Saturday, June 13, 2020

Saturday Supplement

Niece Jo turns 13 next month, legal age for Face Book, but as she told me, FB is for old people. Yes, I know Jo, you like Insta, Snapchat and TiK Tok and perhaps sites your old Aunty Andrew doesn't know about.

She wants a smart phone for her birthday, no doubt an iPhone as that is probably what her peers use. Given she has been deprived of tech devices, her tech skills are quite good. Her mums told her to argue her case and she did on a white board. The Pro list was rather long and the Con list terribly short. She does have a very old dumb phone for emergency purposes.

I think Sister is being mean, as for her birthday Jo will get Bone Doctor's very old smart phone and Bone Doctor will buy a new phone.

Jo's mums are a part time teacher and a doctor. They are not poor. I will argue Jo's case for at least the last model of iPhone for Jo. I am not an iPhone person, so I would be grateful if you could tell what the current phone is and the previous model was.

Catch Phrase

"How did I find time to go to work?" It is very much like that. Thursday was Mother Day. Friday, a seated brunch out, so nice and novel, shopping, and then a dinner cafe meal out using trams to get to and fro. It was a quick dinner and we were home by eight.

We are feeling a little more relaxed but still being very cautious. We still constantly sanitise our hands and wash them once home. We try to keep social distance, but that seems to be an older persons thing. Young people don't seem to care so much. They should until we have zero COVID cases in Australia.

Well, that's you bloomin' lot for today. Hopefully I will have a better post for Sunday.

Friday, June 12, 2020

Lost Friend

We had known our friend who died two years ago since we attended his fiftieth birthday with our friends who invited us along. He lived until the age of 75. At the age 55 he brought a younger Indian man to Australia from Fiji and they eventually had their relationship recognised for immigration purposes and the partner became an Australian citizen.

The partner could be difficult at times but we tolerated his at times poor behaviour for the sake of our friend. We did keep in touch with him after our friend died. At one stage it was almostly fortnightly for a meal. We still have friends in common and although it is a decent hike, three times in two years we went to the cemetery where our friend is interred. Here is snip from a post I wrote before our friend died. It is quite telling to reread for me.

Christmas for our friend and his partner and the various visiting relatives of his partner from Fiji and New Zealand did not turn out as planned. Our friend asked if we had some free time, could we take his partner's brothers out somewhere once his partner went back to work.

Many people I have come to know on the internet have been so kind to us. It is time to return the credit for no immediate reward.

Both blokes are actually our friend's partner's cousins, but as their mother died young and they were reared by his mother, they are considered brothers to him.

One is a retired Fijian policeman and the other a motor mechanic of the old school variety, both of Indian heritage.

They were nice, but the small talk was a bit hard at times. Gabbling away is useful at times, as is silence. We took them to Altona for lunch, had a wander on the pier and the streets, some lunch, and then to Williamstown, with a visit to the shop that stinks of patchouli and another pier walk. We watched tourist boats arrive and depart. It was quite a nice outing. We then took them to see their brother's partner in hospital, who was not at all well back then.

Our friend's partner, never said a word of the thanks. A few days later, we dined at a pub with him and the brothers.  He was pleasant then. I ignore his moods etc, but R gets rather hurt by his behaviour because R cares. I don't.

We caught up with him in February for a pub meal and all seemed well. We invited him for a meal a week or so later with our Hairdresser Friend and received a very formal and curt decline. He did not return an unanswered call from R, nor my text message whereby I said to him, I don't care about myself if you want to ignore me, but I do care about you showing disrespect towards R.

We've not heard from him since and I really don't care and I have no idea what is his problem with us. We do have mutual friends but no way will I ask any of them why we were dumped as friends. It's actually a relief. He was hard work, moody and had such a chip on his shoulder about who knows what.

Thursday, June 11, 2020

The Moon

Well, none of you seemed to understand the moon when I last posted about it and nor did I. So let us get the straight.

The Earth rotates on its uneven axis every twenty four hours in a day. The moon rotates around Earth which is why it is seen in different directions, maybe a northern sky, maybe a southern sky etc.

The moon reflects sunlight but Planet Earth shadows the moon and blocks the sunlight, so we only see part of the moon or the moon not at all.

This cycle is 28 days?

Does a full moon bring on cycles of mental illness for some people? I think so. What about you?

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

My faux pas

We have started using trams again rather than driving everywhere. We trammed to Prahran today. The tram we caught has three drop down seats in the middle of the tram on each side. There was a lass sitting on one seat and I sat next to her, expecting R to sit next to me. He didn't, so I moved to the next seat along where I could lean against the glass.

I didn't even think about keeping distance from other passengers. R said the lass turned away from me. Constantly trying to remember to social distance and to sanitise hands is hard. I do it well in shops and when I am in the streets or parks, but I really screwed up on the tram yesterday. Normal tram behaviour just kicked in.

R went into a shop to put our Lotto tickets on and as he went to scan check last weeks tickets, a woman who was more than the 1.5 metres away, stepped out of the shop and then reentered after he left.

I had my first massage since February. It was so good and I was surprised how busy the massage place was.

I caught a bus to the Alfred Hospital and walked home through Fawkner Park, stopping at Slater Street for coffee to drink in the park. The bearded former senator's ex father in law was on the bus, so I had a bit of distanced chat to him. The ex father in law lived here, as did his glam daughter, the former senator's ex wife. For some reason she really seemed to like us old gay faggots. I asked him to pass on our best wishes to her.

Four days ago was a day of no new COVID infections in my state Victoria. Monday was another day of zero infections. Most cases of the latest infections are returning travellers from overseas. Most states haven't seen any new cases for weeks, so what have we done right?

Our very bad Prime Minister was forced to act by State Premiers of all political persuasions. To quote a former Premier who was beyond doubt corrupt, our PM said Don't you worry about that, and then said he was going to the football on the next Saturday. He didn't and our country began to be locked down. Aside from the border between Victoria and New South Wales, all state borders were locked down. Anyone returning or a visiting traveller were put up in empty hotels for two weeks to see if they had any symptoms. This wasn't voluntary isolation. It was law. Our border to the world was locked down.

If you had any symptoms, you were urged to be tested and there was mass testing, hundreds of thousands of people in my state alone. Shopping centre car parks were turned into drive through testing zones. Until the results of the test was known, you had to self isolate. Sister, Bone Doctor and Jo self isolated for nearly two weeks. Fire Fighting Nephew self isolated with his pregnant wife until they received test results. Because of his wife being pregnant and having other health issues, he was not allowed to have anyone else in his fire truck.

We socially distanced. We did not visit people and they did not visit us. It wasn't easy. Late March to say mid May were the worst months of my life I can remember. We were very fearful. We did have a an overnight stay by our great niece and I questioned her mother hard about the visit.

Australia is an island country. Once the Federal government began to take things seriously, I think the almost elimination of COVID here was predictable.

Another island country New Zealand has rid it self completely of COVID through extreme lock down. It is now completely back to normal aside from no international visitors.

It is much harder for countries such as the US with its porous borders in spite of Trump's wall, and the the infections and deaths there have been hideous to read.

Our South Pacific islands have done well.

Europe not so well, with many infections and deaths. Infections in Africa and South and Central America are exploding.

What other island countries are there in the world with large populations? Ah, well that would be Great Britain and Ireland and Northern Ireland. Also with horrendous numbers of infections and deaths. Why didn't the UK lock down its borders? Isolate returning travellers to empty hotels for two weeks? It seems it is only thinking about doing this now. Extraordinary! The governments of the UK have an awful lot to answer for.

New Zealand deaths from COVID, 22.
Australian deaths from COVID, 102.
Canadian deaths from COVID, 7,835.
UK deaths from COVID, 40,957.
US deaths from COVID, 113,000.

Figures and numbers, blah blah, but these were people, living their lives and they have gone. Dead. And some governments are responsible.

Tuesday, June 09, 2020

Gongs from Her Maj

Once the valves warmed up and the wireless began broadcasting Monday morning it was the usual whining and whinging about people receiving Queens Birthday awards who have just done their paid job. For over forty years I did my job conscientiously and rarely causing bother, yet I didn't receive an award.

Generally I am with the whiners and whingers about people receiving an award for just doing their jobs,  but for one case I will make an exception.

Some of you will remember Brenda who works at Coles supermarket near where I worked. I posted about her in 2013. She is now 88 and still working at Coles and has received a gong in the Queens Birthday awards. Good on 'er I reckon and I don't have a problem with a supermarket worker receiving an award even if it is just for her paid employment. Double standards by me? Yep.

Monday, June 08, 2020

Monday Mention

Lol, a statue of a white man who traded black slaves was still standing in Bristol, England and was chucked into the river by angry Black Lives Matter protesters!

While I am not one for covering up or removing history why wasn't  the statue of a black slave trader not removed a couple of decades ago and put into a museum as an historical exhibit is beyond my comprehension?

Extraordinary! This is your memory of the statue. It now is in the depths of the Avon River in Bristol, probably never to be seen again.

Monday Mural

As usual I can't remember where I took this photo of what I think is a fantastic mural .Maybe appropriate for Black Lives Matter.

Sunday, June 07, 2020

Sunday Supplement

For a long time Strayer has put in long and hard yards into saving cats and getting stray cats desexed and housed, even if just as barn cats.

She runs a non profit organisation that funds some of what she does. An awful lot comes out of her own pockets. The State of Oregon now wants to slap a fee on her help for cats. This is outrageous.While I have pretty well stopped signing the innumerable worthy petitions, I did sign this one and I urge you to do the same.

Sunday Selections

Joining with Elephant's Child and maybe some others for Sunday Selections. Some are my photos. Most are not. If bad language offends you, avoid the last couple of photos.

This photo of a boy at appealed to me. He looks so tough, defiant and resilient. I wonder what kind of life he went on to lead. He would now be quite old if he is still living.

Does the guitar fplucking hippie look excite me? Oh yes, big time.

Dearest child, back in the olden days when international tourists visited Australia, this curious free tourist bus would pull up in Bay Street, Port Melbourne and there would be a good number of people boarding. It was free for passengers, but the driver worked for tips, just like many walking tourist guides in our city. I don't like it. It is so un-Australian. People who work should be paid a proper wage. I've always thought our friend in London Marie, should charge for her street walking services.

While the new truncated bus route timetables for the 603 and 604 at Prahran Market are shown, for some reason the old and now completely redundant and irrelevant 220 timetable was left there. "Putting up new timetables is my job. Taking down old timetables is not my job. I don't get paid to do that." Or it could be that the person putting up the timetables knows nothing about public transport and doesn't even know the 220 is history.

For a long time I have wanted to visit Fat Albert Cafe in Kerford Road, Albert Park. We did last week. I liked this poster on the wall and the coffee was good.

It was a bit chilly but there was a vacant bench outside to sit while we savoured our coffee. Dogs are catered for very well.

Spotted during an ISO walk. A strange sight in early June.

I wandered lonely as a cloud all alone in Prahran after a medical appointment. I sat next to these gently waving rushes and ate my salad roll as I reflected on the state of the world, and glanced up at any man under 40 walking past.

Shamelessly stolen from Jackie in Toronto who probably shamelessly stole if from someone else. Not being able to make travel plans is R's biggest COVID lament.

C'mon, it's just an experiment. Only the last child was harmed as the force built.

Auditioning for a US movie. May the most trainable black cat win and we all know how trainable cats are.

This actually offends me more than the last photo.

I've thought about this slogan really hard, for at least twenty seconds, and while I don't really get it aside from the obvious, I am sure it is super clever.