Saturday, August 14, 2021

North America

Is Canada North America? Surely so. 

From memory a few days ago, the US vax rate is about 60% and the Canadian vax rate is approaching 70%. Many surplus COVID vax tubes were sent to Canada from the US. Canada doesn't manufacture vaccine at all. I am sure Canadians are thankful but why is there such a surplus in the US when so many are not vaccinated. Yes, I do know why.

Googling slave trade in Canada gives me very equivocal answers and it seems Canada did have black African slaves.

So that does not explain why the US and Canada are so different.

Please offer your opinion. I am interested. As I recall seeing the congestion on  bridge crossing at Niagara Falls indicating there is a strong border control. But Canadians like to cross the border to buy cheap goods in the US and take them home. Responsible Canadians pay their taxes on goods that cost a good bit more than they do in the US.

I am just thinking aloud. But I will really like to know thoughts about why Canada and the US are such different countries?

Friday, August 13, 2021

Twixt lockdowns

Between Lockdown 5 and Lockdown 6 I caught a 67 tram to Elwood and walked through the lovely St Kilda Botanic Gardens. Unfortunately Rain Man was not working AGAIN, but you can see him operational in this post. I walked on to Acland Street for some food and coffee and my thought was to catch a couple of trams home with a bit of a walk, more interesting than a direct tram home. 

I then thought of something I said to R, mentioning that I have never visited the trig (trigonometry)point at Point Ormond. I can't remember the details but it is or was something to do with ship navigation in Port Phillip. 

I believe it was also the site of Melbourne's first quarantine station, as the ship Glen Huntly entered the bay in 1840 flying a yellow flag indicating there was fever on the ship.

In Acland Street I was near a bus stop in Barkly Street and caught the 246 bus to close to the trig point. I walked up a gentle slope and found a seat and oriented myself. It was very pleasant sitting in the winter sun without much wind. From there it was a minute's walk to the trig point. The city views were brilliant. It doesn't take much for me to have a good time.

I caught the 246 back up Punt Road and due to inaccuracies with Tram Tracker and bad timing, I kept missing trams crossing Punt Road and ended up walking to St Kilda Road for a tram home. It didn't kill me and it was interesting to be among the...I can't remember the right words but once the deaf and dumb school children. I like watching the way they communicate. For school children, they are very quiet.

Looking south east towards Brighton. Melbourne's Brighton is nothing like Brighton in England. You won't have much fun in our very posh and once staid Brighton, now full of nouveau rich..

I suppose this construction into the sea is prevent sand movement. That's right it is called a groin groyne. 

Looking up the slope to the trig point where two were not admiring the views. 

I managed to get a shot without the phone people in view.

Looking towards the very visible city skyline.

Thursday, August 12, 2021

Rethinking yesterday's post

Thank you all for your varied opinions on the matter of racism in sport. Since I wrote the post, I have listened to you, heard people talking about it in media and read electric newspapers and I've had clarity of thought. 

Whatever was said must have been serious. There is a victim. While many of us may be curious about what was said, even our indigenous people themselves, it will do the victim no good at all to have what was said repeated in public media. While I remain curious, and I as I said and Marie in Perth points out it is out there on the net, I no longer think I have a right to know.

As forecast, we are locked down for another week. 

There are five reasons for leaving home, for food shopping and food to eat, takeaway only.

Exercise for up to two hours.

Medical reasons.

Care for dependant person. 

I don't know if that was five. I've left one out I think.

Supermarkets, pharmacies, alcohol outlets, smoke shops, newsagents and other essential businesses are open, otherwise all retail is closed. We can only travel five kilometres from home unless a business we need is further away. We must be masked as we exit our front door and stay masked until we return unless we are eating, drinking or smoking, or undertaking strenuous exercise. 

So our monster green shed hardware store Bunnings is only open for click and collect or delivery. Victorians do know how to kill an outbreak but it takes two weeks before it is contained to new cases who have been isolated for their infectious period. Bunnings is normally very busy and we visit often enough for a screw or to admire to admire a screw we might like the look of.

I saw a mock up photo of FB, with a policeman telling a woman sitting entirely on her own at the beach with no-one in sight to the eye to get off the beach for public safety and go home or go to Bunnings. I think this pertained to Sydney. Can someone in Sydney confirm Bunnings is still open there? Really Premier Berejiklian, don't you care at all about infection rates and deaths?

Hopefully I can find something a little lighter to post tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Racial Slurs

I am not a great follower of Aussie Rules football, but I do keep in touch with its scandals (and hot looking players). 

Apparently one footballer made a racist comment towards an indigenous footballer. I think an official from the offender's own team lodged a complaint and the person who made the comment made an abject apology widely broadcast on tv.

The person who reported the slur rightly remains anonymous.

But what was the racial slur? I am sure I could find out if I really tried but it is not being reported in mainstream media. 

ABC Melbourne's leading radio broadcaster says no. We don't need to know what the slur was. Talkback callers and text messengers disagreed and I am on the side of them. 

As we can find or hear explicit details of court cases, so we should know the details of the racial slur. We need to know whether the humiliating apology matched the gravity of the offence. Black bastard is rather different to You Mother f****** nigger coon c***. Worse might be You are just a black c***.

We will never know if justice was served if we don't know what was said. I qualify this with I don't want to hear the remarks on radio or see the remarks broadcast on tv, but I do think it should be on the record in print, at least indicating what what was said, if not quoting. 

Do you think we need to know what was said to judge whether justice was served? 

Tuesday, August 10, 2021


We are in a one week lock down but it looks like being extended. We received an email this afternoon from where we were going to stay on The Bellarine and attend our 1 year old great niece's first birthday. Country Victoria went out of heavy lock down last night, so the party is going ahead but it doesn't look like we will be able to stay at our booked accommodation or attend the party. We are locked out of country Victoria.

Eighteen months in the making, with two cancelled performances of Mary Poppins, the third has been cancelled the following weekend. Jo is so upset. It will be a very professional show. I nearly cried when Sister called to tell me. We were going to change our accommodation to the following weekend. 

Our friend in country Victoria bought an almost new large SUV. He couldn't get a tow bar fitted because of COVID so he booked a holiday park cabin for when we were to be on the Bellarine.  That was a waste but he will go ahead with his stay.

Only the vaguest upside, Bone Doctor had a Pfizer vax cancellation and called Sister and told her to bring Jo to her clinic just five minutes walk away and 14 year old Jo had her first inoculation. 

Don't mind me with my first world problems. We have money, food, toilet paper and a roof over our heads, but it doesn't make you feel any better.

Monday Malaise

I wasn't going to post today, and I am not really, but I do recommend if you don't want cheering up you do read Yorkshire Pudding's post from yesterday. 

As YP has, I apologise to the kiddies for what my generation has done. Unqualified aside from I tried to do the right thing.

Monday, August 09, 2021

Monday Musing

Those of you who use Facebook will know about friend suggestions. Nah, you are are not my friend. I won't accept your friend request and nor will initiate a friend request to someone who I don't know.

A suggested friend to me yesterday was the brother of my aunt. She is my only aunt. Mother is an only child, no surprise about that is there, and while my father had three brothers, only one married in a conventional manner. I last saw that uncle at my father's funeral in 2000. The other two brothers did not attend. The uncle I saw at the funeral grew up in the South Melbourne Orphanage. He was the youngest and as I believe, the child of my grandmother The Bolter, and her privately taught piano music student who she eloped with to Balmain, Sydney and later they married. 

So my father's youngest brother fell in love with the local school teacher and they married and had three children, two boys and the youngest a girl. I am FB friends with my two male cousins and have had a chat or two with them both. We are worlds apart though.

Because of FB, I did connect with my aunt for a while but it seems she tired of FB and is not active now. I am sure she is just a FB Messenger chat away. She called me once a year or two ago and we had a nice chat.

Recalling the 70s my aunt had a drop dead gorgeous brother, handsome, built, long curly blond surfer hair. The teenage me used to quiver at the knees when I saw him a few times. 

So yes, my aunt's brother came up yesterday as a friend suggestion. I took a look. With a very hard cropped haircut, he is still very nice looking. I showed his photo to R who said, even as an older person, he is very nice looking.

Afterwards in my usual stalking manner I went back to look in more detail about him on FB, the bloke R said was very nice looking for an older person. What!!!. He is two weeks younger than I am? We are the same age! Was I pissed orf or not. I glanced at myself in my bathroom mirror and quickly looked away.

Ah, he is using a very old photo for his FB profile, not like me at all........ late1990s. 

Sunday, August 08, 2021

Sunday Selections

I am joining with Elephant's Child, River and others with Sunday Selections. Just random stuffs this week.

R needed a medical test. He received a pro forma letter to tell him about the preparations he needed to make and the envelope was hand written. It's rather nice writing isn't it and clearly is not written by a young person. 

I collected him by tram, no not my own personal tram, but he was not allowed to leave without company, so I met the receptionist who must have addressed the envelope and she was older but somewhat younger than myself. Odd really how she younger the me can write cursive script and I cannot. 

Such places assume you will arrive and depart by motor car. Not if we can help it. I remember when, I think Marcus Wong, collected his wife and new baby by public transport and the hospital was reluctant to allow him to do so as he could not produce proof of having a car baby seat. Maybe Marcus just retold a story. It was some time ago and I forget the detail now.

Corellas love the the plane tree seed pods. 

They also experimented with pulling up the softish waterproof roof covering on the building next door. They are so naughty.

With contributions from gay and lesbian and other organisations, the State Government and City of Port Phillip, the Victorian (Gay) Pride Centre in Fitzroy Street, St Kilda has now opened. It wasn't open when I took this photo. I will return. It's an interesting looking building.

New passenger information displays are being added to our oldest suburban trains. They are brilliant. Well done that girl!

Two old phones went for recycling. The white backed one's back was in perfect condition when I put it in its box a number of years ago. It has decayed while in storage. The black phone is older. I was amazed at how small they are compared to our now hand held computer phones.

Can you guess what happened in our pool? 

Niece Jo's rainbow birthday cake in July. It looked good but was rather awful. Are you sure you don't want another slice? No fanks.

I only change my ensemble for a very special party.