Friday, October 02, 2020

Laugh or cry. The choice is yours

 In the light of today's news, it was just as well Biden was wearing a mask during the debate.

Trump mocks Biden for wearing a mask

Friday Funny

Last Sunday was not a good day for me. Just depression about COVID around the world and wanting to get out and roam but we can't. This cheered me up no end and made me laugh. Thanks ABC and go Raf with your great dancing. 

Ok, this is very local to Melbourne. They are all ABC Melbourne radio presenters. There is a bit of a back story to Sammy J and Trigger Trioli having a dance off. I wake up to Sammy J at 6.55 and listen to Trigger Trioli from 8.30. Once she has finished, I don't listen much more to radio, although I am familiar with all the presenters. You folk interstate may know some of the presenters.

The presenters are in order of the day, with the weekend morning presenter Libbi Gorr included dancing at our major city intersection where you would normally see hundreds of cars and people never mind trams. The sports broadcasters Coodabeen Champions were included too.

It is all set to Marcia Hines' recording of Disco Inferno. Gosh she looks so young but she is.......67. I hope I look as good as her when I reach 67. Oh, I don't already. 

Thursday, October 01, 2020

A long wait

 Have you heard of Etsy? It has featured heavily on the couple of cruise ships we have sailed on and I had no idea what it was aside from jewellery sales, and that women liked perusing what was on offer and men were not at all interested.

In a round about way I have found out what it is.

I ordered online a new mouse mat featuring a map of London's Tube map from a company called Zazzle. I had no idea what that company was about either. Weeks later, it had not appeared in our mail box. The company will follow up non delivery after 18 business days and due I suppose to time differences I miscalculated and contacted them after 17 business days about non delivery. A quick reply told me to contact them again after 18 days. I waited a week longer and contacted the exotically named Gustavo again and he replied that the product would be remade and resent. Of course, the very next day a delivery arrived with the mouse mat so I informed the increasingly interesting and exotic Gustavo that the mouse mat had arrived. Ok, my imagination about Gustavo was working overtime. 

So both Etsy and Zazzle offer personally produced products made to order or just bought from a display. That's not bad is it and Zazzle being located in Reno, Nevada and with the lack of international flights, I no complain.

It is a seriously good mouse mat and I hope the map doesn't fade. It doesn't show the Docklands Light Rail, DLR, and I wonder how old the map is?

Wednesday, September 30, 2020

The longest tram route in the world

 Or street car if you like.

At 67 kilometres long, 42 miles, the longest tram route in the world runs along coastal Flanders in Belgium, often within sight of the sea and I am sure it would be a pretty trip.

Link to the video in case the above doesn't work. You only need to watch a few seconds to get the idea. I can't upload it as a direct Youtube video as I have to reduce its size first or it will spill over into my sidebar. 

To use public transport speak, minor delays were experienced on the line Friday night and Saturday due to external weather events. Photo by JH Renard

Wombat Wednesday

 Probably a one off and you know how I love alliteration as per the headline. Our wombat eats grass and other plant material. It is one of our marsupials, meaning when its very immature young are born they move to a pouch to develop into kiddie wombats. 

Generally our marsupials have an upward facing pouch but as wombats live in ground burrows they dig themselves, imagine what would happen to a forward facing pouch as a wombat clawed away at the earth and threw the soil backwards. So as you can see from this video taken by Sarah Leighton, the wombat's pouch faces backwards. What a wonder is evolution! 


Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Town Hall Tuesday, with a difference

All our levels of government, Federal, State and local councils are similar and report donations after elections. 

We are soon to have local government elections and I just do not like not knowing before I vote about who has donated, never mind that more than one person with mates for the the same cause could donate in multiple amounts of $500 and it would not be reported. 

While City of Melbourne is not my local council, a former Melbourne Lord Mayor received huge donations from the very property developer that built where we live. Are you surprised that the company received approval for a forest of apartment towers at Southbank? I am not saying anything lest I be sued, but it is not a good look. 

This is a very messy business and be it trade unions, big business, small business or save the Dalai Lama Whale, donations are about influence in politics by people or organisations who can afford to, and to get favourable results once the person in elected. I can't afford to donate to influence and nor can you. It needs to stop. Now.

Crooks, liars, thieves and charlatans!

This from either the Victorian Electoral Commission which will conduct the local council elections, or City of Port Phillip. I can't remember now. 

Within 40 days of Election Day, all candidates must submit to Council’s Chief Executive Officer an Election Campaign Donation Return. This will provide details of any gifts, goods or services worth $500 or more received during the donation period for use in connection with their election campaign. This applies to all candidates, whether elected or not, and whether they received campaign donations or not.

Monday, September 28, 2020

Monday Mural

 Not much of a mural really. I am fast running out. 

Young Henrys is a business and described on its website as being "a group of passionate brewers, distillers (care for a little gin, Marie?) musicians and artists, united for the love of good beer".

The sign Commit No Nuisance is not placed by authorities but someone having a laugh. There are others around inner Melbourne. I think the mural was in a lane off Johnston Street, Fitzroy. 

Sunday, September 27, 2020

Sunday Selections

 Joining in with Elephant's Child for Sunday Selections. 

I am having a pretty final clean out of long saved photos in my Blog4Post folder, but I have a some new photos up my sleeve. Consequently these are quite random.

Not such a bad treatment of an old building being repurposed. Maybe in Latrobe Street It's in A'Beckett in the city. Go West? We can, for 5 kilometres and no more and then only for essential reasons.

The Practice of Reading Fortunes. Your guess is probably better than mine.

I was worried this house would be lost, but it wasn't and looks very nice now.

World Cola? What does that mean? The sign was painted back in the day when Melbourne had six digit phone numbers and not our current eight. There will be no need for nine, as people ditch their landlines.

A terrace of houses in South Yarra, as opposed to a terrace house.

A new apartment building opened earlier this year. It has an interesting cafe on the ground floor that has never opened because of COVID. This light sculpture is in the foyer of the apartment building.

To give you some perspective.

The Royce Hotel is an interesting building and I cannot put an architectural style name to it. It was once a Rolls Royce car dealership and I remember petrol bowsers right on the street in front of the car showroom. Our friend who lives in the mythical Larriken's End stayed there once.  

Nice, just before it peaked.