Saturday, January 15, 2022

TV Repeats

It is a non rating tv and radio period in Australia so we get many repeats of tv shows including the very good 'A Very English Scandal' which is not bad to half watch with its repeat broadcast. We've seen it before. A young man was bare topped.

Me: He was young in this.

R: Yes.

Me: His name starts with W. Wiseheart or something like that.

R was not that interested and put his tablet earplugs back in. I was not deterred. I consulted my Celebs File compiled over twenty plus years but not really added to of late. I knew his last name began with W. There you go. Wishaw, Ben. I told R. R took out his earphones and I repeated myself. 

Me: Ben Wishaw is his name. 

R: Ok. Yes, nice.

Me: He has a big cock, but a hung slim smooth young man would not interest you, hey hon?

R: Of course not. Let me see.

Lies are part of daily life. 42 years ago R was very interested in an above described young man, though rather less hairy.

Friday, January 14, 2022

Friday Funny. Bad language warning

Not really funny but somewhat amusing. With friends like that in the news studio who record off air moments and put the footage on the net, well....  However, the opinions expressed I suspect are those of many Australians, mine included. 

Fucking useless Federal Government. Fucking useless State Government. Fucking useless Tennis Australia. Fucking useless Border Force, and fuck off Djokovic. 

Thursday, January 13, 2022

Pub Work 1/4

I worked at the Forrester's Arms Hotel for a year or so when I was in my teen years. It was an typical large Aussie hotel with a public bar for men, but by the time I worked there, there was no reason for women to not be in the public bar, but they weren't.

Then there was the Saloon Bar, where in early days women were welcome as long as they were in the company of  a male. Depending on the hotel, you were more likely to see men wearing ties in the saloon bars, remembering this was the 1970s. Women didn't visit the saloon bar where I worked. 

In the Lounge Bar. All were welcome and it was where people dined at the Bistro. 

The hotel licensee was a nasty piece of work, Don was his name. He was rude and brusque to staff during the day and very nasty to them when he began drinking at night. Or course he never paid for a drink but when he bought drinks for rich mates, it was confusing as to whether there was a charge or not, made worse by him sometimes offering cash to pay. He drove a large American car. His glam wife Yvonne always dolled up to the nines, mutton dressed as lamb comes to mind, went out everyday in her Mercedes. While upstairs at  the hotel she had an office, it was below her station to bother about money, so a bookkeeper was employed who gave out our wages.

The public bar and the lounge bar were easy enough to work in, as long as the owner wasn't around and not too many wanted a time consuming Brandy Alexander, Creme de Menthe or Fluffy Duck. My only memory of customer in those bars is an old bloke who always sat at the end of the public bar drinking beer with a whiskey chaser. The whiskey was a cheap and nasty local brew called Corio. His nose dripped constantly and he made no effort to ever mop it up with a handkerchief or tissue. Where the drips fell, I am not sure. One day he asked if I had been to a funeral because I was wearing a purple tie. The 70s and the colour purple was wrong? I thought I looked very smart in my rotation of Gloweave body shirts.

I generally liked the hotel work. The people I worked with were great salt of the earth types. I learnt a bit about life from them and the very prim and proper me was on a path to be unshockable.  Photo from the hotel's Facebook site.

Wednesday, January 12, 2022

The Podium

I don't know why it is called a podium. Our recreational area is accessed from the third floor and sits atop the car park. It is an expensive area to maintain. There is a tennis court, a barbeque (just replaced), a toilet (just renovated) and shower, a pool, a spa and a sauna (under renovation), a large table and plenty of seating. I've always imagined it to be a nice place to take a book and have a read on a good weather day. Imagined meaning I've not done it.

With labour by volunteers in the building, the garden beds received a makeover, and are now looking quite good. Here are a few photos.

These small trees replaced very nice larger trees that died when the watering system failed and nobody noticed the trees were starved of water.

Barbeque on the right.

My photos are disappointing and don't really do it justice. It feels like a really nice green space.

Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Sex sells

Sex sells to everyone and cultured older women and older gay men who mostly make up a ballet audience are no exception when a flexible and lithe young male ballet dancer poses.

Monday, January 10, 2022

Monday Mural

Check out Sami's Monday Mural post too. What amazing murals she found in Darwin.

This South Melbourne mural is a biggun. There is quite some detail in it, so right click and open in a new window.

Sunday, January 09, 2022

Child rearing

I know all about child rearing. You may doubt me as I don't have children, in spite of my efforts at being impregnated by fertile men over many years. 

I know you do not slap your child's face when they utter a swear word at a young age. Thanks Mum.

I know as a parent you should intervene when brothers are punching the daylights out of each other and not just tell your sons to be quiet and I am not feeling well. Thanks Mum.

I know you should not give guns, well air rifles, to your children as there a chance they will shoot at each other. Sorry ABI not really. You deserved to be shot at. Something distracted me and I missed so only a window was hurt. Such a neat hole. Thanks Dad.

Children are now the peak of the family, not part of the family. They must be respected as humans and be your friend. 

As you can see, I really do know all about rearing children, but there is one thing I am not sure about. I ask for your opinion. 

After Little M's visit, we dropped her at a friend of her mother's as her mother was at work. Her friend's husband must have been watching for us and was out the front door as we stepped out of the car. He whispered to us, his son had just fallen asleep and could we be very quiet. Strange as we were outside and the sleeping child was inside. The 18 month old needs total silence to sleep.

Meanwhile not yet 18 month old Little Ju sleeps with a noise making machine that sounds like old style radio static to me. No one bothers with sotto voice. But they do have a baby monitoring screen. It is quite cool to see a baby sleeping. They move around rather a lot. 

I am interested in your thoughts about total quiet or a good bit of background noise for babies. Not all of you are experienced with children, but some of you are.

Keep quiet. The baby is sleeping or...