Saturday, April 03, 2021

Your Longevity

I hope yesterday's post did not offend anyone. If you have a religion, that is fine with me. I just don't believe. 

Good Friday is such a boring day. It used to be a day for family stuff, but nothing was arranged and we didn't bother to try to arrange anything. Good Friday and Christmas Day are the only full days here when shops are closed and it was a deliciously warm day, well a little too warm for me at nearly 30 degrees (double it and add 30 for F.).

R suggested a tram to Acland Street, St Kilda for brunch. I suggested  Sandringham by train for brunch. We were so slow it was actually lunch time when we reached Sandy after a very pleasant train trip.

Cafes were crowded, especially outside, and I always need shade. R spied a couple leaving an outdoor seat at one cafe and quickly moved and snaffled it. It was a nice lunch. We just missed a train after we finished our meal and so in the twenty minute wait we took a brief walk.

We walked down towards the beach and past the Sandringham Hotel, which has the most wonderful views over the bay. I first went there with a female friend when I was 19 and it was the first time I ate oysters, Kilpatrick. It took a few years for me to get into Oysters Natural. 

The train arrived at the terminus and people streamed from the train obviously heading to the beach. I can't remember what the beach is like. Off went the train with us in cool comfort. It stopped of course at Middle Brighton Station and who got on the train? Our 85 year old friend the Brighton Antique Dealer. She had done the same as we did, lunch at a cafe but in her case, in Middle Brighton. Her 70 year old toy boy was with her.

The quite grand beach entrance.

Sandringham Station. It is very noice part of Melbourne.

For some time we have been saying, we must call and catch up with BAD. For some time she had been saying the same about us. She asked us back to her posh retirement building and we had coffee from a machine in the public lounge area, joined by a 93 year old resident. We spent an hour or more catching up on news and returned home quite exhausted, but it was lovely to see her and we will see her somewhere out for dinner soon.

Now, this is a recipe for old age as where BAD lives is full of very and mostly self sufficient old people. If you were born in Britain, Canada or the US, my advice from observations is keep your accent. Most of all though, have a good sense of humour. Laugh, joke and make smutty exchanges. Flirt about what might be impossible at your age.

EG: BAD was describing the 93 year old's bed, that lifted electrically in all sorts of directions. Me: BAD, you know an awwwwwful lot about how his bed works? 

We may have an easy and quick death, or a slow drawn out one, but always try to keep your sense of humour. BAD's building has a happy hour, 5pm to 6 where residents get together for just the one.

Friday, April 02, 2021

Happy Easter

I won't post today out of respect for the day Our Saviour the Lord Jesus Christ was hung on a cross because I got pissed on Scotch Thursday night and I am incapable of posting anything meaningful.

Btw, yesterday's post was an April Fool's joke. While the platforms are very long, they don't extend this far. The patch in the road is just that, a patch. Marcellous called it early. 

Thursday, April 01, 2021

Metro Tunnel Marvellousness

The new Metro train tunnel being built in Melbourne is a wonderful thing. We will be able to walk 500 metres, go down a lift or escalator to the underground station, wait just a few minutes for a train, be whisked into the city, and catch a lift or escalator up to the major corner of Flinders and Swanston Streets. Maximum door to door time should be fifteen minutes.

Now, we walk out our front door, cross the road to the tram stop, wait a minute of so and catch a tram to the very centre of the city. Maximum time 15 minutes. Oh, so maybe not so good for us, but what the Metro Tunnel will do is free up the overloaded St Kilda Road trams. 

But there was forward planning that almost seems like it was directly meant to service us. The station platforms extend down St Kilda Road and while the entrance is distance away from us, the end of the platforms are not and are right in front of out building, albeit underground. The road and tram tracks will be reconfigured as completion of Metro Tunnel approaches and an initially unplanned entrance for us nearby will be opened. How good is that! It will just be a lift opening at the point where you can see the present covering lid. This now makes it a serious option for us.

The concrete patch is where the lift shaft and opening will be.  

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Fed up with Women!

I am utterly fed up with hearing how badly women in Australia are being treated, especially in political circles. But the problem is men behaving badly. I wouldn't be endlessly hearing about women being treated badly if men treated them properly and with respect.

Generally in Australia in my opinion women are treated as equals and with respect on the same level that men receive. In my personal life, women are treated fine, different at times but always as equals. In fact in my family all the women are strong and equal, and treated with respect. 

I do have take domestic violence and male control out of the equation, but otherwise, I think it stands that women and men are equal.

So what has happen in our Federal and possibly State Parliaments towards women appals me. That is not the Australia I know. It is clearly a long time problem and it needs to stop now. The policies my workplace introduced in the last decade or so were very strong on any kind of sexual harassment, male or female. Some were sacked for their actions, although fairly minor offences. Racial harassment ditto. Homophobia, ditto. 

On a personal note, twice in the last month I have overheard conversations between a young man and a possible female employee, and while all quite above board, the wankery that the male drivelled on with to the younger women, who remained quite silent astonished me, as did his stock standard business speak.  If only these men, and women, could actually hear themselves, really hear themselves.  I turned to R and said, "I am so glad we have never worked office jobs". He agreed. 

Our parliamentary institutions cannot be out of step with what is happening in society and other workplaces and it has been very much proved that our parliaments are just that, with the most extraordinary goings on. I can't walk in women's shoes, but I can imagine. I hope what has been aired makes this as a point of change.

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Town Hall Tuesday

 I was a little surprised by this one, as much for the fact that I did not know it at all. The reason is it is not a on a road to anywhere. It is in quietish streets, ten minutes walk from Middle Brighton Station. 

When my mother's forebears arrived in Melbourne in the 19th century, they bought land for market gardens in Brighton. Over time they sold their market gardens and slowly began at outward creep ending up with market gardens in Oakleigh and even Clayton. While vegetable growing was lucrative, it was very hard work with very early starts to get produce to market. Brighton would now be one of the wealthiest suburbs in Australia, reeking of old money (maybe not so much nowadays). I rather wish my family had kept some land there. 

Brighton Town Hall was built in 1885 but there is little else of his history without having to burrow down. 

Pretty stock standard Victorian architecture and I am pleased to say the clock was correct. I don't like the blanked out windows in the clock tower and it is not grabbing me too much.

The side view with an inappropriate annex entrance to a library I think.

I'm getting a glimpse of something interesting.

A lovely rose garden in front of the main entrance to the town hall. This must be the front.

Yes, a nice portico, but sadly with more blanked out windows. I wonder why? A working fountain. Nothing sadder than a non working fountain.

Oh, a non working fountain, in what seems like an amphitheatre.

I suggest this is the nicest setting of any of the town halls I have photographed yet.

There is even a rose arbour. 

At times public transport works so well for me. This day not so much. I had a decent wait for a 58 tram to South Yarra Station, just missed the train to Middle Brighton with a 15 minute wait for the next, and then just missed a train back with another 15 minute wait. I thought I might had made the train back, knowing its arrival time at the station but as I came to the beginning of the platform that I couldn't access until further along, I realised it was hopeless without me sprinting, and I don't sprint no more. Then I heard the bank of the wheelchair platform being dropped by the driver for someone to board. Had I walked briskly, I could have made it as the train was delayed for a minute, but I didn't. C'est la vie. There was nothing to rush for.

Monday, March 29, 2021

Monday Mural

Joining with Sami and others for Monday Mural.

Our Friend in Japan sent me these two photo of a building in her home town in the north of Japan. Here we know solar panels are placed on roofs, but why not put them on the fa├žade of buildings facing the direction of the sun? It is hardly an attractive building, so nothing is spoilt. 

Good idea, hey.

But what do we have at the base of the building at street level? A mural and a rather fierce one at that.

Sunday, March 28, 2021

Lady Mondegreen

I expect among my self recorded audio cassettes I still have the tape with a hand written album or song title labelled Millagaroo by the English group T Rex, fronted by as I thought at the time, the most gorgeous Marc Bolan. He died in a motor car accident when he was still young and beautiful.

Millargroo was a mondegreen, so named for misheard lyrics. I expect we all have some. 

Mondegreen's origins were from a misheard poem in the US in 1954 and referring to a 17th century poem.

Ye Highlands and ye Lowlands,
Oh, where hae ye been?
They hae slain the Earl o' Moray,
And laid him on the green.]

Instead the final two lines were misheard as,

They hae slain the Earl o' Moray

And Lady Mondegreen. 

I've just listened to again and I swear Macy Gray in her hit song 'I Try' sings "I say goodbye my chook". Chook is slang here for chicken. At the table, would you like some chicken? Would you like some chook?

 As for my mislabelled cassette, Millagaroo turned out to be Metal Guru.

Do you have your own mondegreens?