Saturday, March 05, 2022

Vale S. K. Warne

I missed the first few seconds of the 7am ABC radio news and I thought the news department was still banging on about the death by heart attack of Australian cricketer Rod Marsh. But such detail, again???

Famous people die and I am rarely shocked. But truly to learn that a much younger cricketing legend has died shocked me and upset me to my core. None of us are perfect, least of all the 52 year old Shane Warne, but if I had to choose a straight mate, Warnie would have been high in my list. See ya mate.

Social Media Influencers

Nothing personal against those who are skilful enough to make money by achieving the status of being a social media influencer. Good on them for extracting an income from social media and those who buy the endorsed products etc. 

But I can pretty well assume that none of my readers are influenced or even impressed by social media influencers. However, don't think badly of them. They are using a talent to make money and are clearly not stupid people.

While outnumbered by women, there are male social media influencers telling you everything about hair styling and cuts, facial hair grooming and personal body hair grooming or removal. Skin care is extra popular of course. Some can get rather explicit for gay men.

Some YouTubers I watch have sponsorship and one very personable young bloke who does high pressure and hot water steam cleaning of roofs and paving had a sponsorship this week had a company called Manscaped on board. Manscaped sells hair removing clippers and the YouTuber was so impressed with his facial manscaping device, he bought another 'for his balls'.  I take it balls is an overall term for intimate areas. 

I am not hairy but from my early twenties I have kept intimate area hair in check. At times waxing and shaving with a razor but now just using clippers to keep things looking neat and not overgrown. Not that it matters as no one sees me naked now. I just don't like seeing untidy hair. 

There will come a day when youth will pass away, sorry a Marlene moment, when I no longer care or am able to trim down below, but I am not there yet.

This is a link to the video the English bloke posted. His payment for this job was rather unusual and a little moving. He is very personable and not too shabby. I should look him up. Right, his name is Sid Partridge who hails from near Birmingham. Oh really! He was once a male model.

This post was supposed to solely about social media influencers, but it has gone so wrong, and yet in a way it hasn't. If I was considering a body shaver, I might take on Sid's suggestion. None of us are immune. 

Sid now.

Modelling photos. His looks aren't conventionally stunning, but I like his style, the bad boy look.

Friday, March 04, 2022

Friday Funny

Not really funny. We all know what is happening. This is just ABC Melbourne breakfast's radio presenter Sammy J's piece on the what is clearly an uncalled as yet, war.

Wednesday, March 02, 2022

Pre Christmas Outing

A few kilometres from the city, initially the beachside suburb of St Kilda began a place for the rich to visit for relaxation and revelling. Down the rough bushland track known as St Kilda Road people travelled to their pleasure area. It became a very desirable place to live with many grand homes built.

Then in 1930s to 40s, some grand houses were demolished and flats were built. People of disrepute such as homosexuals found these flats a wonderful freedom from the constant monitoring by boarding house owners. By the 50s many of the remaining grand houses were turning into boarding houses. St Kilda's decline as desirable place for the rich to visit or live continued on. By the 70s it was famous for its gay population, the ready availability of drugs, for prostitution, for both petty and serious crime and more positively its nightclubs, lavish drag shows and its sticky carpet music scene, especially rock and punk. But it was a bit scary, nevertheless I was drawn to it when I visited Melbourne well before I was of driving age at 18. I was hunting for??? I am not sure I knew. 

Mid to late 80s it was was somewhat cleaned up, much to the regret of the Victorian Police Vice Squad whose members no doubt mourned the loss of a good place to find a bit of extra money in their pockets.

The 90s saw gentrification and that has continued to now. It became very popular with overseas backpackers and if you visit Melbourne now, a visit to St Kilda is obligatory. The beach, the food, the atmosphere, the pier, the Sunday Market and many other attractions. 

But some areas of St Kilda never declined and while mansions may have been demolished, they were replaced by decent flat blocks. I am talking about where our late friend Dame M lived, St Kilda hill.

I visited the hill because a former workmate lives there and I had a conflicting address to send her a Christmas card. While Google was helpful, I still wasn't sure. I have been to her house but it was a long time ago. I was pleased to correctly identify her abode as I walked past. You may think I should have knocked on her door...we are not that close. She is a person of the 60s and has never changed her bobbed long combed down fringe hairstyle. Think a dark haired Dusty Springfield. 

So being a little topical now, to get to her street I walked along Crimea Street (don't mention the war) from the tram stop. Gee, there were some nice houses. They will have always been nice houses in a nice part of St Kilda, away from the changes that happened elsewhere in the suburb. All of these homes would sell for multiple millions of dollars.

The side of the above is of plain appearance. 

This one looks more like flats. Not sure.

Tuesday, March 01, 2022

Slayer of children and the innocent


What a terrible man. Hairdressers know about such things and my barber said Putin has been overdosing with facial Botox and has a quite weird and unnatural face. 

I've just come down from the Isle of Skye

There was a question on a tv quiz show that R finds so engrossing. The question was something about a bridge from mainland Britain to the Isle of Skye or two other islands. R knew the answer as he had seen something on tv about the Isle of  Skye. I correctly answered as the alternatives seemed to involve very long bridges. I am completely ignorant about the Isle of Skye. 

Shall we take a look?

Right, it is an island off the western coast of northern Scotland. Weather, cool and windy in summer. Winter, very cold, extremely windy, wet and for both seasons, mostly covered by cloud. While we had killer heat and sunshine in Scotland when we visited, that was apparently abnormal. 

The nearest Scottish mainland town I recognise is Fort William where we have visited and I know from YouTube it is one of Caledonian Express night train termini.

OMG, photos abound on Google of sunshine and blue skies of the Isle of Skye. There is stunning scenery, especially coastal, with lovely little villages in sheltered bays. I want to go there!

Vouge Britain image

How do I get there from the mainland? R informed me that there is a controversy about the bridge from the mainland to the isle. It used to be a ferry trip. 

The bridge opened in 1995 and there was a heavy user toll by the owners of the bridge. Isle of Skye residents were not happy.  The toll was removed in 2004 after the bridge was bought by the Scottish government. Such models of providing infrastructure are increasingly being discredited, yet they do continue at high costs to the users and costs to governments.  

It is a nice looking modern bridge, to be sure. 

But that is not what R mentioned to me. Here a few internet snips.

Residents on the Scottish island of Skye are calling for urgent help to deal with overcrowding after a surge in tourism led to too many visitors at some of the island’s most famous beauty spots.

Islanders complain that their narrow, single-track roads are being choked with camper vans, tour buses and cars, that litter is strewn around stopping places, and visitors are going to the toilet in the open.


The problem is most acute at Skye’s most famous spots, particularly at the fairy pools – a series of vivid green and blue pools and waterfalls in Glen Brittle – the Neist Point lighthouse with views over to the Uist islands, and the island’s remarkable ridges and stone outcrops at the Quiraing and the Old Man of Storr.


“Skye is buckling under the weight of increased tourism this year,” said Rob Ware, who lets a self-catering cottage on the south of the island."

It is not unusual for places to become hard work to visit because of tourism overcrowding. We certainly experience this in Australia, as I described in my Sunday's post. No parking. Forty five minute wait for take away food. I completely understand where the residents of Ilse of Skye are coming from. 

NB The information gathered here was pre Covid.

I had heard of the Isle of Sky, some forty years ago when going through the 45 rpm single vinyl records of a hoarder friend whose flat we were helping to clear out. This track amused me, and still does. The blog heading line is in the song. Yes, I have posted it before.

Monday, February 28, 2022

Monday Mural

There is a danger of my posting my best mural photos on Mondays and ending up with a backlog of lesser mural photos. I am trying to correct that. I took these photos towards the end of last year in Geelong. The mural depiction looks rather Indian American, but a closer examination reveals creatures from all over the world.

Sunday, February 27, 2022

Anglesea 4 and finito

Towards the end of the shopping street we found another cafe with outdoor shaded seating, a little cheaper than the first two and just as good. 

We had arranged to meet Sister and Jo at a beach, have a swim and then join Fire Fighting Nephew, his wife and Little Ju, along with Ex Sis in Law and her husband for an early fish and chip dinner in a park in Torquay, across the road from where they live. Our friend in his caravan was moving on today, so we said our goodbyes to him.

Isn't this bedside recessed reading lamp great. No more fishing for stupid switches on wires or whatever when you need light. Just flick the wall switch.

We were supposed to call in to see Ex Sis in Law but again, parking problems. We called them to inform them we would be a no show.

R was getting very stressed and frustrated with the fluid arrangements for the afternoon. Sister then called to say they would be late from Jo's performance class. I chucked our plans out the window and said to her right. We will meet you in Torquay, and use the beach there. Torquay was mega busy with a public music festival underway and the setting up for an old car show the next day.

While we were prepared for swimming we didn't and just paddled. I dislike the stickiness and salt from sea swimming if I can't soon shower. It didn't stop Sister and Jo.

We found a good table to eat our fish and chips and Nephew took orders and monies and went to collect the food. Forty five minutes later he returned. I thanked him profusely for his patience. Plans were made to meet Ex Sis in Law and her husband at the local pub to make some money from the gambling machines. We searched for ten minutes at least for a vacant car space and failed. We just went back to our digs and called Ex Sis in Law to inform her why we were a no show. Bit of a theme happening, hey. 

The sea view from the park.

Our caravan park is beautifully maintained. Every morning someone came to clean the barbeque. The staff were friendly and at times waved. Good on Big 4 in Anglesea.

The last of the park animals.

Sunday morning Ex Sis in Law's husband cooked us a very nice breakfast in their caravan. Bacon and tomatoes on French toast drizzled with an Italian glaze. So, so full!

This friendly chap squawked  us a goodbye and to home we headed, arriving well in time for R's nanna nap.