Tuesday, May 11, 2021


We are going away for a a few days break at the seaside. The weather doesn't look too great, but never mind. I will deal with this sheet fail when I return.

Monday, May 10, 2021

Monday Mural

 This 'dealer' dog amused me. The artist's name is ovrsze.

Death Cleaning

I used to keep my will in the filing cabinet under the folder Misc, for miscellaneous. One day R needed my passport number to book a holiday and later yelled at me for having my passport also filed under Misc. I knew where they were.

Nevertheless I made a new file in the filing cabinet called........I forget. Maybe, Personal. That is where my will and passport now reside.

I will add to the file with an envelope addressed to Fire Fighting Nephew and inside the envelope will be the wedding ring given by my father to my step mother. This is my plan and here is an edited version of what will be in the letter with the ring. I know it needs a little polish but do you think this is a good thing or am I being a drama queen or melodramatic?

Dear B,

As for you no doubt, it wasn't easy for me when my parents separated when I was a teenager. I had such feelings of insecurity. My parents had been together for about sixteen years when they separated.

Did my father and mother ever love each other? I don't know but they were a gorgeous and graceful couple on a ballroom dance floor, before my Dad went outside to drink beer with mates and Mum was left alone inside the dance hall alone and the town girl in the latest Melbourne fashions did not fit in with the local country stout girdled ladies. Always faults on both sides.

Dad went on to meet T number two. I did not know what passionate and true love was until Dad met my step mother. Wow, this is what real love is about!!!

They married and exchanged rings. I became a bit teary when T gave me her and Dad's wedding ring this year of 2021. In the months since I have puzzled over what to do with the ring, that is who to leave it to or hand it on to.

Clarity of thought came to me tonight. One day B, you will be the senior member of the family.

Pass on the story of the ring and what true passionate love really is that I saw between Dad and T, at least maybe to your daughter J.


PS. You've done well in life. You've travelled the world, lived and worked in Glasgow and have now settled to a stable family life with your own home and very good employment, a lovely wife and daughter.

Sunday, May 09, 2021

Sunday Selections

I'm joining in with Elephant's Child (over 80 comments on her last Sunday post) and River for Sunday Selections and there is a red autumn theme this Sunday.

On the edge of Fawkner Park.

Victoria (army) Barracks. Wasn't it once a punishment in the army to put a miscreant on guard duty? Now the Federal Police guard the Barracks. The creeper was removed a couple of years ago when windows were repaired and repainted but it didn't take long for it to grow back.

An apartment building nearby with a very and large front garden.

Red in South Yarra, the area of so many of my ISO Walks during our 2020 lockdown.

An expensive apartment building across the road.