Saturday, September 26, 2020

Who is this handsome young man?

I would guess this photo was taken in 1930.

Harping on about the new washing mahine

 I will do it formally at the right place but Appliances Online was terrific. 3pm I ordered the machine. Just before 11am the next day it was delivered by handsome Indian and Asian guys, so far as I could tell under their masks. I remarked to them them in the lift that the dryer was 23 years old. Rephrasing, haha one said. That is my age. Me too said the other. They are as old as our clothes dryer! How does that work?

They were pleasant, helpful and polite. 

I think my Tradie Brother once gave us some patching plaster to fill holes and it was better than any Selleys product, but hardware stores are closed at the moment so the holes will have to wait to be filled.

The new machine is as I expected. I had educated myself on them well. I have fluffed up towels that did not fluff up and one load of washing to hang up and another to use the drying facility and I am not sure if after 1.5 hours they are really dry. 

No more washing machine talk from hereon in. The stick vacuum cleaner won't fit anymore but at least its charging system will.

Old clothes dryer brackets at the top and hand held vac that hasn't been used for years on right. We can't do much about the galvanised iron dryer exhaust except for sealing it with cling wrap and a rubber band. We will put up some floating shelves, as soon as R tells me what that actually are.

Friday, September 25, 2020

ISO Walking in Fawkner Park

Isn't this so nice. I wonder if it has grown since I took the photo. Busy day Friday with weekly shopping. R goes to Aldi and I go Dan Murphy's and Woolworths so we don't break rules about shopping together. We have coffee together and buy some food to take home. I think tomorrow it will be the famous South Melbourne Market dim sims.   The new washing machine will arrive but maybe I will get out for an ISO walk in the afternoon and see if the spoons have grown. 

Thursday, September 24, 2020

A smart new white appliance?

 Oh gosh. I said something wrong, apparently putting R down and he exploded. We were talking about a new washing machines and combined dryer and we have decided we will go down this path. I expect he will be ok in the morning. We can't have no speakies for a week when under COVID threat and restrictions. 

Better I keep my mouth shut tonight as nothing I will say will be right.

We've been looking online at retail stores that are closed but may open next Monday. We don't know. You can still choose an appliance online and have it delivered. While I will always want to personally shop for clothes and many other things, I think the model of retail stores for electrical appliances is about to be broken. This is why, a copy of the email I sent R.

"Good call, Appliances Online.

About $200 cheaper for the smaller Samsung washer/dryer than at Good Guys. It receives a recommendation by Choice.

Free next day delivery.

Free removal of the old appliances so long as disconnected. That means taking the old dryer off the wall and disconnecting the washing machine and draining the hoses.

They try to catch you with an extended warranty but I noted it and unchecked the box.

What do you think?

Someone recommended Meile to me for high quality and longevity, but they are quite expensive and given front loaders and the combo machines are new to us, I am happy to spend less to make sure it works for us and upgrade later if necessary."

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

21 years later

 It seems the blowing mechanism in our clothes dryer has failed at a very inconvenient time when all electrical retail outlets are closed. It is 22 years old and so that is not too bad, although we have replaced a belt and the door hinge. It is still useable but cuts outs as it overheats. I found that by putting it on the warm setting it will keep going. I finish off drying towels in the dryer along with drying socks and jocks and bedding. I expect in normal times we may go to the spare parts place in Murrumbeena and fix it ourselves, but truth be told and lock down aside, we are getting a bit old to taking down clothes dryers from walls, taking them apart and repairing them. 

Our washing machine is 15 years old, probably past its service life too, although there is nothing wrong with it.

The clothes dryer is back vented to the outside and trying to replace it for like for like is impossible. It has its own wall mounted supports and we could never find similar. I believe now that heating element rotating dryers don't blow out dust and lint as they used to.

So what we want is a stackable front loading set of washing machine with a short cycle as our clothes don't get very dirty a and clothes dryer to sit on top. Recommendations? 

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Town Hall Tuesday

While I can't get out and about as normal to take photos, I do have this one from earlier days of my blog, Richmond Town Hall.

Council amalgamations saw the City of Richmond absorbed into the City of Yarra

The Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung are the traditional owners of the land and it was settled by white folk very early in Melbourne's history with its heavy industrial and polluting river flats, where my paternal grandfather grew up, its former slums now replaced often problematical high rise social housing, and its posh part on Richmond Hill. 

Many Vietnamese and other South East Asians live in the state government high rises and while they are seen mostly in Victoria Street, along with drug dealers operating openingly, local and visiting white people like us, all seem to coalesce and not bother each other.

Anyway Richmond Town Hall is not in Victoria Street but in Bridge Road, with two tram routes travelling along the very wide street past the town hall.

Wikipedia tells me that the original town hall was built in the 1890s in the Venetian Gothic Revival style (don't ask me) but in the 1930s was remodelled with Art Deco features. As you can see at the rear, some of the original remains.

It's quite a nice building and an appropriately important town hall.

Not so great but here is a photo in its earlier guise, followed by my photo taken a few years ago. If you click on my photo, it comes out at not a bad size. I wonder how many cameras ago I took the photo.

Monday, September 21, 2020


 It is quite clear that #45 has upped the ante with China, no doubt thinking it will go down well with the 'basket of deplorables' as Hillary Clinton described them. That did her no favours at all, no matter whether true or not. You only have to hear Trump bang on about 'The China Virus' to know what he is up to.

I do not know why China is so cross with Australia, and if it trying to be well thought of by Australians, it is failing completely with bans on importing some of our products, ceasing government to government contact, booting out two respected Australian journalists, leaving us with no media within the country at all to report from China. If it is about Australia banning Huawei from supplying our 5G network because of the possibility of spyware being installed, it seems an overreaction. 

Another Chinese Australian journalist who is a presenter on Chinese tv has been detained for some time and it is not known where.

All very odd. It is like anti public relations by China. The Chinese government wants we in Australia to dislike it? 

With China having the best media monitors in the world, I suggest you refrain from a negative comment about China if you intend travelling there or to or via Hong Kong...…..and maybe even Taiwan. I certainly won't be going to either place. Good public relations China? I think not.

Please Melburnians

Yesterday there was one new locally acquired COVID infection in our largest state of New South Wales. As far as I know there weren't any other infections aside from quarantined returning overseas travellers. 

My state of five million people had some very serious COVID infection rates, to the point where it was becoming nearly impossible for contact tracers to keep up. When we reached a figure of over 700 we were severely locked down and in the greater Melbourne area we are at least for another week. However the good news is that today's figure was 14 new infections but still a sad number of some five deaths. Nine of yesterday's new infections were from households who broke the law by socialising and travelling further than the five kilometre limit. Shame on them.

The weather has been very pleasant this weekend and as Our Friend in Japan told us, wearing masks in warmer weather can be rather unpleasant and she wasn't wrong. 

It was so disappointing to see so many people out and about with masks lowered below their noses and at times their mouths and even the odd one not wearing one at all. There was a stunning looking young man in our building's foyer when I went out for today's ISO walk and only later I twigged I would not have known that had he been wearing a mask. One resident, the husband of an Owners' Corporation committee member, is a COVID denier and she published on our building's website that she disassociated herself from his views and was not responsible for him not wearing a mask within the building. What a tosser!

I implore the people of my city and state of Victoria, stay the course as directed by our Chief Medical Officer and our state government. We don't want to go through this lock down again and if you don't behave, we will.

Sunday, September 20, 2020

Sunday Selections

Joining in with Elephant's Child and others for Sunday Selections. This week it is fully flora focused. 

A cherry blossom. 

This interested me. It was the same plant but in different colours. Maybe called firecracker something.

Boring English lavender but I love it, and the bees buzzing around.

Given how severely this azalea hedge is trimmed, it hasn't done badly at all with flowers. Azalea Indica? 

Jacaranda trees lose their foliage very late in the year. I am not sure if in all climates they lose their leaves. It will still be a while before these leaves drop, even though we are weeks into spring and deciduous trees are coming into leaf.

I know these as vallota lilies, but I am not sure if I am correct with either names.

Rhododendrons are ablaze. Pity about the poor photo.

More vallotas. 

Bird of Paradise. I have forgotten the proper name.

Enough vallotas.

A rather nice ground cover and Plant Snap identified it as......well, I can't remember now.

Later edit: The flowers I named as Vallotas are actually Clivea.