Saturday, June 27, 2020

Got to feel sorry for Antony Hampel

The poor bloke lived just down the road from us in the upmarket apartment building Balencia. His heavily medicated partner Phoebe Handsjuk managed to commit suicide by inserting herself feet first into a bin chute and going all the way down the chute to where one of her feet were macerated by the grinder at the bottom and she died from blood loss. I can't imagine how I could get feet first into a bin chute, but there you go. I can certainly think of better ways to commit suicide.

Coinciding with Phoebe's death, the building's CCTV was wiped, along with the building entry and exit records but I am sure that is not really relevant. The police on the scene did not seize phones and computers. Do you think they should have? As the son of very high up legal people, maybe police exercised great caution.

Phoebe's grandfather, a former policeman, studied chute distances and angles and to say the least, he found it near impossible that she could have suicided in that manner.

I don't know much about legal stuffs, but in spite of Phoebe leaving no fingerprints on the bin chute and many other extraordinary matters, the coroner found her death was by misadventure, that is she climbed into the bin chute herself. I think the coroner erred in that it should have been an open case, not a decided case, but then I am not a legal person.

Poor Ant to lose his partner like that. It must have been a bad time for him, in spite of his wealth and being a son of Supreme Court Judge George Hampel and step son of Victoria's County Court Judge Felicity Hampel.

But even worse for poor Ant, his next girlfriend also seems to have committed suicide. Baillee Schneider was found with a cord around her neck and had presumably hung herself, although there weren't any hanging points where she was found. Her parents popped out for a short time for grocery shopping and returned to find their daughter they left chatting on her phone while lying on a couch to be dead. The coroner has yet to reach a verdict about Balliee.

You really have to feel sorry for all involved, especially Antony Hampel.

Friday, June 26, 2020

My Aspirations

While with a glass of wine in my hand before dinner, I came to a very satisfying conclusion about myself and my life.

I've always aspired to be a little fish in a big pond, and I think I have actually achieved my aim. I've worked pretty hard as a little fish to swim in big ponds from a young age and so while my life may not be exactly how I would like it to be, I think my life has been successful in that I have swam in many big ponds. Not so bad for un-confident and shy gay kid from the bush who was always seeking acceptance.

Thursday, June 25, 2020

R's ex workmate

I thought it was an overeaction when COVID broke out and R's former workmate pulled her parents out of their retirement village and into their own small unit. After a couple of months at their place the parents have moved into a nursing home. One has some dementia and the other quite frail.

Compared to the rest of Australia, our state is doing very badly with COVID at the moment. For consecutive days we have had new infections in the high teens and after weeks of no deaths, an 80 year old man has sadly died. It is mostly a result of laxness by guards at isolation hotels where returning travellers are quarantined and large family gatherings by foreign born who do not distance.

Older people are still keeping their distance here, but it has broken down among younger people. I constantly see building workers in too close contact. I see supermarket workers do the same. At times some places are too busy. Suddenly again in some areas it can be too crowded for comfort. Unbelievably I saw a news headline that people have started to panic buy again,  and not a bad thing, there are huge queues in suburban shopping centre carparks for COVID testing because they have some minor symptom.

What a nightmare, yet we are in a much better position than in many in the world. I cast my mind back to early March when we were in Tasmania on holidays and COVID suddenly became serious. R was worried we would not get home on the ferry and we returned to empty cupboards at home and empty supermarket shelves. I think 15th of March was our serious date.

Did you have a moment when you thought, oh, this is serious? Date?

The shire where mother lives has had some family outbreaks and is considered to be a hotspot. Youngest niece Jo has stayed with us for the last two nights. Sister will pick her up from Mother's tomorrow. Sister was concerned about us buying food at the bakery near Mother's so instead we will take homemade cheese and ham sandwiches. Ok, I was a little concerned too, for no good reason really. But it only takes one infected person........

And to go completely off topic, I just chipped Jo because she referred to her Nan, that is Mother, by her first name. It sounded so disrespectful and among her own children, we always call her Mum, Mother or Ma, or Our Mother if we are exasperated with her. Point made I think. I'm sure Jo heard. She did not argue back. No need for further discussion. I remain the grumpy uncle.

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Down Under

No, not Down Under Australia but our buildings basement level. There is some car parking, the recycling and rubbish area, a locked off storage area where mostly dumped furniture is placed until council collection (our old oven went there, but arranged with the building manager) and drainage and fire pumps. It is what is called a wet basement, that is it can get wet and the water drains to side gutters and if enough water builds up, it will be pumped away.

There is also the main bike storage room.

My Apollo on the far right. It was Sister's bike who gave it to Tradie Brother who gave it to me. I bought new tyres and tubes for it and rode it a few times, but now it sits forlornly in the bike room, probably with flat tyres and a chain that needs some oil.

There is another smaller bike storage area. An audit is conducted every so often to clear away unused and unclaimed bikes but as you can see, there is an awful lot of bikes and many are never ridden. The best of intentions.....

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Gotta Laugh

I haven't had anything like this for ages. I won't click publish for the post but it is a bit interesting as the person accuses me of histrionics when what he wrote is terribly histrionical. Such things would usually come from former male commenters with the initial C or R. It looks a bit like R's writing but he doesn't normally make such grammar and spelling mistakes.

None the less, how clever is Our gayBC instead of Our ABC. My commenter seems so well informed about the poof and dyke infested ABC. He is getting his moneys worth for the taxes he pays that funds our Our gayBC. I feel so sad for the invisible gay ABC broadcaster James O'Brien who was left out.

I must look up the word misandrists. It is a new word to me.

You would help your cause if you reported objectively. Histrionic attacks on police and other none supporters of your abnormality are as sad as they are laughable.Then again you've sought refuge the sheltered workshop of the gABC. Enjoy your echo chamber with hysterical Joe O'Brien, vicious lesbian misandrists, Kelly and Karvelis, big gay Nate the weatherman, Lezza Millar, the new hero of the gays, carrying on the pathetic left wing bias of Queer and Arse, Hamish. Why all the on air gay "talent" and I use the term loosely? It's your gayBC, you nasty little, hypocrite. Ironic you have become what you despised.An effeminate screaming poof.

Note to local governments

A very busy and social week so just a quickie this morning.

Local governments and private businesses, never place a recycling bin without a rubbish bin next to the recycling bin. It is a guaranteed fail for recycling.

Also local governments and private businesses, have you heard of goat tracks? Aside from the obvious, they are where people will walk regardless of paved paths. People will step off a right angled path and cut a corner when they walk if they can. I've seen it often enough where paths are are retrospectively made when people do what people do, take the shortest distance unless they are wearing stillies or the ground is very wet.

To me and I expect to you, this is basic common sense, yet how come highly paid designers and architects get it so wrong so often?

Monday, June 22, 2020

Gay TV Series

Normally I can find such things easily using Google. I have failed.

Reading in England is a little topical at the moment, for all the wrong reasons.

I'm trying to remember a tv series maybe 15 years old, or perhaps older whose main characters were a gay teenager with a gay Afro black friend and they dreamed of moving to London and escaping Reading. I think a blind Indian aunt lived in the white boy's home too. I thought it was called My Beautiful Life, but Beautiful Thing brings up something that seems similar but not quite right. Reading is hardly a London suburb.

Does anyone remember what the show was called?

Musical Monday

I expect some of you will hate this music and the video clip is way weird, but I quite like the music. This is one of the Danish electronic duo R√∂yksopp's more out there pieces.

What I like about electronic music is in the manner that much classical music brings in a out different instruments, so too does electronic music bring in and out different sounds. This piece is called Skulls. Give it up at three minutes when the music really stops, though sounds and the visuals go on.

Sunday, June 21, 2020

Sunday Selections

Joining in with Elephant's Child and maybe others for Sunday Selections.

A few photos mostly taken during my lonely ISO walks. R and I walk separately as it gives us a break from each other.

A parked car in Commercial Road Prahran seen while shopping. It was just a short walk from the footpath. I looked at the far side of the car and it was very close to having its mirror taken off by a passing tram.

Hello to you, little bear.

We met with a friend for coffee and cake in Yarraville a week or so ago. The sun on the The Sun art deco picture theatre can just be seen. This was once a busy and congested street. It is now a nice and calm mall but of course quieter than usual because of you know what.

Attention grabbing display where we had our coffee and cake, I think called The Naked Egg. It was nice enough.

Poor teddy, nailed to a tree and exposed to the elements.

Millswyn Street in South Yarra is lined with very expensive mostly Victorian era housing, interspersed with sympathetic modern dwellings. I've always walked in the opposite direction along Millswyn Street and I hadn't noticed this sign on the side of an old but very modernised building. Retail in Millswyn Street! How odd, but then I remember Maples Furniture warehouse was accessed from Millswyn Street. You can read what I wrote about Maples warehouse when I discovered the building in about 2007 here with a follow up here.

But blow me down. It doesn't matter which direction you walk, but I have never noticed this building. It is a bit hard to read. It says Wimmera Bakery, Wimmera being a wheat growing region in north western Victoria. The building is smart housing now.