Saturday, July 03, 2021

Silly Saturday video

While I consider this a mild form of animal abuse, it is still quite funny. Ah, the memories... and hey, pussy made it eventually.

Friday, July 02, 2021

The Brekky Grub

I think it is an Australian expression and you foreign types probably don't know that grub is a word for food here, but not in common speech now. 

I get bored with one breakfast cereal so I have choices. 

I usually cut up half a banana to have with corn flakes. There is otherwise little nutrition in the bowl. It's a very large box and is so much cheaper than a small box. I don't like Aldi corn flakes. The Aldi Wheat Biscuits are great though, and I prefer them to big brands. I will eat two or three, depending on when I guess I will next eat. Aldi's Balanced Right is a copy of Kellogg's Just Right and it is my preference too. It has nuts and dried fruits and not too much sugar I believe. It's the healthiest of my cereals. 

The last box of oats went out of date and I think this one will too.

Just occasionally I buy a packet of quite expensive Froot Loops, a naughty treat. It is normally the Aldi equivalent, but this time it was the named brand, and how cool is this? Froot Loops just made for Melbourne. 

How to phrase this nicely? A heaped tablespoon of psyllium husks on whatever bowl of cereal I eat keeps keeps things very easy and clean the next morning and the husks are also helpful for your cholesterol level.

Thursday, July 01, 2021

If you are reading this....

You are probably an older person if you are reading this. It follows you are probably reasonably tech savvy but many people our age and older aren't and I am astonished that some young people can't do a simple thing with their phone like looking up a train or tram arrival time or directions. 

More than twenty years ago I said to R how people who did not use the information super highway will be disadvantaged in the future. That has come to pass and here is an example.

I saw a young woman doing it and I was surprised that I was interested in seeing her doing it. She was looking up at a parking sign in South Melbourne and tapping away for a couple of seconds on her phone. Ah, ok, I have seen but not really seen some parking thing where you enter something into a phone app for parking. We rarely pay for parking but I did investigate Pay Stay. 

I thought it looked quite convenient as an alternative to doing battle with complicated parking meters so I downloaded the app and put $10 into the account with a recurring top up as required.

We have used the app three times and it has saved us about $7 as how it works is you open the app, and your pre-entered car registration number is already there from when you set up the app. You then enter the eight digit number on the parking sign and when you return to your car you enter using the app that you are leaving and you are charged accordingly. Instead of inserting a $2 coin into the meter as we normally would, not knowing how long we would be, the first charge was 79 cents. You do really have to enter your departure time though as you will be in world of parking fee pain if you forget.

I've thought of another example. I retired from paid work in 2019 and filed my last income tax return midyear in 2020. I asked the the person I paid to file my last return, how do I inform the tax department that I will no longer file a tax return as I no longer have a taxable income. She replied, we can do that for you at a cost of $35 to $40 or you can do it yourself at your My Gov web portal. You can guess which I chose, except I don't have to until the end of the financial year, 30th June, with a grace period of a couple of months. 

But My Gov is a nightmare of a website, judged by me as an internet user of twenty five years. As I won't owe any tax payment, I will do nothing. The tax department can chase after me all they like for the recovery of not one cent.

While I don't pay income tax, I still pay lots of tax every day in every way.

Wednesday, June 30, 2021

The New Car Math

The change over price for our new car is $18,000. Half each is $9,000.R paid the $,1000 deposit. I am paying for the car and R will transfer to me the balance for his half. 

Maybe dementia is setting in as do you think we could work out how much R had to give me for his half after him paying the deposit? It's is pretty simple arithmetic but it took us half an hour to work it out. 

I did get the correct answer a few times but then R said that is not right and I doubted myself and worked it out a different way. Eventually I loudly proclaimed "Jesus f'****** Christ (it takes me a bit to swear), this is not rocket science, just simple arithmetic. What is wrong with us?"

We were eventually satisfied with our conclusion, but failed to write it down and now I have forgotten.

I will have to work it out again, but you could tell me the answer of how much R has to transfer to me to ensure we pay half each?

Car Memories

I saw something on FB I never followed through with but the matter interested me. What about older cars, say before 1970 would puzzle young people? That is the operation of said older cars. Here are a few of my thoughts. Add yours if you can think of some more.

Let's start really old with the 50s Dodge De Soto owned a neighbour of ours when I was very young. To turn the tail lights on you had to walk to the rear of the car and pull out a push/pull switch. Ok, that is extreme.

How about a head light beam switch on the floor? The foot switch alternated the head lights from high beam to low beam and back again. Some cars even had a small pedal over the switch.

I expect younguns would know of manual transmissions in cars, even if they have never experienced them. But what about if the gear change is on the steering wheel column? Ok, they could manage that but then switching to a European car, the gears were all the opposite directions. 

They can't see the fan switch for the car heating. Look for the heating boost switch. 

Speaking of heating, how was it turned on in Volkswagen? There were two levers next to the driver's seat. I think one controlled the heat level and the other the amount of airflow.

Why is the radio reception so bad? You have to get out and pull the aerial up or operate the switch to raise aerial. Memories; you don't see wire coat hangers stuck into a mudguard being used as aerials anymore and nor do you see a fox tail tied to a car aerial, nor rear window venetian blinds. 

I saw this little minx on the street in Port Melbourne, a Hillman Minx Imp. Dreadful car really but I suppose for the time... Are the letters of the number plate FUP meaningful?

This humour I came across doesn't work well for Europe but quite appropriate for many other countries but not Strayer in Oregon who has a manual gear change car. No wonder she complains about heavy stop start traffic between Portland and home as she whizzes the gear stick around like she's mixing a cake. If you don't read her Cat's Eyes blog, you may not know Oregon, where it snows in winter has seen temperatures of 45C degrees as has, even more remarkable, a town NORTH of Vancouver, BC.

Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Town Hall Tuesday

I said the town hall posts had ended, but here you get to choose your favourite town hall. In no special order and scroll through and comment as to which is your favourite? The names are above the photos, as is my custom.

Brighton with a great garden.

Brunswick, rather a surprise to me.


The weirdest, Coburg.

St Kilda at a busy intersection and so nicely set back.

Camberwell, not bad.

Collingwood, hard to photograph but impressive enough.

Fitzroy. Large for such a densely populated area.

Footscray, not the original town hall and I forget what happened to the original. 


Heidelberg, Adam Dimech fills you in with detail of the interior.


Melbourne. It really is a great town hall and right at the centre of the city.

Moonee Ponds.

North Melbourne is my favourite. It is grand but not overcooked and extends along the street to incorporate a row of shops in the same style.

Northcote. Great symmetry but no clock tower.

Port Melbourne. For a poor working class suburb of dock workers, not bad at all.



Richmond. I don't like it. Neither fish nor fowl.

South Melbourne, very nice and nicely set off by space and a garden. And it has a blue clock face.

Nobody liked the bastardised Williamstown Town Hall, including me.

Monday, June 28, 2021

Pretty New Talent

It is nice to see a glamourous new to our screens woman presenting a tv show. Courtney Act has been around for a while and she has finally made to our tv screens.


But before you straight men fall in lust with her, step back a little.

A wee holiday and a big buy

Ex Sis in Law and her husband invited us to the seaside town of Torquay where Fire Fighting Nephew, his wife and ten month old daughter Little J live. We booked two nights at the Torquay Hotel in a motel unit. The unit was quite good with its own nice outdoor area with a fixed table and chairs on a lawn, a queen sized bed and a single bed. Aside from the tv being such a small screen and absurdly dim bathroom lighting. it is beyond criticism.

ESiL had friends staying in their campervan at the caravan park across the road and they were a fun couple around our age. We caught up with ESiL, and her husband for a chat after we checked in a 2pm then later met for dinner at the hotel dining room for a nice meal in the company of their friends after we did a little food shopping.

Next morning we caught up with all for breakfast at a recommended bakery amid an industrial state. The bakery food was nice enough but quite expensive. It is clearly word of mouth place as you would not stumble across it amid the factories. We also bought food for lunch and took it to Fire Fighting Nephew's place. Little J has started to belly around on the floor, a step before properly crawling. She constantly pursued their American Retriever dog Kevin but he wasn't having a bar of her. She is delightfully happy child. Her mother was at work and FFN has Fridays off to care for their daughter and also to use up some accumulated leave. Little J was having a banana sandwich and R handed her the next finger for to eat and she mischievously hung out the bread and banana between her fingers and Kevin gingerly took it from her and swallowed it with one gulp. R had lots of Little J cuddles and spent some time the day of our return cleaning dried up banana from his jacket. I don't handle babies but I do watch them with great interest.

Time for a rest and then after recuperation, R and I on our own went for a little drive to Point Addis. Our former Fijian Indian friend and his friend used drive for over one and half hours then climb down stairs to the Pont Addis Beach to wave their willies free in the breeze and presumably watch others do the same at the nude bathing area of the beach. The stairs to the beach were closed for what I think was a rescue practice by emergency services, not that there would be anyone naked on the beach in the freezing cold, around 13 degrees. The views from the lookout point were stunning and on the way back we stopped off at another lookout point. 

We had a nice dinner at the Ming Village restaurant, Chinese of course and next morning caught up with all including FFN's wife for breakfast and then headed for home as we had an important appointment at 12.

The weather was forecast to be cold and wet but aside from some time after we arrived when the rain set in late afternoon into the night, and overnight rain the next night, the days were quite good with no rain, but mid winter, it was as cold as one would expect. 

In online life and real life, people say "You are away again?' Yes, and more to come as we spend overseas holiday savings money. 

A couple of hundred dollars here or there doesn't make a huge impact on our o/s travel funds, so on the way home we test drove and bought a new car, hence the noon appointment. Our car is less than two years old, but more on whys and wherefores later.

Here are a few photos. 

Really p..... down persistently rained the night we arrived.

The view from Fire Fighting Nephew's balcony.

They know in a few years their view will be built out, but they may own a house to live in by then.

Point Addis.

Rolling waves and there were surfers out there.

I think this photo was taken from Little Bird Rock Lookout. Wrong.