Monday, May 24, 2021

Monday Mural

Today this Monday we fly in a big silver bird in the sky for the first time since mid 2019. I haven't missed flying one bit. I will return in a week or so. Of course we can't fly internationally so it is an interstate holiday. We found a very good deal for flights and accommodation.

I love this mural by artist Sam Yong in Collingwood's Town Hall Reserve . 

Sunday, May 23, 2021


Fiona Burns was a bit of a wild child but I doubt she did anything criminal aside from smoking some weed. She was only 15 when she was killed so I don't think she had much time to do anything criminal.

Maybe she was troubled by her parents' separation. Maybe she was troubled by finding out her father was gay. She still had a good connection with him. Maybe she was troubled by mother's new partner. 

She and her boyfriend were killed when hitchhiking as you can read at this new Victoria Police cold case site, modelled on a police system used in Toronto. 

She was Ex Sis in Law's niece and when she was killed and the foster child of Ex Sis in Law and Tradie Brother. 

My understanding is that the police know who killed Fiona and John, and the murderer is in gaol, but there is a lack of evidence to convict him for their deaths. 

I am sure someone knows something and I really wish they would speak up.

Sunday Selections

Joining in with Elephant's Child and River for Sunday Selections, random photos this week.

A rather nice and very full garden in Ferguson Street, Williamstown.

Near Collingwood Station and was once a police boys' club, I think. It is having a renovation.

The building faces Gahan Park, near where a former blogger whose blog with something like Life near the Park, lived.

This park is called Town Hall Reserve as one side faces Collingwood Town Hall. It's a very pleasant spot and I got a mural photo there too.

Above is a memorial to Theo Sidiropoulos. 

This is a fountain outside Melbourne Law Courts, above the underground Flagstaff Station. I was going to post a video of the fountain but YouTube is being cranky.

I couldn't decide which of these photos to use. The shot tower is part of the Melbourne Central Shopping Centre, a kind of a mall, with Melbourne Central Station underneath. As I recently mentioned, Melbourne Central is anything but central, at the northern end of the city and it is the most confusing shopping centre you can imagine. The shot tower was retained when the underground station and shopping centre, and no, it wasn't a tower where people were shot. From memory, molten lead was dropped down the tower to make bullets for guns.