well and no problems. 

As I write this, it is my late father's birthday. Happy birthday Dad. Hope all is well with you and in some way I hope you are a bit proud of me, even if your sporty and intellectual stepson was your favourite. Btw, I provided a list of family names to Fire Fighting Nephew and his wife upon their request and one new twin is named after your grandfather. How's that!

Sunday, June 05, 2022


No Blog Day. Family visitors.