Saturday, February 19, 2022

The patchunias

Remember back here when I trimmed back our pot of miniature petunias? 

I cut them on the 14th January and it took three weeks plus for them to come back to full flower. While they will last longer into Autumn, I would not bother cutting them back again and be without the flowers for weeks. Nevertheless it was an interesting experiment. 

We have flowers returning.

Flowers are back. They look better still now than when I took this photo.

Just before writing this Friday evening, I spotted a rogue flower. 

Friday, February 18, 2022

Friday Funny

These place name puns have been heard by all I think. These probably don't work if English isn't your first language, or maybe even if English is your first language. 

But have they ever been put into a good context? Probably but it takes me to turn them into a dad jokes.

He: "I wanted to holiday in the West Indies. I wanted my wife to come with me but she was reluctant."

Friend: "Ah, West Indies. Jamaica?"

He: "Nah, she stayed at home and I went on my  own."

Friend: :What about your trip to Indonesia?  Your wife was again reluctant. Which city did you want to visit? Djakarta? 

He: No need. She was quite happy to visit Indonesia. 

Thursday, February 17, 2022

Anglesea 1

Ex Sis in Law took their caravan to the countryside, Gellibrand, for a week with friends also in their van. Ex Sis in Law's son's mother in law lives nearby. They then booked into a Anglesea caravan park for a week before going on to Torquay where her son lives with his wife, daughter and twins on the way. 

They asked if we would like to spend a few days in Anglesea and so while we couldn't get a cabin to suit us in their park, we found a nice two bedroom cabin in another park. With a brief stop along the way, we arrived just before check in time after a drive of one and a half hours, plus break time. The very friendly reception staff were happy to have us a little early. While it was the most expensive cabin we have ever rented, it was also the nicest and the park was great. Praise to Big 4. 

We knew everything was heavily booked which seemed odd with people and students back to work and school after the summer holidays, but thinking it would be all grey hairs, it wasn't at all. Oddly quite a number of school aged children were there, and most of the guests were young couples with young families.

Our friend from the country once told we were staying in Anglesea decided to do so also and booked a site for his caravan in the same park as Ex Sis in Law, just twenty metres away from them.

Once we settled in we visited both our friend and Ex Sis in Law and husband in their huge park, with a very nice outdoor pool. The pool in our park was indoors with some good spouting water features for the kiddies, but not quite as good as the outdoor pool. We shopped for some fresh milk etc on our way back to our park. We had taken coffee, tea, fruit and cereal with us. Sometimes coffee sachets in accommodation are plentiful but in this case there was only a couple of coffee sachets. I know you can ask for more, but I find that a bother. 

The first night we all had a meal at an inexpensive Japanese restaurant, sitting outside. It wasn't flash but ok. As is our habit now, it is never a late night. It was our hottest day there, with a temperature around 30 degrees and we needed the cooling in our cabin, but that was the last time.

I didn't take too many photos as we had visited the town for a few hours in early May last year.  There were a number of animal sculptures about the park and I will include a few in each post and explain why they are there later.

Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Infected Mother

Mother was to have another stent put in her leg on Monday. She had to have a PCR Covid test on the Friday before. Saturday morning, ring ring. A Covid positive result, something we all considered could threaten her life. 

I did not know until ABI Brother called me Tuesday night. Later I spoke to Mother. She is fine, with just drippy nose. I can only put it down to her being double vaccinated and having caught the milder Omicron variety of Covid. 

Her leg ulcer did heal. The next leg wound from a falling shovel healed. Her latest leg wound is from a falling coat hanger and it is being dressed every second day, and the only place she has been to in the last two and half weeks is the medical practice where her wound is dressed. That must be where she contracted Covid. 

My Monday and Tuesday

I liked this, copied from a discussion about the street name Flinders Lane, until mid 20th century referred to as Little Flinders Street by locals to match the other Little streets such as Little Collins Street. 

It reminds me of Catholic nuns in Papua New Guinea when asked as Catholics, how can they recommend artificial birth control. Their reply was, 'Rome is a long way away from PNG'. 

Little Lonsdale, Little Bourke and Little Collins streets were gazetted together in 1844, but Flinders Lane was officially named five months earlier in September 1843.

However, decrees from the Colonial Office in NSW (Sydney) regarding Melbourne sometimes had limited effect, Dr Lay said.


I've seen this woman around our area at different times for over ten years, usually on a tram or at a tram stop. She didn't seem quite right. She always dressed well enough, but had slightly strange face. Plus, she is a big solid woman but not fat, and she had a bit of a gorilla walk about her. I had noted she never seem to swipe her public transport card to pay a fare. I had never heard her speak and she behaved as any tram passenger would....until Monday.

I was catching a tram to Prahran and and she was at the tram stop. I thought I heard a woman talking to herself, but I didn't take much notice. She boarded the same tram as I did, except I entered the rear section of the tram and she entered the front. She marched down the tram and screamed at one woman near me, "What are you f****** well look at b*****. The targeted woman quickly moved to the front of tram, with the offender screaming at her with all sorts of names and insults. I felt terribly sorry for the woman, but words are not a reason to intervene when someone with mental health issues is 'going off'. Most unpleasant indeed. 


My hush money $20 supermarket gift card arrived yesterday from the supermarket where we have bought three separate two litres of milk that were off. We will take pleasure in presenting it to the check out chap (yes, nearly always chap, rarely a chick). He may think, oh more sour milk compo. On the matter of cheaper, at a Shell service station we bought two car washes for $40, saving $10. We forgot we had the second one and washed the car elsewhere the next time. We remembered this time, except the second wash is only valid for two months and we missed by two weeks. Apart from catching out stupid forgetful people like us, I can't imagine why a car wash is only valid for two months.


Later the same day an apartment owner four buildings away from us who has a camera running 24 hours a day focused on the street below found some interesting footage of an event the night before, as he has done before. There is a trial of public hire e-scooters underway and there have been issues. It is reported that a pedestrian had issues with one or more of the scooter riders and was quickly picked up by the offending car. Don't think you have seen it all at the first incident or even the second. I am not sure about all media sources but our hopeless for finer detail Channel 7 gave the location as St Kilda. It was not. Officially Melbourne or St Kilda Road Central. 

Meanwhile in the salubrious suburb a Brighton a woman walking out of a lane on to a footpath was mown down by an e-scooter  being ridden illegally on the footpath, illegally without helmets, illegally two on a scooter, by local posh private school boys. Not at any time can an e-scooter be ridden on the footpath. 

Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Pandemic Profit

I feel uncomfortable about this post because I know some of you struggle with money, but I will say it as it is.

I am a self funded retired person. I live on income from my superannuation earnt by working a crap job for forty plus years. 

R has less money than I and receives a government old age pension in addition to some superannuation fund payments but he recently remarked he has more superannuation money than he had pre Covid. He is taking out income but his balance has risen.. 

I was dreading looking at my superannuation stream and balance, me surely soon to being tossed out onto the streets because my money has run out. I put it off and off to avoid that sinking stomach feeling. 

I pulled up my big girl pants, tightened my jogging brassier and made sure I was wearing a very supportive jock strap. I looked at what I was thinking was to be my perilous future.

Penury is not happening. $1750 per fortnight from my superannuation keeps me comfortable and pays all usual bills and expenses. I make sure the luscious Christo in Costa Rica doesn't starve. What a talented and virile lad. His wife will give out lots of babies.

So I took out from my super $45,000 last year and when I was brave enough to look at my super, it had risen by $90,000, but actually 90 plus the 45 I took out. 

Oh that I should live so long, but my super advisor suggested my money would run out by the age of 88. It is not looking like it will and I will need less super income when I can get the government pension towards the end of 2024. 

This just doesn't seem right to me. There are people in Australia who are very poor, especially if they don't own their home and have to rent on the private market in a big and expensive city. As well, I get discounted rates, electricity, water and gas because R as a pensioner does. We pay the bills half each. There is so much wrong with our economic and government systems, but why shouldn't I take advantage of what is available?

The Tennis

Deck clearing: 

What a debacle the Australian Tennis Open had been, but also very entertaining.

I am tired of trying to spell his last name correctly but Novak is easy. I have come to some strong conclusions. Tennis Australia was clearly told by the government that Novak could not enter Australia if he was not double vaccinated. TA was also told that if he had recently caught Covid, that made no difference.

Was that made clear to Novak? We don't know.

Blame one to Tennis Australia. Heads should roll.

If a VIP applies for a visa to Australia, they are flagged for review rather than the usual automated online process. It is widely known that Novak was not vaccinated and also one of the best tennis players in the world. It is very hard to believe Novak wasn't flagged.

He received his auto generated visa and posted that he was on his way to Australia to play in the Open on social media. Did no one in government departments see this and think, hey that can't happen. He is not vaccinated and so he cannot enter. He could have been stopped in Spain or in Dubai.

In my opinion Novak was treated very badly by Border Force once he arrived here. Our court system agreed. 

Nevertheless, on what I think are spurious grounds, he was eventually deported. It was so simple, no jab, no entry yet Novak turned into an embarrassment for our country. Ultimately our Prime Minister is responsible for the farce. The Minister in charge of Border Force should go, sacked for thorough incompetence by his Border Force department and the minister for Foreign Affairs should have a good hard look at herself. Serbia now hates Australia far more than if Novak had been denied a visa straight up. 

Blame two, our Federal Government, which finally is being seen by voters as incompetent in so many areas.

Nevertheless, the Australian Open went on, and how good was it! Our own Ash Barty won the women's final. What a class act she is. The prancing Kyrgios and Kokkinakis entertained the crowd with rather unconventional tennis player behaviour. 

Crowd behaviour was spoilt by a few. Back to the days of Becker and McEnroe, tennis authorities began tolerating bad behaviour by players and it has reaped what it sowed and is now tolerating bad audience behaviour. 

Former PM Gilliard

Deck clearing: 

It wasn't too bad having a female Prime Minister, who actually did something for the environment by introducing a carbon tax. The protests from mining companies were soft and weak. They knew it had to happen, yet the following incoming government rescinded the legislation. PM Gilliard did some good.

But her opposition to gay marriage troubled me. It was so out of character. Everyone knew her stance against gay marriage was fake news, yet she remained stony faced about her opposition to it.

Julia, that was vey disappointing of you. You put base politics above basic human rights, like the love between two people and wishing to marry even though of the same sex. Sorry, but I think badly of you for that lie. I know that you know that it was not how you really felt. 

I is returned, again

I am wonderfully refreshed after our bespoke and brief holiday and in such a happy mood, but be warned. If you ever you ever use the word bespoke in a comment unless in inverted commas, you will receive a good slapping. 

Normal blogging will slowly resume, maybe daily or maybe not.