Saturday, December 25, 2021


A few photos for this Christmas Day beginning with flowers sent by R's English sisters.

An anti masker protest? on Santa in our building's foyer, quickly removed. Maybe it was just a joke.

R made mince tarts for the first time, like his mother used to make them with a dollop of icing atop. I thought he was doing a silly thing by making his own pastry, but it was fantastic. He did make one foolish remark, that they would last  into the new year. There were two dozen. Two days before Christmas, two are left.

Ferguson Street, Williamstown. I have an idea I've seen the house decorated a few years ago. The two figures are inflatable and wave about a bit. The home owner was in her front garden and happily chatted to passersby. What attention seeking behaviour! Sorry, the Scrooge in me made my fingers do that.

I couldn't decide which photo of our tree to use, so both.

When Little Em arrived a week or so ago, she remarked, oh, you don't have a real tree. She is used to the family going to choose a real tree, bringing it home and decorating it.

How cool. The tram that pulled up to take us and Little M to town was being driven by a very engaging Santa. Just in case any children didn't spot him, he made lots of gongs with the tram bell. We asked and he was happy to be in the background with Little M in the foreground while we were still on the tram. Even Andrew Scrooge did not underestimate the fun atmosphere he created. Well done that Brunswick Depot driver.

Decoration in Bourke Street Mall.

The crowds Quasimodo, the crowds.

Our sideboard.

R made our Christmas cake this year. I used to make a very nice cake but he is far better at making things look attractive. Yes Virginia, there are non artistic gay men.

Season's greetings to you all.

Friday, December 24, 2021

Friday Funnies

I forgot I saved these and as far as I can see I haven't posted them before.

Male pop and tv stars, frequently and often.

Can't be that bad, can it?

If this is one animal on our planet I would like to see hunted to extinction, it is the kardashian.

Translates world wide to any country where Christmas is widely celebrated.

A selfie.


A good argument for the metric system.

Blatantly sexist, and probably true.

I worked this one out several years ago.

Possible but unlikely. See, I am in Christmas Scrooge mood.

Yeah, it's your point in life.

Why does my mind go to Nancy Regan?

Certainly not pointed towards me.

Another motherhood statement.

I am not so sure.

Substitute drinking wine for eating snacks, and I am there.

Beautiful on the inside.

But perhaps they are drug addicts and dealers serving time. So well brought up though.

Thursday, December 23, 2021

The child is returned

Little M has been returned after her exhausting stay. Oldest niece thought Little Em would be harder but no Little M was with her never ending questions. I was telling Mother over the phone he she said, just like her grandfather, my Tradie Brother. I should be pleased she is curious about so many things, but gee it is tiring.

The visit was very similar to Little Em's and we did many of the same things. She enjoyed herself and slept well.

Mother is now double vaccinated and finally had her hair done after months. She is pleased her hair that turned grey with stress during lockdown is now back to its normal colour.

Yorkshire Pudding posted a photo of his compass and I thought mine looks similar. I hunted around for this clear compass but I forgot at school in leatherwork I made a brown suede pouch for the compass. I can't remember why it was bought for me. I did use it a little. Maybe it was my interest in maps.

It's also the Silva brand and measures 2 inches by 100 millimetres. The small circle above the compass dial is a magnifier. I should have given it a clean when I had it out. Next time.

Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Baby, it's cold outside

We don't have extreme cold in Australia. Yes, our mountains do receive snow, but falls can be patchy and so snow making machines are often used to make the snow skiable.

Global warming has seen Great Britain much less cold. Inches of snow are much rarer and rivers no longer freeze over. 

But North America and Canada still get very cold with lots of snow, say eight inches, 20 cm, in New England and Canada. 

I have some questions for you in very cold areas.

I know it is wise to change your car tyres from a normal tread to a winter tread. YoutTube is full of videos of drivers who haven't and come to grief.

What else to you have to do to your car to winter proof. Add something the window washer container to stop it freezing? Can you remote control start your car to warm it, and turn on the seat warming? Is your car hard to start in the cold weather?

Your houses are well insulated against the cold. You have central heating I think, gas or oil fired. Maybe electric. 

Do you turn the heating off at night or just turn it down a bit. Maybe you just leave it on your daytime setting. Is it actually warm enough in your house or apartment to just wear a shirt indoors? Where does your heat come from in an apartment?

Do you have to have snow cleared from your roof?

Is it hard to drive when it is very cold? Do you slide around or drive into a mountain of snow, or does your local authority clear the roads? 

Has snow stopped you going out as you planned to do? Have you had to dig your car out of the snow?

Do you have a domestic snow blower to clear your paths and driveway?

Anything else you have to do to prepare for winter?

Tuesday, December 21, 2021

You say tomayto

We had a great time with Little Em. Her behaviour was impeccable. We collected her at her dad's workplace. I parked the car here.

I then thought better of parking the car in front of the Outlaws Motorcycle Club building and moved further along and saw we could park inside Little Em's father's business. There was probably no risk though as I think all members of the bikie gang are banged up at the moment. 

Both mornings Little Em woke at 7.20. I was awake at 6.55 the first morning and because we had a very early Friday night I was awake at 6.00 the next day. I was prepared for her appearance and I reinforced to her to not disturb Uncle R who sleeps at least to 8.30.

How wonderful is TV for entertaining children. I thank The Lord for inventing YouTube for Kids. However, YouTube for kids was awful in my opinion, full of terrible American tv shows. If I ever see the American Asian family The Ryans in real life, I will shoot them. I tried to encourage Little Em to the more Australian tv ABC for Kids, but no.

Little Em's older sister Little M calls a lift an elevator and so does Little Em. I try to correct them but to no avail. However at dinner last night as we ate ate R's lovely pasta bake, we discussed the merits of cherry tomatoes in the bake. Grumpy old Auntie Andrew has become less grumpy with young children but he did became very cross when Little Em said tomaytoes. I firmly pointed out her speech error, but it really is a losing battle against the Americanisation of our language. 

We alternated with looking after her. I made sure R had his afternoon nap, and explained to Little Em that Uncle R can become very grumpy if he does not have an afternoon nap. Five year old Little Em got it after I explained the word patience and the loss of it. 

We had swims in the pool, a couple of beach visits, some playground fun and travels on some scams. Trams, Little Em!. Yes we are travelling on a scam(sic) to the city Auntie Andrew. 

We have bowl full of sea shells collected by Little Em, some interesting, most not.

Later I pondered why Oldest Niece's children are so good. I said to R last night, they have only known good things in their lives and have loving and stable parents. That is a bit of a contrast to Hippie Niece's twin daughters. 

I don't think Little Em picked up on the very very awful thing in Tasmania where six young children were killed in a jumping castle disaster. We shielded her from any such news. 

Little Em's visit was successful. Today her 7 year old sister Little M will be collected and stay for two nights. It's hard work, especially for R, but what a great time we have with them.

Monday, December 20, 2021

Musical Monday

Three great actors. Three great singers? I am not qualified to judge. 

Without doubt, three great performers. Love 'em to bits. The clip puts me in a happy mood. I guess it is from a film and no doubt someone will know which one without resorting to Google, as I am not.