Saturday, February 27, 2021

Pain in the neck

Remember I said I had some neck pain? I needed some new prescriptions from my doctor and what would have been a telehealth phone call, a COVID innovation, I wanted to see him personally about my neck pain. Is it a cancerous growth pressing on a nerve? Doc sent me for an xray and it seems I have osteoarthritis in my upper spine. 

Isn't that just so terrific to be diagnosed with an incurable disease! Some of you know what that is like. 

Last evening I took two pain killers which gave me some relief. As I woke this morning at 5am to go to the toilet, my neck was fine. At 7am I cried out when I tried to raise my head from the pillow after further sleep. It has been like that most mornings for the last few weeks. I sat on the balcony in the cool morning air and I couldn't turn my head left without great pain. A hour later, almost all pain had gone and my neck just felt stiff.

I am not sure the doctor's diagnosis is correct and I feel like the pain will go away in time. I am trying to learn to ignore it, but to be on the safe side, I'm learning about arthritis from Dr Google. I am also remember that five years after a cancer diagnosis and subsequent treatment, my father died at my age. A pain in the neck is better than death.

I saw a physiotherapist yesterday, one who I saw a few of years ago after I injured my back. She knows her stuff. My doc has put me on a five visit care plan for no cost using our public health system for chronic medical problems, so physio visits won't cost me for a while. Physio is not normally covered by our health care system.

Arthritis or not, I am not going to let it stop my life, but gosh it can hurt at times. 

Friday, February 26, 2021

Friday Funny

This clip runs for less than I minute and I thought it was very funny, especially the last part. I think he is a professional comedian. Anything playing on words and language grabs my attention.

Thursday, February 25, 2021

Some Planning for Port Melbourne

I had seen a mural as we passed by in the car. Rule 1: Photograph murals only by using visiting by public transport where practical,  and I noticed there was a bus stop opposite the mural. I caught the 58 tram to the (now in disgrace) Casino and although it the bus service was only every thirty minutes, I had planned this down to the last detail and it worked. I was curious about the bus terminus and I stayed on the 236 until the end. 

I crossed the road and had a look around the shops and cafes and it was only a ten minute wait until the 236 departed back to the city. I left the bus at the Port Melbourne Life Saving Club and it was a bit hot, so I bought a Golden Gaytime (icecream) at a kiosk. I then walked to Bay Street and caught the 234 bus back to the (there will be a Royal Commission into what goes on there) Casino and the 58 tram back home. The mural photos will be posted on a Monday in due course but here a few photos taken during the outing. 

Morleys Coal Depot repurposed quite wonderfully. 

The 236 bus terminus at Garden City.

Swallows Biscuit Factory repurposed as apartments. Nice work.

Aloha sailor.

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

I am busy with others stuffs

Too much to do. Will do better tomorrow. Norway it seems is good.

And a comment on the post was, And Norway make Corporations and Rich PPL PAY their FUCKEN TAXES

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Town Hall Tuesday

When I showed R this photo he said it looks like a mosque and given there is a large Muslim population, why wouldn't it? Except Coburg City Hall was completed in 1922 and there would have few if any Muslims in the suburb and City of Coburg. 

The City of Coburg was absorbed in the 1990s local council amalgamations to the City of Moreland, or as often known comrade, The Peoples Republic of Moreland. It is the administrative centre for the City of Moreland.

It is a rather strange building and it can host huge events. It was hard to take full photos as there are huge trees to either side. There will be some more about Coburg after a very interesting visit to somewhere I did not know about.

Monday, February 22, 2021

Monday Mural

 It's not really a mural but just metal figures attached to wall in Queen Street, Altona, just off Pier Street.

Sunday, February 21, 2021

Collective brains = Zero

R and myself were in the city to get a couple of things and a brunch so late it was nearly lunch. I wanted to take a couple of photos in town so we came home separately. After comparing notes later, we both agreed there were some strange people on the tram home for both of us. "You are not a local person. You have no business in our street. Go home". In the meantime I wondered why there was a hovering helicopter. But we didn't click what they were about. R lay down on his bed and napped and missed the action; the helicopter, the chanting, the loud hailer and the police sirens.

They were anti vaxxers, anti lockdown, anti medical science, COVID non believers, anti government ****wits making a great fuss. They stopped trams running for more than an hour on the busiest tram street in the world. They caused traffic chaos north, south, east and west. Some motorists surrounded by protestors were no doubt apprehensive at least. Twenty people were arrested and charged or will be charged.

After the fuss was over, I went across the road to the rather newish and good Giro d 'Italia for coffee. Nine woman were sitting at two tables outside. It was another case of this is local place for local people. You are not welcome here. One had a protest sign leant up against a chair leg. I had sat down with a mask on and they must have noticed. At times I glared with hostility at them.

The former Federal Government Senator, AKA Famous Bearded Celebrity Resident also rather likes the same place for afternoon coffee and sits outside but today he was wisely hiding inside. 

It is so easy for white people to pick on overseas born, especially overseas born females and of course that it was they did. To a passing young masked Asian woman, one said loudly, "Take your mask off. It will make you sick."

I took my mask out and hung one loop over my ear and they noticed. When I finished my coffee before rising from the table I slowly and defiantly masked up while staring at them and went to the window to pay. I had rehearsed in my head what I would say if they said anything, but of course an older white man is a little more challenging than a young overseas born young female. If the troup of like minded women had a collective brain, they might be dangerous.