Thursday, November 11, 2021


Off for a few days to the Bellarine coast for a few days. See you next week. 

What we hoped for.

What the reality will be as per weather forecast. 

Wednesday, November 10, 2021

We are in control

Eight lamps of various types light our living and dining area. Probably more than five years ago, maybe even near ten we bought a remote control power board to turn on half of them. It worked well. We had to press a button for each lamp to turn it on or off. I thought, why not plug another power board into just one of the sockets with all the plugs in the second power board, and so only needing to push one button on the remote to turn them. It worked for a while but the current must have been too high and it fritzed. Mea culpa. That was Stage 1.

Stage 2 we replaced the power board with the same and all was ok. We used the remote to turn on half the lamps and manually turned on the rest. 

Stage 3, individual power sockets operated by another remote control for the rest of the lamps. 

Then we noticed there was something new. A power board that was operated by an app on your phone. This sounds exciting. Stage 4 we bought one and it is brilliant. Five lamps can be controlled by a phone app, even if you are in Timbuctoo. 

Then closely, two of the remaining remote control plugs failed. One lamp would work by remote control but two wouldn't.

Then our last lockdown began and we could do nothing but click and collect. I wanted to feel the quality and width. I looked online and there was now individual plug in outlets that can be controlled by a phone app. That is what we need.

We bought a pack of four last week, nearly the price of three individual sockets and we have a spare. Mostly due to old men incompetence at dealing with technology, the system took some setting up but as we always do, we got there.

That's all very clear, hey. Why are your eyes looking glazed?

R's phone has the app and it automatically picks up what I do with my app so far as the lighting app.

The system worked perfectly. I tried it later and it would not work at all. R, you have been playing with the app haven't you? Yes, sorry. I seem to have mucked it up and he had good and proper. He had tried to make a 'room' where there will be one button to click on your phone screen to operate all units. From what I now understand you can't do that if you mix a power board with individual units in a 'room'. You can only do so in something called like 'situations'. I know I could do it but I was fed up and I had to fix what R had done. We both played for a little while to get the system working again to no avail.

We could have mucked around forever but I decided I would uninstall the apps from our phones, reinstall them and if necessary, use a different email address as a new user. It wasn't necessary. I downloaded the app to my phone and went through the set up process again and it worked. I downloaded the app to R's phone, and it picked up everything from my phone. We are very pleased with the system now.

This is what the control app looks like on my phone screen. The app is a bit buggy. See how the bottom operating button is under the add more points plus button. It is not like that on R's phone. 

Tuesday, November 09, 2021

To the pewl

Our building's recreational facilities were closed down during our last lockdown, as they were in previous lockdowns. Our pool and spa is professionally maintained once a week. I hope that is adequate. More than once I came down with a cold after swimming. Coincidence I suppose. 

But it is nice to have a swim and spa. The standard temperatures for a pool is 27 degrees and the spa 37 degrees. I used to check the temps at times. Starting with the pool is always best, and then move to the spa. Going from 37 to 27 degree water is not fun. The air within the pool structure is heated too.

Anyway, I must take a swim and spa soon, but I am so busy with old people's matters. This Monday I had my eyes checked and ordered new reading glasses. While Medicare covers the basic eye test, I paid $120 for the extra and best eye 'photographs' that can be had at an optometrist. I ordered new reading glasses to replace my lost pair. 

The eye test took an hour. I left home at 10.45 for the 12.00 appointment, had something to eat before the appointment and wandered a bit in the city. They eye test etc took an hour., but I didn't get home until after 3.00. I went train and tram roaming, masked of course. Last lockdown as soon as people were told masks were no longer required outside, very quickly masks disappeared from faces. This time, they are mostly remaining on outdoors, even though you don't have to.

This photo is a reflection of the pool and spa in the glass building next door taken from our balcony, along with a bit of the tennis court. The pool and spa costs so much to maintain, the tennis court little, but the tennis court sees a lot more use than the pool and spa. We like to check that the pool and spa are vacant before going down for a swim. Well, the pool with other people is ok, but I don't like being in the spa with strangers. 

Sunday, November 07, 2021

Of droughts and flooding rains

My first outing on public transport to see something interesting post lockdown.

Wednesday night into Thursday morning about 45 mm, nearly 2 inches, of rain fell. It was steady, soaking and caused minimal flooding in Melbourne at least. This is unusual for us. Rain is normally delivered by drizzle, short sharp showers or cloud bursts. My intention was to visit Dights Falls the next day by car but events conspired against me. It may not have mattered that I caught the tram and train to visit on Friday. I think the water was just as high.

I thought it would be impressive and it certainly was. I walked along the Yarra River path and the water was raging, just raging I tell ya. I noted Parks Victoria? had recently installed a bank of rocks at a significant river curve and it was just as well. The water was pounding the rock bank with great force. Well done that girl.

Dights Falls is not a natural wall but made of concrete, built to dam a small amount of water to be diverted into a flour mill. You can see more detail in my 2015 post when I walked the Merri Creek, the weir being the confluence of Merri Creek and the Yarra River. I think I forgot my camera that day, and three phones ago, the phone camera wasn't so good. Or I had mucked up the settings. 

Below the weir wall normally are exposed rocks and dead tree branches caught on the rocks. None were visible for this visit. I was very impressed.

The water is full of sediment, hence its colour. It was once heavily polluted but is now a good bit cleaner and getting better.

The Yarra running a banker.

Waiting for a passing trout. 

A massive volume of water passing over the weir.

A short video.