Friday, May 07, 2021

Funny Friday, or just a stupid politician

City of Yarra covers the inner eastern area of Melbourne. It actually has a socialist as a local council member, quell horreur. 

Gas is used for cooking and heating in Victoria. Gas fired central heating is dusty and while effective enough, I find it makes me sleepy. It no longer the cheap energy it once was and has become less popular. Electric heating is more economical. Australia exports natural gas to the world which buys it cheaper than domestic consumers here pay. I don't think Australians love gas too much, although it is not bad for cooktops. Most ovens I think are electric.

City of Yarra wants to phase out new gas connections and why not? Green generated electric is better and generally cheaper with our climate and poorly insulated homes.

Our state conservative party's leader one Michael O'Brien thought there might be some political capital in this and Tweeted;

Talk about stupid political point scoring. Firstly barbeques use LPG not natural gas as is used in homes for cooking, heating and hot water, so the barbeque angle is irrelevant. No one is going to arrive in the dead of night shut off the family gas tap. How can you have respect for any politician who says such ridiculous things. Note the 'cold dead hand' quote steal from the US National Rifle Association. O'Brien made himself look rather stupid. Tosser!

Labor and the Greens want to ban gas appliances - like your BBQ - to meet climate targets. They can have my BBQ tongs when they pry them from my cold dead hand! BBQs aren’t a “luxury” - no matter what the Greens say. Tell Labor and the Greens to keep their hands off our BBQs!


  1. Sadly some of the people he was talking to/shouting at will have forgotten that BBQs are fired by LPG. I am very tired of point scoring for point scorings sake, and hope that he has shot himself firmly in the foot.

    1. Actually it is possible to have a BBQ run on natural gas if you have an outdoor bayonet fitting.

      I'm pretty sure the ACT (which I don't think got plumbed gas until the natural gas pipeline went through in the early eighties) has already stopped any new developments with gas.

  2. OH brother, such contrived drama.

  3. How can you have respect for any politician who says such ridiculous things - everywhere it is the same story.

  4. All I can say is: Amen!

  5. Good gracious. It's like the GOP saying Biden wants to take away your hamburger.

  6. Its A Head Shaker - Like Why - Anyway, You Two Enjoy Your Weekend


  7. I prefer gas over electric for cooking and I'd happily pay the extra cost if only I could have it. All cooktops and stoves here are electric and even after almost ten years I still hate it. You can't get the instant temperature reduction when things have come to the boil and you need to turn it down to simmer, cooling an electric hotplate takes at least ten minutes.
    I know "they" want us all to do away with gas, but I'm not at all happy about it, even knowing the reasons why.

  8. How come you lot spell Labour without the 'u'? Very American, or maybe just very Astralian.

  9. Didn't know about those people wanting to get rid of gas.
    We don't have gas but do for our barbecue - there is only one area that I'm aware of in my city that uses natural gas.

  10. So to top it off he can't even spell! We don't spell Labour without the 'u', quelle horreur!

  11. Michael O'Brien is a dingbat. I don't even eat red meat or BBQs, but I would still oppose him. I use gas for the oven and stove, and couldn't do without it.

    But that misses the main point. If he wants to save energy and keep the globe green, then get rid of petrol cars, petrol buses and squillions of plane flights (after Covid, I mean).

  12. Where I live, everything is electric, but there are still some places that tenants have to pay for gas to use their stoves. Our grill is one of those that can be gas or charcoal. So I've never actually used gas products before. Hope you have an amazing weekend Awesome Andrew! Hugs, RO

  13. The thing that frustrates me the most here is that we've got stupid politicians saying the most outrageously stupid things...and I'm watching stupid people all around me nodding their heads in agreement.

  14. I always loved cooking with gas but alas haven't done so in years. These pols will fixate on any invented drama to get some attention and have their knuckle-dragging followers bay in response.


  15. The catch to using electricity is that much of it is still generated by coal or gas . . .
    But still, politicians are far too eager to score cheap points with stupidity :)