Friday, July 24, 2020

Speaking of discrimination

Various tv shows have been pulled because although they were made at a certain time, they are considered racist. I am not sure about removing them from public viewing but what could be worse than the ever so funny English tv show Love Thy Neighbour. You can find clips on Youtube where Eddie calls his black neighbour a nig nog or a darkie. But maybe it wasn't so bad as it may seem. The 'darkie' was smarter than Eddie and always came out on top. They were drinking mates, trading insults. He was certainly much nice looking than Eddie.

While this link takes you to an earlier time, it is good that the history is on recent records. My goodness, doesn't Dame Barbara Castle look like a piece of work.

A Gay Day

Just a quickie. I don't really know if I sound gay, and while I speak a little strangely with a curious accent, I don't have the classic gay voice that can cut through 100 decibel music on a dance floor. I've mentioned him before and no need to say who it is again but there is an ABC TV reporter who doesn't hide that he is gay and does have the classic gay (we used to call it faggy) voice. This is a manner of speaking whereby you can straight away know someone is gay.

His reporting is good, and was especially good during our terrible fires early this year and his voice and diction are crystal clear.

After ten years of not reading gay media, I have started doing so again online. Here are some links to stories I found interesting, the first being the inspiration for this short post.

Disturbing but a good result.

Go girlfriend. She didn't pay a 1 million dollar fine imposed by Russia.

Gay men are always so nice and kind. Nah, not always. Aside from bitchy queens, some are just nasty pieces of work.

And if that is not enough reading for you, try the post by John Gray of Wales about unkind comments when he wrote a quite positive post. It really is hard for straight people to understand what lives were like for gay men of my age and older. I was lucky that I worked in a job with much diversity and I didn't have family or cultural problems, but still, I remember the culture in my early life that made me feel bad about myself. Ok, this is a proper post, not a quickie.

Thursday, July 23, 2020


Local comedian Denise Scott's son and daughter in law live in Nashville in the US. They produce music and are doing so while locked down by their own choosing. They are fearful about being out and about among COVID careless people.

Now, to the matter of 3 year warranty that wasn't asked for on the tv headphones. We visited the store to get our credit, but no. It was explained thus. The retail price was $150 and the salesman gave you a $20 discount, and then a further $30 discount to $100 which was not a real discount because a $30 3 year warranty that was added. Had you declined the the 3 year warranty, the price of the headphones would have been $130, which is what you paid but you get a three year warranty thrown in.

 I hope that is clear. We are not unhappy but it should have been explained to us at the time.

Today is mask up day here today. It will be interesting to see how it pans out. We have been masking on and off for a few days.

I will visit Mother after three weeks of not doing so. There are things about he home sale that need to be sorted out, which is what I will tell the police if I am pulled over and asked to explain my travel. I've already told her I won't be taking her to the shops.

All so serious. How about a contented cat video? Give it time.

Wednesday, July 22, 2020


I found it disturbing that Indonesian women are dying from undiscovered cervical cancer because they are not well educated about cancer and are embarrassed by the thought of male doctors examining them and having PAP smears. Humanity has to realise that as an adult none of their body parts are special or taboo.

Sister masks up when in close contact with her students but when in front of the class, unmasks. She leaves the classroom door open to make sure air is circulating and some boys have complained that they are cold. Put warm clothes on, she told them.

Mother's house has been sold. AU$100,000 less than was suggested by the real estate agent and they always overestimate the price. It was sold for a price we all thought was fair. What is Mother going to do with over half a million dollars? I've no idea and I've done enough hard work with the sale. She can seek professional advice.

Coincidentally when both us and she were out exercising, we ran into our Hairdresser Friend who is just back from six weeks with her elderly mother. The time was supposed to be half that but our friend discovered her mother's carer was not being careful about COVID and the carers grandchildren lived in a Melbourne hotspot and they had been visiting. We chatted with her for an hour but it was so cold, I was shivering and then a brief shower came through. It was so nice to talk to someone after so long. Legal? Not legal?

It never rains but pours. Later my former gay workmate messaged me and he was early on his way to an appointment in the city on a tram and asked if I wanted to come down to the tram stop below for a chat. I did, and that was nice too. No social contact for a couple of weeks and then twice in one day. Legal? Not legal?

We had bought new headphones for R's bedroom tv. There was static and popping noises. He was not happy with them. Irrationally rather than getting the company to sort out problems, three days later we went to Good Guys. They had a set that looked ok. The salesman was smoking hot, not that he influenced our decision to buy them. The quoted price of $150 dropped to $130 when we paid. We were so happy.

Once home and we looked at the receipt, it had been loaded by $30 for a three year warranty. There is always a one year warranty on goods here, and you can argue over compensation if a product fails within a reasonable period longer than one year. We never buy extended warranties, so why is it showing on the bill? I really like Good Guys, but this salesperson loaded us with an extended warranty without asking us. I suggest that the quoted price of $150 was a top retail price and the salesman thought we would be so happy at paying $20 less, we wouldn't query or check the receipt. We did, and I called on the phone and while we have to visit the store again, we will be refunded $30. Further, the headphones cost half that of the defective set and work really well.

But can we afford to throw away $200 on the better quality but defective earphones from JB Hi-Fi? No. While he wasn't keen as he becomes embarrassed in such situations, and I do too really, I was determined to return the defective headphones and receive a refund. While R asked me to do the talking, he ended up doing it himself and after half an hour of to-ing and fro-ing, the $200 was back in his bank account.

At the end of day, well done to both JB Hi-Fi and The Good Guys for good customer service, but when we return to Good Guys and the same salesman is there, I will say something to him.

Much more to say, but this is surely enough in one hit. Thanks for reading.

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Town Hall Tuesday

While I can't get out and about much, I had taken photos of Fitzroy Town Hall earlier and published them in 2009. The photos make it clear the camera quality wasn't as good back then, probably three cameras ago.

Council amalgamations saw the City of Fitzroy become part of the City of Yarra in 1994. The original town hall was designed by William J. Ellis and built in 1873. Between 1887 and 1890 it was extended, a police station and court house added and the existing tower removed and replaced by the current clock tower.

As most other inner suburban town halls it is close to the street with little setback. A couple of you have suggested in the past this makes it less imposing and more accessible to the general public, and I agree, although I do like the set back of St Kilda Town Hall.

The building is now used for municipal office space and as a public library. Sorry about chopping the top and tall flagpole off.

Rear view.

Monday, July 20, 2020

Monday Mural

Fortunately I have a little store of photos to use until lock down ends although this was taken during Lock Down Mark I.

This one is on the side of Coles Supermarket in Coventry Street, South Melbourne. It is a rather classy mural and I hope you can read in between "#social distancing".

There is a web address on the mural, but that redirects my browser to presumably the artist, . If you click on Mural tab, you will see the work called Making of Adam.

I had to do some inventive cropping to rid the photo of a road works witches hat and other ugly bits. So what do you think of Brigitte's work? Thumbs up or down?

Sunday, July 19, 2020

More commerce in a residential area

Remember how I came across an old sign indicating a building in the residential are of Milswyn Street in South Yarra had once been a chemist? And of course then the Wimmera Bakery.

Here is a plaque on the front of the Wimmera Bakery building I discovered during another ISO walk. The last part which you won't be able to read says, "Architect: Norman Hitchcock, 1836 - 1899. His legacy of 100 ornate buildings from Brunswick to Toorak are wonderful examples of late nineteenth century bourgeois tastes".

St Martins Youth Theatre has been around for as long as I can remember and most of its properties are in St Martins Lane, South Yarra. While we have never attended a production, we really should as it has an excellent reputation and young performers should really be encouraged. Of course its operations have been suspended for obvious reasons. Opposite St Martins is this building, very commercial looking.

Sure enough. On the side it says Motor Engineers, Panels and then something else which I can't read in the photo. I'd better have another ISO walk along St Martins Lane to see what the last word is. I am rather amazed to discover there was so much commerce in a now very expensive residential enclave. 

Later edit: The sign says Motor Engineers (and) Panel Beaters.