Saturday, June 05, 2021

Sydney Day 2

It was rise and shine early the next morning to a lovely weather day. We managed to get out by 10.30, our usual time. 

We walked through Hyde Park past the war memorial and down Bathurst Street to George Street.

I like this photo taken by R, with the reflection pond and what I call Centre Point Tower. It has another name now. It is a good guidance beacon.

Sydney Town Hall. 

We were catching the L2 light rail vehicle tram to Randwick, because it is new and because we could. Being a coupled set, it is very long at about sixty metres.

Along the way through Surry Hills.

The writing says, "Welcome to the Surry Hills Art District".

Randwick was surprisingly interesting. I've no idea what this building's purpose was.

This building would be more at home in Melbourne. The L2 tram terminus was interesting and we had brunch and a great cup of coffee at a Turkish cafe.

We caught the L2 back to Circular Quay. I am a little confused here. The ferry seems to be named Freshwater, but I thought Freshwater was a class of ferry. Blogger James O'Brien had recently mentioned a ferry trip to Double Bay but the ferry only leaves the quay each hour and it would be long wait until the next. We took photos, ate an ice cream and mooched about and then I said to R, the ferry to Double Bay leaves in five minutes and we agreed to catch it. 

Sorry if there are so many photos of the bridge and the opera house.

One small ferry.

A River Cat that I suppose sails up the Parramatta River.

At times it gets close to a traffic jam with departing and arriving ferries at Circular Quay.

Somewhere here is Kirribilli House, our Prime Minister's official Sydney home and Admiralty House, the Sydney home of our Governor General. 

Eat our waves pathetic little slow ferry.

We stopped off at Darling Point for non existent passenger to board and alight.

Million dollar houses and apartments.

I think per capita Perth has more boats than Sydney, just a guess, but there is an awful lot of pleasure craft on Sydney Harbour. 

You know I like a good rotunda, this one after leaving the Double Bay jetty.

Nice looking pub, hey. We found a nice cafe for coffee and sat next to a very posh older woman who had an Australian accent to cut glass with and was a very amusing eavesdrop.

Back at the quay. Victor Chang was a wonderful man, a pioneer of heart transplants and was sadly shot dead in an extortion attempt in 1991. What a loss. It's great that there is a ferry named in his honour.

On the train back from the quay to Museum Station, blogger Marcellous called to pin down an arranged coffee catch up. We met for coffee in Oxford Street at a modest but pleasant place. Well, he had a sandwich too. We had not met before and Marcellous is interesting, chatty and jovial. We sat side by side perving looking out to the street and my arthritic neck made it a little hard to turn to face him as we chatted away about all and everything. It was great to meet him after online exchanges for a number of years.

Back to the apartment where R was resting. Pre dinner drink again at the Colombian Hotel with Dapto Dogs racing on the tv screen and then to a Japanese restaurant. We don't like sushi and sashimi, but we had some really nice Japanese food at Don Don.

After dinner on the way back to our hotel, the art class was busy. Each day different works appear on the easels. Some are really good, some not so much. There wasn't alcohol served at Don Don but still already well fuelled, we had a merry walk back to our hotel.

Friday, June 04, 2021

Another bites the dust

I've posted this 1989 clip before but I am doing it again in memory of Lorrae Desmond who died last week at the age of 91. 

The Logies are a television award annual event named after the Scottish inventor of television, John Baird Logie. There is public voting and in house voting. The winner of the Gold Logie is by popular public vote by those who can be bothered. These are all terrific performers and well respected by all. 

Lorrae Desmond, died 2021. Was she really the first person to get away with the eff word on tv in the 1960s?

Hazel Phillips.

Pat McDonald, died 1990.

Denise Drysdale.

Jeanne Little, died, 2020.

Rowena Wallace.

I note our bearded neighbour in the opening spin of celebs.

Thursday, June 03, 2021

Sydney Day 1

While R found a good deal for our flight and accommodation, it was the first time we travelled with Rex Airlines, once only a regional airline. We flew at noon to Sydney. I don't think we travelled on this plane. R booked the seats and managed to get it wrong. He likes an aisle seat where he can stretch his longish legs out and while I am in the middle, we don't have clamber over a stranger to stand up. For a change I had a window seat, which although I had view of the wing, I could see quite a bit of land. I carefully monitored the performance of the wing flaps.

Rex was very good, with friendly staff both at check in and on the plane. The plane was close to full.

We had topped up our public transport Opal cards before leaving home. Seniors pay no more than $2.50 a day for public transport and that includes the use of government ferries however, there is a supplement to use the airport train of about $13 with the Seniors discount. It was a short walk up Liverpool Street from Museum Station to Oaks Hyde Park Plaza in College Street. This is our fifth stay at the hotel, the first three using a person who looked after some privately owned apartments and the last and this one, directly with the hotel. The first three stays gave us views of East Sydney and the last a view of Hyde Park. This time we had a view of the busy intersection below, which was interesting and not as chaotic as the intersection we view at home. However the view came with traffic noise. Our first night was not great for sleeping with traffic noise waking us, but after that, we were fine. 

I didn't close my curtains and this was my view when I woke on Tuesday morning. 

I forgot to take photos when we arrived and all was neat. I took these as we were about to leave. This is my bedroom with its own air con unit. Heat setting at 24 degrees was about right. We stayed in room 107.

In either direction a bedroom can be added to our or the apartment next door. There wasn't any noise coming through the door from neighbours. 

Two wardrobes like this.

The kitchen included a dishwasher that we didn't initially use, but we ran out of dishwashing liquid and there was plenty of dishwashing powder.

The dining table was large enough to seat six people. It was our fault for not requesting earlier than the day before for twin beds. R had this fold down lounge room bed, which suited him as he likes to watch tv in bed. He said it was comfortable. 

Next to the bed was a decent sized couch. The apartment is very spacious and with one small balcony and a larger one. Everything worked in the apartment. My niggles are there isn't any balcony furniture, not even a seat. We cleaned down the top of the dirty outside aircon unit and sat on that. For a week's stay, there was an inadequate supply of toilet paper, bin bags, tea towels, instant coffee sachets, but it wasn't a problem to ask at the desk for more. The apartment was very clean and while there was a drain leak from the bathroom basin, it was quickly repaired once we reported it. 

With a 90 minute flight and half an hour to reach the hotel, we arrived at check in time 2.00 pm. Once settled in we shopped nearby for mostly breakfast type food and wine and some whiskey.

That evening we had a drink at the Colombian Hotel. There is nothing like the the street level bar of the Colombian in Melbourne, with older gay men standing around chatting while drinking beer and large screen televisions showing harness racing, baseball and ice hockey. It was very pleasant. After our drink we walked up Oxford Street to the Courthouse Hotel and sat outside with a naughty meal of chicken wings and garlic bread. So much food, we took some wings home for my lunch another day. 

We returned to our hotel feeling a little merry and very pleased to be in Sydney. 

Wednesday, June 02, 2021

We is returned

Facebook messages and personal messages urged us to stay longer in Sydney and not return to COVID ridden and locked down Melbourne. But we feel safe at home and as wonderful as Sydney is for tourists, a week was long enough.

The Virgin 11am return flight was cancelled Friday, Saturday and Sunday but fortunately our 11am flight went ahead on Monday, I expect probably a bit filled by the cancelled noon flight. Melbourne Airport was dead, the roads were quiet and the streets were empty. We were out of the habit of wearing masks. Ah yes, this is what lockdown is about. I had forgotten. 

Today when out to refill our empty larders I almost asked R if he would like to sit inside to eat at Pran Central. Lol, no indoor eating. We sat outside in the freezing cold. R asked me if we did this in the 2020 lock down, and yes, we did. Forgot masking again. Remembered to hand sanitise constantly.

COVID here was kicked off by a person who caught it while in interstate quarantine. It was a slow transmission build up but has led to over  300 sites being places of possible infection and around 50 cases of infection with the Indian variant. 

I can't help but think this was known about in advance. A week or so before, the state government announced a crack down on people not wearing masks on public transport and a crack down on businesses and customers not using the QR code to check in. Then I heard an epidemiologist say there will be further outbreaks and people who are prevaricating about vaccines would rush the system for vaccination and there would not be enough vaccine supply. About ten days later it came to pass. I ask, who knew what in advance?

The snap lockdown is supposed to end Thursday night, but it is not looking promising. I expect early next week.

In other news Mother has been hospital for about four weeks now. Her thyroid problem is nearly resolved. Her anxiety issues not quite. Her thyroid medication has increased her anxiety and her blood sugars, so instead of returning home on Friday, she will stay in rehab until next week. How lucky are we that we are not allowed to visit her!

For at least a week there was only once or twice for each of us when we wanted to punch each other's noses. That's not a bad holiday. 

Normal blogging will resume.......shortly.

Monday, May 31, 2021

Where are we?

Still away but home soon.  I am so pleased a glam rock band won Eurovision. Hot Italian dudes. 

Speaking of glam rock, here we are in Sin City.

This is the fab Oz 70s band Skyhooks, lead singer 'Shirley' Strachan killed in a helicopter crash. Where has YouTube embed gone? I can only give a link.  I want my desktop back.