Saturday, May 28, 2022

Here I go again

Conservatives in the US seem willing to go to the end of the earth to protect a blob of cells inside a woman that will go on to form a baby. Yes, well no. Yes, it's your body but apparently US society and the law has a say over what your body will do. Ipso facto, so do men who put it there.

Yet the US conservatives are quite willing to allow their gun culture to go on in the name of freedom. A culture where there is ready access to guns and some eighteen year old idiot can easily get some kind of machine gun and massacre school kids. 

Most countries don't allow citizens access to guns unless they are sporting shooters or need guns in their profession. Why is the US so different? I don't know. The solution...I am not sure but here is what I think.

Average citizens do not need guns. The guns of the US must be handed in to authorities where they will be crushed. There could be a financial incentive or compensation. Guns will only be available to strongly controlled gun clubs, law and security folk and farmers who need them. Add to that feral pest shooters. That's it! Da boys in the 'hood won't have guns, so you at home don't need protection from them by having guns in your home. The mentally unwell won't have ready access to guns. Guns will be removed from 99% of the population.

Real criminals will find a way to obtain guns and nothing can ever change that, but if guns are removed from general society, from those who might break into your house and from you who want to protect your house and yourself with a gun, the gun culture has gone. Yes, the essence is get rid of the gun culture. No normal person needs a gun and to have one would be illegal. This will require bipartisan support in the Federal Parliament to over ride state laws, and that what is needed President Joe. Republican politicians beholden to the gun lobby will protest and the process could start with a list of those to shame who support guns for all. Break them down by public naming them each time there is a mass shooting and what is their reason for not supporting the elimination of guns in society. 

As the Australian expression goes, "Tell 'em their dreamin'". It's not going to happen, is it?

PS I hardened myself as I first heard the news at seven in the morning. In a far away land where they are bit like us....But my eyes welled up today when I read the husband of one of the killed school teachers subsequently died from a heart attack after hearing the news. The pain goes for those in the past, for the families and friends of these victims and worse, those future victims. It is just so wrong and it must stop in what is judged one of the best and most desirable countries in the world.

Friday, May 27, 2022

Pain in my bingey 2

Bingey research required. Ok, bingey means stomach. Mother's mother used the word often and Mother picked it up from her. I can't say I have heard the word before but the information super highway educates me.

On the same day Sister visited Mother, Sister looked it up on her phone but I needed to look it up myself to properly understand.  

It is an Aboriginal word for stomach. I have a pain in my bingey. I feel sick in my bingey. How it got into common Australian language in the 1920/30/40s I do not know. Top of my head, I can't think of any other Aboriginal words in Australian English language beside place names, and clearly bingey is no longer known or used. 

You didn't ask but here is a photo of my bingey. Enjoy.

Thursday, May 26, 2022

Pain in my bingey

ABI Brother queried Mother when she was complaining of pain in her bingey. What are you saying Mother? What is bingey.

As she was telling me the story on the phone, I became a little alarmed. Do I really want to know about my mother's bingey, pronounced BIN-gee.

I very much doubt that any of you foreign types will know the answer but maybe one or two Australians will without using Google. 

More about your bingey tomorrow. Please do not email me photos of your bingey. Thanks.

It was the worst of time

I would need to check for an exact date but this clock is about 100 years old. It was a wedding present to my maternal grandparents. The right winder is for the clock and the left for the gong striker. The gong striker has not been wound up since the 1980s. Funnily the unwound gong spring managed to get up enough impetuous to strike the gong once in the mid 2000s. We were sitting watching tv and we both looked at each other...spooks? 

It's accurate twice a fortnight, once to be expected when I wind it up and adjust the hands to the correct time. It then speeds up with its tightly wound spring. Then the spring weakens and the clock slows down and it will again show the accurate time but then will become slow until I next wind it up and correct the hands. One hundred years old! Few humans last that long, so if it not quite right, quite forgivable. It is useful when only needing a rough guide to the time. 

Post daylight saving adjustment, the oven clock remains nicely on time.

But not so the microwave oven. Modern electronic technology should keep time. How hard can it be to include an accurate clock?

This twenty year old wall clock is kind of useful because it shows the temperature and the date. I'd like to replace it but I haven't seen anything better. It too is an inaccurate time piece, having lost two minutes since its daylight saving time adjustment. While the temperature can be changed between Fahrenheit and Celsius, the American date format cannot be changed and it drives me mad. There are times when I look at the date and it takes my brain forever to convert it to what we understand, like the time it takes me to write this; the right hand number is the date and the left hand number is the month, yeah, that's right. It is not so bad with this time display, but a few days earlier when it displayed 5 10, I thought it was nearly my October birthday. (If you are considering, I am allergic to cheap metal jewellery, so just platinum, gold or cash. Thanks.)

Wednesday, May 25, 2022

We voted

The Australian vote at last weekend's election showed a decline in the vote for the two major parties, both Labor and Liberal (conservatives). Yes, it seems Australians are becoming a bit fed up with these two very slick political machines. 

The Green vote rose substantially and in my own electorate, the Green candidate came very close to rolling the sitting Labor member in a seat that has as far as I know has always voted Labor. The Greens have at least two more lower house seats, maybe more and it looks like it has done well in the Senate too with a gain of more seats. Vote counting is incomplete. 

A few dickheads voted for billionaire Clive Palmer's Australia United Party whose offering was lots and lots of cake and cream, with a taste hint of uranium and coal dust.

Even less than at the last election voted for the racist and xenophobic Pauline Hanson's One Nation Party. 

I was surprised by the success of The Greens but I was more surprised by the teals. The teals are not a party and each is independent. They generally have conservative economic values but desperately want climate change issues addressed, and they are socially progressive. Their ideals sat well with many in what used to be safe blue ribbon conservative Liberal Party seats, and they won quite a number and came close in a couple more. These voters did not like the Liberal Party's swing to the right and the party's climate change inaction. 

The Labor Party leader Anthony Albanese is our new Prime Minister and unlike our last PM, Albo seems like a decent and honourable bloke. He has been a career politician from a young age and so has little experience of the real world, but he did grow up with his single mother who lived in public housing. However as a career politician, he knows how the political system works, how to negotiate and how to get legislation through the parliament. I doubt he will serve either big business or labour extremes without some very critical thought.

At counting now, Albo cannot form a Labor Party government in its own right without votes from The Greens or the independents. Labor has 75 seats and it needs 76 to govern in its own right. The counting goes on.

The new Prime Minister of Australia, Anthony Albanese, with his partner and his son.

Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Where the thieving went on

Remember the park where we went and a woman and her son were stealing flowers? If you missed it, this is the link,

With all the political happenings of late, I realised I hadn't post about the park itself., so here are few photos taken on the day. I really wish I'd snapped the flower thieves.

Some trees seem to missing, as you can see by the iron hoops surrounding a vacant bed for a tree.

A wall for boys to bounce their balls against, well girls can too of course. Towards the end was a couple of basketball hoops.

Shelter with a barbeque facility.

Some nice panels.

These were the flowers being stolen. I don't know what they are.

A few of the panels.

This one was nice.

This is a little hard to see unless you embiggen it.  It relates to flooding in Victoria and like many of the panels, had no relationship to the local area.

This one left us scratching our heads. It was kind of an elaborate park entrance from the side street.

I briefly lived not far away from Booran Reserve and it was some kind of water storage reservoir. Let me check...

This photo is from the local City of Glen Eira website. From what I can work out, it was only water storage for use by the local council. While the park is not as new as I thought, the reservoir had certainly fallen into disuse by 2000. 

Monday, May 23, 2022

Monday Mural

Sami in Perth links to a number of people who post mural photos on Mondays. Check out her latest at

I came across this mural in a side street off Fitzroy Street, St Kilda. I see it as a poor and homeless drinker sitting on the pavement at the edge of a bright and wealthy city. Do you see something similar? 

Sunday, May 22, 2022

The loss of a trail blazer

Although I don't believe she ever worked for commercial media even their news services have paid tribute to Caroline Jones who died Friday after a fall at her Sydney home.

She was the first woman to cut the path for women in news and current affairs in Australia, first becoming a reporter for the current affairs ABC programme This Day Tonight and then host of Four Corners, an ABC investigative journalist programme similar to the BBC's Panorama. 

She is perhaps best remembered now as the presenter of Australian Story.

I don't think her voice fully developed its rich modulation until later in her life. She is described as respected and loved by all who entered her world in whatever manner. An anecdote I just read was that she was nick named 'One Take Caroline', as nothing she did on air was ever mucked up and so never needed to be recorded a second time, and she never used an autocue. 


ABC News:

Vale Caroline.