Saturday, April 09, 2022

Allergic Reaction

Friday my jaw felt much better after the tooth removal the day before. As advised by wise ones I took a pre-emptive pain killers at 4am and again at 10am. We were getting organised to go out for lunch and I felt sick. I knew I wouldn't make it to my bathroom. I vomited into the kitchen sink. I raised my head from the sink and then vomited again. Oh, that was not good. Where did that come from? 

I continued to ready myself to go out and all were waiting for me. Oh dear, here we go again. I made it to my  bathroom and vomited again. I had only has soup the night before and a small bowl of cereal in the morning. 

I felt ok again and we were at the beachside cafe. The meal arrived, mine being a large sausage roll. I ate one mouthful, yikes, where is the toilet as I clapped a hand over my mouth? I was told where by those who had used it. I never had. I vomited again in the nearest toilet which happened to be the ladies. The seat was splashed a little and as I was wiping it down, here we go again. I made it to the male toilet next door and vomited again. Where is all this vomit coming from. I had hardly eaten anything. 

To use the use the English description, I felt quite poorly for the rest of the afternoon. I said to R I didn't think I could eat dinner and he suggested left over pumpkin soup, Ok, I agreed. I took three spoonfuls and here we go again, another vomit session. 

I was ok after that and I've been fine since. It was either the antibiotic or the opioid pain killer and given I stopped the pain killer and continued with the antibiotic, it was clearly the pain killer. I'll tell my dealer no more opioids, thanks very much.  

Quick Saturday

Busy with great niece care yesterday.

I had a look at an exhibition of what I suppose you call precious Japanese objects and some were stunningly beautiful. I didn't take many photos but a few give you an idea.

Friday, April 08, 2022

Tooth Hurty

One of my dental appointments recently was at 2.30. I didn't pick up on it but R noticed. Today's time was 11.30. Nothing to make of that.

I was nervous as I drove to where my tooth was to extracted. It wasn't so much the removal but the pain once the anaesthetic wore off.

I was in the chair for about 15 minutes with the dentist and a nurse. I paid upfront so I could just leave after the deed was done. $650, thank you Sir.

I stopped off at a chemist on the way home for for the prescribed medications; an antibiotic,  a strong pain killer and a milder one, plus some mouth wash. The strong painkiller is an opioid . Wow, that's big time.

About 4.00 the anaesthetic was wearing off so I took two of the opioid. Forty minutes later,  no lessening of the strong pain. I couldn't concentrate on anything as the pain was so bad. I took another tablet. No more than wo tablets is the advice. At six, I took another. 

Two glasses of wine and finally the pain has eased. The problem is when I stand up I feel dizzy. Better I just stay where I am here at the desk. R is making pumpkin soup to have with bread with the crusts cut off for dinner. 

I can't type any more, Nearly every word has to be corrected. Don't worry. R is here.

Wednesday, April 06, 2022

Shower Power

I have thought that this might not be such a nice thought for some people who have lost a life partner or have always lived alone, but nevertheless...

NB This is not me in spite of him being twin like to me with such similar looks

How many places have I lived in in my lifetime? Ten? More? Maybe less. Dunno. Everyone of them had plumbing standards that meant if someone turned a tap on when you were showering, you would suffer either being frozen or boiled in the shower. Two central boilers heat our water here and in spite of their remoteness, still we get freezed or boiled. 

The only exception might have been the farm house where I grew up and both hot and cold water were separately gravity fed.

I put the dishwasher on after breakfast and at times the washing machine, but I must time them so they are not taking in water while we shower. 

You are all over the world, Britain, Canada, US, Europe, India and of course Australia. Are our heated water delivery systems as crap as our home building standards? Do you suffer when someone turns on tap when you are in the shower?

Tuesday, April 05, 2022

Tuesday Trains

Country trains are now apparently called regional trains. I think all regional trains now depart solely from Spencer Street, So Cross, Southern Cross Station, with only the Gippsland train picking up at Flinders Street Station.

In my youth up to about the age of sixteen I caught country trains with red carriages, sometime with compartments and sometimes open. Some had lovely foot warmers, which could be preheated or just warmed up by a chemical reaction within. They were placed at leg length within a compartment. 

The train of my youth to get to Melbourne looked like this, a fearsome beast powered by electric overhead wires. This was on the Gippsland train line and in the 1980s the line was de-electrified as the option to use diesel powered locomotives was preferred to replacing the well worn old electric trains. My god, what vision to the future back then.....not. 

This is what the locomotive that hauled the Gippsland train carriages looked like. It was of fearsome appearance and a reliable beast. Generally they looked much less pristine than this locomotive. Photo from Wikipedia.

There are two models of trains I hadn't travelled on. One is the Walker Rail Motor, a short self powered train. I can now only do so at train museum line. Maybe one day.

But there was one country train I had not caught and it is still operating, a Sprinter rail car. As far as I know it is only used on the Stony Point rail line and Shepparton rail line, mostly used between Melbourne and Seymour. I must catch one. My research was poor as the train was not to terminate at Seymour but go on to Shepparton. Once I discovered this I thought it would be a modern VLocity train. But no, it was carriages hauled by an N Class train. That is not such a bad thing. It had been a while since I have caught one and they will soon disappear. The train wasn't busy, the aircon at a comfortable level and the seats were well spaced and wonderfully padded, as all long distance trains should be. There were some rattles and the carriages didn't handle less than perfect track very well. 

Ok, I can't remember where I left the train. Wallen or Wandong? I think the station name began with W. I timed it for a not too long wait for a train back to town. Oh no, this one is coming from Shepparton too. It will be a VLocity or the same as I caught here. 

My lucky day. It was a Sprinter, made up of just two self powered carriages. It is diesel powered with a hydraulic drive, meaning the motors spin a turbine within a liquid connected to another turbine to drive the wheels. Something like that. The motors roar to get the train moving from stationary. It is a great sound, but rather noisy inside the train. The Sprinter also had comfortable seats and clean and well functioning toilet facilities. 

The loco hauled train took forever to get moving and didn't really get over 110 km/h. The Sprinter accelerated smartly and reached 120 km/h plus. 

I soon realised this train was a precursor to VLocity trains. It felt the same although with an older and different exterior and interior. While it is possible the inbound track is superior to the outbound, this train seemed so much smoother. 

Within a year or two these trains will be gone. I am glad I have ridden one. 

Such comfortable seats but do you like the menopausal mauve?

Maybe our first train plug doors, rather than sliding or outward opening.

Monday, April 04, 2022

Monday Mural

Guests Lane, Melbourne. Rather creative.

Sunday, April 03, 2022


I was cold yesterday. Today I turned the heating on for the first time this year at 7am and hasn't been turned off. As I have reminded you over the years, I am hot in bed so the heating will go off when we go to bed.

My face is healing well after my skin cancer surgery. My doctor who removed the stiches said it was an excellent job, with fine stitching. I laid sideways on the doctor's bench/couch as he removed the stitches. He crotch was about four centimetres away from my face as he cut away and removed the stitches.  

Thursday coming I will have a molar removed, so serious that it requires a dental surgeon. Oddly in Australia dental health is not part of public health care system and this will cost big time, like $650 for one tooth removal. I have shopped around but an aching tooth and timelines mean I will go ahead with this one who charges what seems to me an exorbitant price. The good thing about shopping around is I found a dentist I really like in Footscray. Beats the dentists in the posh areas near me, not just on price, but feeling personally comfortable.

The day after my tooth extraction, Fire Fighting Nephew will deliver Little Ju into our care while he attends the Grand Pricks car race. I think Little Ju's grandmother, Ex Sis in Law, will visit to see Little Ju too. FFN will take Little Ju home and then return the next day to see more Grand Pricks and stay the night with us to see the race final on the Sunday. Each to their own.

ABI Brother called today. His not very old desktop failed and he paid a couple of hundred dollars to a fixer only to receive the suggestion that he should not use Chrome on his computer. He is now trying to use his small tablet for matters of the internet. He and tech just do not click and a ten minute help call to me today pretty well got nowhere. He concluded the call with, "Mum wants a word". 

"Are you busy, my favourite son? Time for a chat?" 

"A little busy Ma. Time for a quick chat." I was actually busy in the afternoon for once, cleaning kitchen appliances. 

"My doctors are all hopeless and don't understand what is wrong with me." I wanted to say, Ma you are old and these are old age issues that must be faced and ameliorated where possible. That she will get back to her 'old self' can only be in her imagination. 

Mother has goitre and its been there for a long time. Twenty years doctors wanted to remove it but she refused to have her neck cut open. It could be causing problems now and a specialist told her it is just keyhole surgery now. But at 88, it is unlikely it will be operated on unless it is causing serious problems.

I seem to remember Mother blaming the four tablets a day thyroid medication she was taking for terrible side effects. I expect she nagged a doctor to take them away and they were. Now her thyroid function levels aren't good. I expect her medication should have been reduced to one tablet a day, not withdrawn. 

Mother told me she had a rushed call from Sister, and Sister has Covid. I called Sister and her wife, Bone Doctor, has Covid too. They are isolating at home and Sister stays in her bedroom and uses the outdoor shower and nourishes the lemon tree. Bone Doctor does the same in her home office. Jo is clear so far and stays in her bedroom but has access to the kitchen and living areas. As a close contact, Jo has missed four days of school. If she becomes infected, they will all be locked up for a longer period. 

We did little this Saturday. We went into town, had some bread and nice soup, my favourite potato, leek and bacon. Traces of bacon were found. Bought a couple of sweet things from Breadtop, along with two one litres of Lite Milk from Woolworths, the second time 2 litres weren't available. Had coffee at Soul Cafe in Swanston Street and people watched. 

While R napped in his bedroom, I cleaned some kitchen appliances and of course as said spoke to Mother. I watched some YouTube clips on tv. I went for a late afternoon walk and listened to some podcasts and sat for awhile as I had more coffee.

Late afternoon I lay on my bed watching stuffs on my tablet. 

Oh, wow, it is nearly six o'clock, time for wine before the 6pm tv news. Sadly the tv news wasn't cheery. Is it ever? 

Clocks go back an hour tonight. My phone alarm will go off as normal but it will be an hour later. I wonder if I will naturally be awake at the old time. Life drifts on.