Saturday, April 02, 2022

Saturday Smut

This video is a better copy but the few seconds at the end when a cross to the openly gay weather presenter isn't included.

This one includes the missing few seconds.

I came across this one while I was looking for the above. Virginia Trioli is now an ABC Melbourne morning broadcaster, the premier broadcasting position in Australia. Barnaby Joyce is what you might call a 'colourful' politician who was speaking a lot of rubbish. It is a quick moment if you don't want to watch the whole 1.11 clip, skip forward to 50 seconds. Joyce good humouredly accepted her apology. It's hard to believe that was 13 or so years ago. 

A recent Trioli photo.

Friday, April 01, 2022

Victorian Pride Centre

Probably from the 1930s to the 1940s St Kilda became a popular place for society's misfits, including gay men because of the construction of flats, often on large old house blocks. They had some privacy in their flats away from the see all eyes of boarding house managers where there would be issues with a gentleman having a gentleman caller.

St Kilda has been very gay since but without a gay focus point, unlike Prahran with its former Gay Metre in Commercial Road, as opposed to Sydney's Gay Mile in Oxford Street. 

St Kilda now has a gay focus after the construction of the Victorian Pride Centre in Fitzroy. The building is quite interesting and challenging architecture and I am not sure I like the exterior, however the interior from what I saw pleased my eyes.

Photo by

This photo from Pride Centre itself. 

I mainly visited to see an art exhibition, which wasn't quite what I was expecting but not bad.

A couple of exterior photos I took.

Side view.

I don't know what this was about.

A cafe will soon open within the building.

The interior is certainly filled with natural light.

The exhibition was about gay refugees who are trying to stay in Australia. I am not certain I have the right  notes for the right work due to my bit of nervousness being in such an unfamiliar space. Especially read the rather poignant last text. 

Thursday, March 31, 2022

Crown and Star

Crown Entertainment Centre Casino in Melbourne and Star City Casino in Sydney have been revealed in inquiries to be corrupt, allowing money laundering along with gambling changed to accommodation expenses for the Chinese gamblers who cannot take money from China to gamble. We are talking about millions of dollars and big time corruption. 

This is just one example of appalling corporate behaviour by both companies.

I may get this a bit wrong, but companies have a board of directors, with a chairperson of the board. Under the board is Chief Executive Officer who employs people to run the company, who in turn employ managers who manage the business and in turn, employ staff.

While the board of Crown Casino has resigned in disgrace, you cannot tell me that it was ignorant of what was happening under its leadership. They should be under criminal prosecution and I do not understand why they are not. We have all sorts of authorities to oversee these gambling institutions and under all this oversight, corruption ran rampant. 

From what I am seeing in the Star Casino inquiry, it is exactly the same and no one will be prosecuted for overseeing absolutely shocking corruption and the dereliction of duty. Yet the board members are well rewarded in their positions. 

Never mind politicians with snouts in the trough who are paid hundreds of thousands of dollar. Private companies pay millions to their boards and managers who oversee such corruption.

R has banned me from shouting this aloud at the tv or radio at home, but I can still type it; crooks, thieves, liars, scoundrels and charlatans.  

Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Transport Tuesday

When we travelled on The Overland to Adelaide, I wondered why the trip to leave Melbourne took so long. I marked this Google Map to show you why after I found out myself. The train must follow the standard/dual gauge tracks built in the 1990s and of course can't use the suburban train broad gauge tracks. It was a fascinating short part of the journey. At times I knew where I was and at other times I didn't have a clue.

Going through the operating Port of Melbourne was amazing and I remember going through Tottenham station and the trains yards, heading in the what I thought was the totally wrong direction. Then I was in very unfamiliar land, not recognising anything until we joined the parallel suburban tracks just before Newport Station.

I marked this map, with my blue markings being the suburban tracks and the black markings being the route of our train. You can easily see why it took so long to reach Newport Station. Why is it like this? I think because the suburban line doesn't have space for another set of tracks with close housing etc. Our train's route is a fairly open industrial area. 

I am away tomorrow, so probably no post for Wednesday.

Monday, March 28, 2022

Musical Monday

This is a good remix of Boney M's Rasputin. Watch it for the settings, dancing and fabulous costumes, and none of you really hates the song do you? Some or all of the performers are from the Georgian National Ballet.

Sunday, March 27, 2022

Sunday Selections

Joining with River and Elephant's Child for Sunday Selections. No theme but plenty of balloons. 

This is not fog but smoke from what we used to call 'burning off' but is now called 'a fire fuel reduction burn'. It was so thick without a breeze.

The hospital receptionist called asking if I would mind my appointment being changed from 9am to 7am. I laughed, but then thought, I can do this. I just missed a tram that stops right outside The Alfred Hospital so I caught the next St Kilda Road tram and walked perhaps 600 metres. In this photo I was walking past the underside of the brightly lit hospital heliport built above the road. I remember when ambulances used to land on parkland opposite.

"We'll just slice here", the surgeon may have said. Friday the stiches were removed and the wound should heal well. The Australian sun is a killer folks. This is my third time at being sliced open for a skin cancer removal.

Hello to my handsome visitor, an Australia magpie. Aside from being black and white, there is no similarity otherwise to the European magpie.

When your partner turns a year older, of course you will shout him to a delicious Thai meal out. I am so careful when I am eating because of my hands being less than steady and rarely make a mess, unlike birthday boy who has steady hands but often makes a mess on shirts. Let's just say I dropped a mussel into my seafood Tom Yum and a splashing event happened.

One of the sad things that is minor in the bigger picture of Covid was that the joy flight balloons disappeared from the skies. I appreciate them more than ever now they have returned.

This one looks like the the design used by our posh department store, David Jones.

Yes, certainly does.

Whoa, what are these strangely shaped balloons lower in the photo?

Elephant's Child recently caught two balloon displays in her town and I thought these may have been the novelty balloons she saw up close, but I don't think so. No doubt EC will confirm or otherwise.