Saturday, February 06, 2021

Tradie Brother's Signs

He is bit of wag, is Tradie Brother. He has successfully transitioned from being a builder of homes and top of the end home renovations to caring for and helping aged and disabled people with in home care. He has to be 0.0 per cent blood alcohol each morning to drive and to do his job, and that has had benefits.

Here are photos of a few signs I took at his home on Christmas Day.

Apostrophe after the 'n' Bro but nuffink is probably acceptable too. Are there two effs in nuffink? 

Praying to the God Victoria Bitter.

The recycling collection team would wonder that if it is a dry area, why is the recycling bin always full to overflowing?

His tomatoes seemed to be doing rather well. I expect they are fruiting now.

Friday, February 05, 2021

Ask the weather man

When people from our weather bureau speak on the radio to give us forecasts, it could be quite likely a weather woman, so if I could spell meterolgist, my heading should be Ask the Meterologist. I could probably spell the word if I really tried.

It was a curious day weather wise. Torrential downpours, strong winds and storms were forecast. One heavy shower of rain came through, two claps of thunder and the wind was moderate. The bureau overcalled it.

I don't really blame the bureau. It was a strange day. Just as it is becoming dark now, the warm humid wind during the day was blowing from the north to north east. It is now cool and blowing from the south west. The clouds looking east are speeding along from the north east but stop when they reach the south. The rain came down from the north west today. All very odd. 

Monday Timeline

I wrote this on New Year's Day this year. I am not sure why it wasn't published. Maybe something more important came up. 

6.30 wake.. Look at tablet and see and try to deal with a huge number of new friend requests at a gay adult site. No, not telling you why.

6.55 Phone alarm goes off to wake me up. I am already awake.

7.15 Get up to make a cup of instant coffee. R is up preparing to go to his volunteer job. Cursory greeting. I make myself coffee after turning on the exhaust fan system and go back to bed. More time on the tablet at various sites until about 8.10.Send friend a Whats App mssg asking him if he got lucky at the weekend. He didn't but did go to a lovely wedding.

8.10 Arise and R has gone to his volunteer work. I turn on desktop computer and that is where I am for the next couple of hours, aside from breakfast cereal, medication, putting the dishwasher on and putting on a load of washing. Book back massage for 12 noon and heat and eat some left over vegetables that accompanied last night's smoked cod.

9.50 Put on another load of washing.

11.00 Catch tram to Prahran and sort out my rare medication at Chemist Warehouse Take photo of almost a mural that I could not yesterday in bright sunlight straight into the camera lens.

11.40 Have coffee in Pran Central. Conclude it is not the brand of coffee but the skill of the the coffee maker. The usual maker wasn't there and in spite of me saying have here, not take away, it was served to me in a paper cup not a porcelain cup. Ghastly.

12.00 My straight Chinese mainland hunky but with no dress sense masseur played my back massage big time. How far can he go before he could be accused of something inappropriate? He goes further with me each time and this day I felt wrung out by the experience. $10 tip instead of the usual $5, and we don't really tip in Australia unless we have an extra good experience. I had an extra good experience.

1.00 Eating a sausage roll at an outdoor table at Tran Bakery. Pay 20 cents for squeezable personal tomato sauce package, rather than controversially unhygienic sticking the plastic nose of a sauce bottle into my sausage roll.

1.20 Travel by train from Prahran Station to Sandringham, admiring the bay sea views along the way and other things of interest to be seen. No men to die for or who I would marry noticed.

1.40 Discover fantastic mural. Ah, we have been here before, in the car, where R saw his doctor on the street. Oh, cafe where we lunched is closed for renovation.

1.50 Find nice cafe for more coffee, at only $3.00 for drink in. Ok, small cup, but very nice coffee.

2.00 Research on phone all the buses I am seeing. Where to they go to and how long do they take to get there and what are their routes?

2.20 Catch train to South Yarra.

2.42 Leave train and tram home is 14 minutes away!!!. It wasn't. It arrived in about five minutes.

3.00 Greet R and ask how his morning at his volunteer job was. He asks me where I have been. I empty dishwasher and hang up some washing on clothes horse and dry socks and jocks in the clothes dryer. Eat two cherry tomatoes and half a tub of cheese and chives cottage cheese.

4.57. I never drink before 5pm. Pour a wine spritzer at 4.57. That was nice. Pour another at 5.20.

4.58 Try but fail to catch up on email and your blog posts.

5.30 Managed to answer two lengthy emails. I think I have Town Hall Tuesday post sorted for tomorrow.

6.00 Pour another spritzer and watch commercial tv news.

6.30 Phone alarm alerts me to take evening medication. Over spritzer. Pour straight glass of wine to wash my medication down.

7.00 Watch ABC TV News, 730 etc etc.  Sit down to dinner, an omelette made from batam eggs given to us, with chips, carrots, peas, beans and broccoli .

8.00 Notice some left over Scotch from weekend. Just a small drink for both of us.

8.30 More wine.

9.00 More wine. Can't remember.

9.35 Watching the handsome Hamish Macdonald hosting Q and A.

10.40 Enough for the day. Sleep now. Rinse and repeat with variations tomorrow.

10.50 Sit on the balcony with R discussing the Aboriginal/Maori/American Indian problems.

10.55 Have not managed to solve the Aboriginal/Maori/American Indian problems.

10.59 R tells me of a new sculpture in Bowen Crescent at a new apartment building.

11.00 ABC Business comes on tv. Really is time to go to bed.

11.06 Go to bed.

Thursday, February 04, 2021

We will travel

We've booked a holiday. Barcelona? Porto? Prague? London? Las Vegas? San Francisco? Hawaii? Catch up with JayLa in Budapest?

Nah, the government says no and none are COVID safe yet anyway.

Echuca is in the north of our state of Victoria. We don't normally like straying far from the sea for a caravan park cabin holiday but we are, although we will be on the banks of the mighty Murray River that divides the states of Victoria and New South Wales. Tricky point. If the borders are closed between the two states, can we take a paddle steamer lunch cruise on the Murry River which is officially in NSW?

As COVID waxes and wanes in Australia and state lock downs happen, we are not leaving our state.

We were looking for a local holiday for next week but everything was pretty well booked out. Instead we have booked for the first week in March.

We will stay three nights in Echuca and visit Step Mother and her partner who is in his 90s and not terribly well and they live twenty minutes drive from Echuca. Echuca is an interesting town and a damn lot cheaper to stay in that our seaside towns. 

Something to look forward to.

South Yarra COVID Walk -The End

These are the remaining photos I took while COVID exercise walking in South Yarra. There is nothing left to see for me nor you after these photos. We know it all. I have pretty well stopped COVID exercise walking. I am getting (almost) plenty of exercise in as we go about our or my day. 

Cro asked to see this work on our wall. It always seem to shine in one direction or the other. When we bought it, it was too big to fit in the car, so it had to be delivered.

A beautiful terrazzo paved entrance.

And a beautiful front door.

Laneway access with a very high step to probably a courtyard.

One serious outdoor lamp.

Three storey houses are not so common but there is a terrace of three in Park Street and two have been restored and work is underway on one. One level is below ground level. 

As you can see here.

Just a grand and great trio of two storey terraces.

Ok, I have left South Yarra now and close to home, outside The Hallmark apartment building, formerly the Holiday Inn and earlier, The Travelodge. 

I guess for this post I uploaded the photos some time ago for a Sunday Selections, hence odd thrown in photos such as the view from where we lunched in Torquay a couple of months ago.

You don't bring me flowers any more, but you could if you went out with secateurs near a surf shop in Torquay. 

Wednesday, February 03, 2021

COVID New England

Someone kindly pointed out to me the New England states in the United States. Thank you. I don't know about the politics of New Hampshire where Maribeth lives aside from it having a Republican governor and it being generally conservative. Maribeth occasionally informs me us or me about COVID being rampant in her state.

Cross the border to another New England state, Vermont, it also has a Republican governor yet it is a brilliant success story. It matters little which party the governor is from but what rules are put in place. The governor of Vermont took COVID very seriously, put in place severe restrictions and the result is that the state of Vermont is a success story among the states so far as COVID goes, even better than the island state of Hawaii where it would not have been hard to keep COVID out.

Tuesday, February 02, 2021

Town Hall Tuesday

You don't get off the train at Heidelberg train station to see Heidelberg Town Hall. You alight at Ivanhoe. Gosh, the two dimensional Google map made it look like it was a flat walk to the town hall in Upper Heidelberg Road. It was not. I took a couple of 'photo stops', one at this handsome and very well maintained former church.

For a couple of months in 2017 we regularly caught the Hurstbridge train to see Hippie Niece when she was confined in hospital before the birth of her twin daughters. 

This photo from a distance to capture the portico.

The town hall was built in 1937 and after council amalgamation it  is now under the auspices of the City of Banyule. It really is a very large building and hard to photograph. The clock showed the correct time, which always impresses me.

One of our Brother Friends used to work in a menswear shop near where I am but I don't really know where it was. Good city views but very bad traffic. No trams in Ivanhoe. 

I walked down a very quiet lane back to the station. I had a few minutes before the train arrival so I looked in the local park and gosh, is this an ugly sculpture or what.

Monday, February 01, 2021

Working bee Saturday

Most of the family met at Mother's to try to clear out her house before settlement and we came pretty close. Most worked so hard and it was also a good family day.

The local large charity shop has stopped taking donations so quite a bit was put into charity bins. Mother's rubbish bin has been seconded by someone in the units next door. It appears in front of her house and is taken in by a kind neighbour, but then disappears until the following week when it again appears in front of Mother's house. It is just being borrowed but we need it.

The Salvation Army did take a couple of things, the delightful bright yellow perfect condition laminex kitchen table and something else I can't remember.

Her lounge suite which was her mother's went off in a horse float to be reupholstered and French polished by the person who did the same in about 1979. 

Sister took quite a bit of stuff, even though she said she wanted nothing more. Bone Doctor slogged away in the junk room until it was clear. Tradie Brother and Hippie Niece made a pile on the nature strip for council collection. The size was limited to two cubic metres and that was breached but by the time it is collected, it will be reduced by people taking things from the pile. Unseen by any of us, a working microwave oven disappeared as the stack was being made.

We took a late lunch break at the local bakery cafe which was really nice. 

Tradie Brother had his four day old sandwich for lunch and in our absence the couple across the road came to collect some things they wanted, a crate of old vinyl records, a roll of new linoleum and something else. I don't know what it is about my mother but everyone is so kind and caring towards her, except for her own children who only feel a strong obligation, and her various neighbours over the years have always been roped into her world.

Soon to be dowager Mother and ABI Brother appeared, Mother shaking like she had St Vitus Dance. The neighbours from across the road came back. Mother and the male neighbour embraced and cried. His wife works in aged care and no doubt has seen it all before and was a little more stoic. They stayed for a good while as we mostly paused our efforts and Mother held court. Sister told Mother we are just as sick of hearing about your hospital stay, medical problems and your moaning about your Best Friend Forever as you were with your hospital stay. Of course Mother ignored her and on she went.

Ex Sis in Law's daughter, her partner and a mate were there all day Sunday filling an eight metre skip and a four metre skip has been ordered for tomorrow for them to fill. I gave Ex Sis in Law's to be son in law my credit card details to pay for it all. I hope it is not a case of famous last words, I trust him.

Another council collection will be ordered for collection of two clothes dryers and the washing machine. R and I will make a final cleanup and that will be that.

R was concerned Mother would become emotional and she was when the neighbours came across, but she wasn't at all about the house she lived in for 55 years. Tradie Brother took her for a walk around the back garden for the final time. Hippie Niece was in the tool shed as I tried to find a tool to unbolt a bed and she was looking at some of late Step Father's budgerigar prize certificates and she burst into tears.

Bone Doctor found a ladder somewhere and looked into the ceiling space to see if that was where late Step Father put her confiscated skate board after she broke her ankle, but it was not to be found.

While I never lived there, it is a house full of memories that seems to be beyond the physical building. In three weeks, it will belong to someone else. 

Once settled, Mother can repay her children for the cost of rewiring the house just three years ago and the new side fence two years ago. I told R I will buy him a new phone.

I'll try to leave you with a laugh. Ex Sis in Law's son in law to be, about 21 and quite attractive came face to face with a resident possum when he was clearing Mother's garage. He ran out of the garage with shrieks that could be heard kilometres away. I have seen him behave very girlie when he has had a drink or two.


Sunday, January 31, 2021

Sunday Seclections

Joining in with Elephant's Child and River often joins in along with others.

Textures, colours, surfaces, there is quite a variety at the rear of the main Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology buildings. 

Lime electric bikes have arrived in Melbourne. Lime was in Auckland, then banned and now reinstated. It may have been electric scooters in Auckland rather than electric bikes.

Smoking inside commercial premises was banned in the 1980s. Why are there still these signs? Everyone knows you can't smoke inside and your outside options can be limited too and I would guess overseas travellers would even pick up that no one smokes indoors in Australia. Perhaps outside needs some explaining.

Most car and tram crashes are caused by cars attempting an illegal U turn in front of trams. To the right of the cars is a tram track and hello, you need to check your mirror to see if a tram is thundering along the tracks.

A wharf just east of Queensbridge Street I had never noticed before. In the mid ground is the old St Kilda and Port Melbourne railway bridge. The silver sculptures imperceptibly to me, move back and forth across the bridge.

Queensbridge for car, tram and bus traffic.

Vaults on the river where fresh produce was once stored. They are called the Banana Alley Vaults.

You can pump your bike tyres up at Southbank Promenade, a shared space for cyclists and pedestrians with winners and losers.

Not only can you pump your tyres up, you can repair your bicycle with these pull down tools. I don't know what each tool does but how good is that.