Saturday, November 21, 2020

ISO walking post #1013

These photos were taken I think in September. I have a photo backlog. I am now thoroughly bored with ISO walks in South Yarra. I have seen it all now. I must travel further afield. 

Maybe this in an entrance to St Martin's Theatre?

A vacant block in South Yarra is worth a lot of money. Sorry you can't really see the picture. It is a naked bearded or masked man (settle down John Gray of Wales) in a boat and he is armed with a pitch fork with sea creatures swimming around. Perfectly clear to me. What? You don't get it?

I doubt these are still mews.

Attached to a rather nice  house.

I still love the ISO walk figures.

She is pretty. Oh so pretty and witty and gay. It is a rather good photo, if I do say so myself.

What a curious house facing a laneway. I would guess originally it had a clear view to the lane.

At the back of it, or is that the front, there is another house.

Solar powered protection against thieves at this home building site.

Friday, November 20, 2020

Friday Funnies

 A few things that may amuse you and put you in a happy frame of mind for the weekend.

Our State Premier is reasonably young and this doctored photo is past its use by date now as we are unlocked. Yet is was like that. Two weeks extended to a month to two months etc.

Oh yes, your digital footprint will stay forever.

Not save the whale, but saved by the whale. Did an elderly Dutch train driver mistook the accelerator pedal for the brake pedal?

Has he gone yet?

Flown the Coop

 Melbourne's peregrine falcons fledged on Friday 13th local time. While I was away, it was early in the morning so I would not have seen it anyway.

Here is a link to see two of them launching themselves into the unknown. The third I believe was a short time later but the camera did not capture it. It is quite good to watch all of the little over the five minutes of them working themselves up to 'just do it' but you can cut to bird 1 take off at 2:35 and bird 2 at 5:10 although in real time it was over and hour apart.

I can't remember if it was broadcast on YouTube previous years. Perhaps I missed it, but the addition of the chat facility where people from all over the world were chatting about the wonder of nature and the whole process from the falcons arriving, the laying of the eggs (I saw the second egg laid live), the hatching and finally them flying away. 

Of course the chat has to be monitored and as well as thanking whoever puts the cameras up and monitors, thanks to the moderators who control the chat. The chat rules are common sense, but they seem to be breached often enough. Emoticons are limited to five per comment, four too many in my opinion, the comments must be polite and respectful and while they can be friendly without being relevant to the birds,  generally they need to stay on topic. Of course a number of spammers attack, along with those trying to shove religion down our throats but generally the chat has been very convivial and with a world wide audience, every significant event to be seen was noted with the time.

What I found amazing was how strong bird instincts are. The parents knew when to warm the eggs and chicks, when to shade them by spreading out their wings over them, to feeding each fairly. Best of all the chicks knew when they were ready to fly. Ain't nature just grand.

Later edit: Below is a still taken from the video as chick 2 launched herself. The link to the video is at the top.

Thursday, November 19, 2020

The Good Doctor Fauci

 US Doctor Anthony Fauci cut his teeth on HIV in the 1990s for which he earnt great respect. While #45 has sacked so many people, even the megalomaniac has not been game to sack Fauci, although he has clearly disagreed with him. Fauci has been a medical advisor to successive US Presidents and is a very respected person. He is the go to person for anything like a world wide disease such as bird flu, swine flu and Ebola.

I was surprised to learn that of the nearly 800,000 deaths in the US from AIDS, the vast majority were gay black and Latino men. Ha, I only ever saw gay white men dying from AIDS.

I picked this up from the radio. Fauci worked out a plan in the early 2000s to deal with a pandemic, one very like that of which we have successfully dealt with COVID in Australia. George Double U took the plan seriously and funded it, along with associated funding for the Centre of Disease Control. Obama ran with the baton.

Just as the COVID pandemic was exploding, #45 cut funding and dismantled. Had the US government and #45 listened to what Fauci said earlier this year and kept systems in place, the US would be in a far better place now. The stats coming from the US are horrific and #45 should be charged with criminal neglect by the United Nations. To use the American vernacular, Trump is an asshole.

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

A trip to Torquay

Fortunately not the Torquay of Fawlty Towers fame. Our cabin was spacious but there were things that weren't right. Kitchen, no cutting board, no large sharp knife, no scissors and one tea towel for four days of dishes. I expect we could have asked for all but we behave like the Englishmen and just whine later.

No tissues in the bathroom. An overhead cupboard near the toilet upon which both R and myself banged our heads. We warned Jo.

One double bed in one bedroom was made up. My bedding was in a sealed pack and I had to make my bed myself. Two people book a two bedroom cabin and it is thought that one bedroom won't be used? Jo stayed with us one night and slept in the bunk above my double bed. She said she didn't hear me snoring, which is not to say I didn't. We opened another bedding pack, which cost $20.

Otherwise, while clean and comfortable, it was very dated. Ex Sis in Law and her husband had a smaller cabin, but it was better appointed. Hippie Niece, her new beau and the twins had the same. 

The park facilities are good, although the roads are not asphalted and can be dusty.

It was a crazy four days. At our Sunday barbeque there was around 18 family members plus a friend of ours. For the first time all nieces, nephew, their partners, great nieces and great nephew were together.  

On the way to Torquay we called in on a friend from the country who was staying in a Geelong caravan park on the Barwon River.

On Sunday Bone Doctor auditioned for the tv show Hard Quiz in Melbourne and then captained a cricket match so we drove Jo home and the holiday traffic was horrendous. Our friend staying in Geelong who joined us for the barbeque also came with us to deliver Jo home. The cats are now one year old and we haven't been there since they were bought and it was nice to see Fuzzy Cocoa, their dog who is looking older.

R, Ex Sis in Law and myself also met up with late step father's granddaughter who lives in South Africa but is now stuck in Australia as she fled Indonesia as per COVID advice. She can't return to Cape Town and she hasn't seen her partner for nine months who is stuck in the Middle East. Sister asked if she is the posh one, and oh yes, she is, but quite warm and lovely.

Hippie Niece's new partner came to Australia at the age of 18 and is now about 34. He has one of those real baby faces and seems like a nice enough fellah. He was with his first wife for three years and she was bi polar, as is Hippie Niece, so he knows what he is dealing with. The café latte twins adore him.

I was the only one who sat at the dining table while I kept an eye on what my blog mates were posting, even if I didn't comment.

R and I took a drive to a couple of easy viewing spots. 

I decided this was for video cameras to be level and film surfing competitions. There was more than one.

WWI and WWII memorial. 

Looking to where we were earlier.

ANZAC is Australian and New Zealand Army Corp. Flowers still looking good after Remembrance Day on the eleventh of the eleventh. 

Prevailing southerly winds shape the trees. 

A text message arrived from the park. Please stay COVID safe as the press will be here today and it took place for a couple of hours, all for a rather poor photo and a couple of lines in the local Murdoch rag. My photos are better. Ha, as if the mixed marriage couple would get a gig. While it galled me, I bought the Sunday paper for $3 and I showed the photo to the black bloke next door to us. He just laughed and said 'great man' in a wonderful accent.

It shouldn't be the case that I feel pleased various family members came and went from our cabin, thus perhaps proving we were not two old pedos on the hunt for kiddies in the caravan park. I shouldn't think like that, but we did have an experience on the New South Wales south coast where we felt like that.

Monday morning, the day of our return to home, we were both woken by shocking wind and it wasn't of the kind that a normal personal act of nature can fix. It just became worse and worse, and as we returned home there were many tree branches down. Here is 14 second video of the tree opposite our cabin.

Tuesday, November 17, 2020


 The President of France gets stuck into media. That the Financial Times retracts is significant. If Islamic countries are protesting, and the French approve of blaspheming means Macron must be doing something right.

By all means blaspheme these false gods. You and humanity is your only god.

The President also criticised the Financial Times for publishing a piece titled "Macron's war on 'Islamic separatism' only divides France further".

The paper later retracted the article, citing factual errors.

His defence of secularism and the right to blaspheme has won him plaudits back home but has triggered protests across Islamic countries.

Bye bye #45

 Has #45 in the US finally realised the truth that he has lost the Presidential Election? There is some rather interesting information out there about his Scottish golf course and the refuelling of US Airforce planes. Why pay retail in Scotland when you can pay tax free in Europe? The Scottish Greens are stirring up First Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon over #45's golf course.

Meanwhile no matter how outrageous #45 has been, #44 and #43 have stayed rather silent. Maybe #44 can't get media interested but I doubt that. But then suddenly #44 is back on the media circuit!

Ah, #44 Obama has a book to sell. Is it called My Disappointing Term as President of the US?

Still, no president has been as bad as #45, though I'll kind of miss his madness.

Meanwhile back in Australia while I have no problem with who sleeps with whom, be it politicians or not, if you stand on a platform of being a pro family man and a Christian and all that it is read into that, then have intimate relations with staff who you have power over, that sucks big time. Ah, you were also anti gay marriage too. Are you reading this Ministers Tudge and the drunkard womaniser Christian Porter, the latter a not so fine example of a Christian. But he is such a great Family Values Man. Despicable!

Crooks, liars, thieves and charlatans.