Monday, March 07, 2022

Monday Mural

I may be away but I wrote this before I left. It's hardly a conventional mural but I like its simplicity.  One can only guess about its meaning and I did check that there was not a watch shop nearby. It is not advertising for a 1980s looking watch. 

Sunday, March 06, 2022

Sunday Selections

Joining with River and others for Sunday Selections. There are quite a few photos but take your time as we are away for a week or so and I will see you upon my return.

During school lock downs the fountain at Prahran Square was much busier on warm days with children getting very wet, and some of their mummies too.

Slowly the sun is creeping from the south to the north when on the shortest day of the year we have about five minutes at seven o'clock of direct sun on the end of the balcony. The longest day of the year sees sun not clear the balcony until noon.

What is this thing called, love? At the old South Yarra Post Office.

Nearby, I learnt so much about these sculptures and I have photographed a number of them. But I just can't remember now beyond vague detail. Key words, Paddington in Sydney, art gallery, St Kilda Sea Baths.

A drying garment on the balcony above. Washing is not allowed to be dried on the balcony and karma hit and the garment fell away.

I believe these Kombi VWs are called 'Splitties' because of their split windscreens. The doors look a bit unnatural. 

Ah, things are not quite what they seemed.

A machine to burn rubber (tyres). In my youth burning rubber had an alternative meaning.

As long as I can remember the train viaducts between Flinders Street and Spencer Street have looked unloved. The undersides of the viaducts have been given a coat of glowing grey paint and look terrific. What super rivets!

The National Gallery of Victoria water wall entrance from the inside. 

A very gay bus shelter at St Kilda Junction. I think it is advertising flavoured milk.

Lecherous old man takes candid photo of cute young man at a cafe. I can see a nipple!

How did this person get this number plate? It must have cost a fortune.

I've seen this bloke quite a few times at a local hotel. He never makes eye contact. Never notices anyone. I find him interesting. Trim figure for a not so young person.

The colours of bottles of booze are amazing at times.

I guess this could be described as a failed trial. Sad! They'd rob your grave too.

We were in the rather good Dymocks bookshop in town and I noticed one of the featured books at the end of an aisle. No less than the book by a famous English vegan cooking author who has a not so famous father known to me and others as YP

A few years ago the rooftop aircon service lights were turned on at the building next door. Since, no one has ever turned them off. It is fluoro lighting, so the tubes won't last forever. I thought the photo turned out to be quite interesting. I was going to crop some of the dark from the photo, but no. It is fine as it is.

Since we emptied our fridge before our last short holiday, it has never filled up since. Left overs are eaten the next day and now I am not sure what used to fill our fridge. Ah, yes, I decant my bottles of wine into a cardboard box to improve storage and ensure my wine keeps well over an extended period.

The door is still full of essentials.

Anyway, must dash. Got a train to catch and I haven't packed. Hooroo.