Saturday, May 30, 2020

Mother Day

Thursday: While we heard that there was a problem on the freeway in the direction of Mother's, it was inbound and we would be outbound. Nevertheless R went into panic mode and insisted we left early in case of traffic congestion as people slowed to look. It didn't happen and we were early.

We bought salad rolls for us and Mother for lunch at the cheap Asian bakery and then went on to the department store Big Trouble You to buy 5 litres of fabric softener, which I don't really believe makes any difference, and jocks for R but the store had none in his size. He did buy a pair of pants which look way too close to track suit pants for my liking. Thin edge of the wedge.

Mother was quite chipper, having being diagnosed with bursitis in both hips and a strained ligament n her shoulder. Her leg has healed nicely. In spite of smoking, her vital organs are in fine health. However, she is borderline diabetic. If only she would stop eating a kilo of barley sugar and a kilo of Arnott's Marie biscuits each week, I am sure her blood sugar levels would lower.

Gay men would never be seen in a place called Priceline, a cheap chemist. However Prick a Leeni sounds like a posh Italian shop. Mother had her scripts filled there and then back to her old empty home to sort some things out. I brought the general rubbish bin to the back door and every time she asked how much she should sell something for in her final garage sale, once her back was turned, I threw it in the bin. There were a few things worth saving for sale, and some that needed washing but she had taken away the cleaning products.

Sometime after noon I heard that the earlier disruption on the freeway had turned into the police shooting dead a mentally unwell man. That wasn't going to clear quickly. I looked at our driving options and while in theory they were good, they turned out not be so good. We went south of the incident and then decided to go north of the incident. Just as we reached the freeway entrance intending to go past, police were now allowing traffic through. Yay, quick trip home. Nup. Broken down van on the freeway with speed restrictions down to 40 km/h.

I suppose the twenty five minutes additional travel time was not so bad but god how I hate the drive to see Mother and the lifting in and out of her walker from the car boot. Very sad about the mentally unwell man being shot dead by police, but they have to protect themselves when under threat.

Friday, May 29, 2020

I'll not give up my day job

Gattina wondered why Angela Merkel's husband is never seen or acknowledged. His name is Joachim Sauer and he hates being called Mr Merkel. Welcome to the world for women, Mr Merkel.

I had a crack at it and it is not very good but here you go. Improve it if you like.

There once was a Chancellor called Merkel
Whose husband was rarely seen in her circle
But while seldom seen
He is a real human being
But don't you dare ever call him Mister Merkel.

Later edit: Improvements from Marcellous, Victor and WWW.

There once was a Chancellor called Merkel
Whose husband wasn't seen in her circle.
But while seldom seen
He's a real human being
Don't you dare ever call him Herr Merkel.

Thursday, May 28, 2020

A Country Visit

Was it two weeks ago when we caught up with a friend for coffee after looking at his renovated Glen Iris apartment that is now for sale? He lives in the country town Kyneton with his brother. He had the house built some 17 years ago. We haven't had a lot of contact since R and G worked together at Australia Post but now we are Face Book friends and we have caught up.

I don't understand why people have so many problems when using Face Book, as they get into wars with people. Just say nice things as you would in real life. Face Book has connected me with so many people. I do understand why some people don't want to use it and their reasons are valid.

It was further away from Melbourne than we thought, over one hour's drive along the Calder Freeway towards Bendigo and about the same on a limited express train, which is an absurdly slow train trip. It was rather fun being able to travel at 110 km/h (about 70 mph rather than 100 as we are used to. Our poor under powered newish car was revving away in lower gears trying to keep up to cruise control speed as we climbed the Great Dividing Range.

We had a very nice time with him and his brother. They are both gay, except it took our friend longer to realise and he married and had a daughter when young. Yes, he would have once have been one of those married men out for a walk who you might see in a quiet area in a forested park with a child seat attached to the back seat of the car, where there are similar parked cars.

Anyway, we had a very nice time with them. He drove us into Kyneton township where we bought good coffee from a non profit cafe called Social Foundry. I think  it is a town built on gold mining. It has some lovely old houses and buildings. He then made us a toasted ham, cheese and tomato sandwich and a home made apple cake. His brother after some socialising with us was in his workshop restoring furniture.

It was a really nice day. I am surprised this phone photo I took of the post office taken into direct sunlight isn't as bad as I thought it might have been.

Wednesday, May 27, 2020


I am busy with stuffs, so a brief post today. Does anyone know whose art work these may be?

One for Francophiles.

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Alice and Millie

A number of tunnel boring machines are busy under Melbourne with construction of the Metro Rail Tunnels. There will be two parallel nine kilometre tunnels under the city and rising in the inner suburbs to connect to the existing on ground mainlines.

One borer set off from what will be our local station a couple of weeks ago in the direction of South Yarra and the other has just started. I like that these markers show the progress of the machines. Although they bore 24/7, they only move 10 metres per day and I am not sure they are even doing that well at the moment.

Millie is named after Millie Peacock, Victoria's first female parliamentarian.I have checked and she is not related to former born with a silver spoon in his mouth politician and Colt from Kooyong Andrew Peacock. Alice Appleford was an honoured nurse in both world wars.

I will be watching the progress of  Millie and Alice.

Monday, May 25, 2020

Monday Mural

John Murray is a well known muralist and artist and has public works in the east of Australia. Here are two of his works I came across and of course I told myself at the time I would remember where they were but I cannot. They don't appear in the database of his works, but there are similar ones. I like them. Don't you think the reflections in the emu's eyes is clever.

Sunday, May 24, 2020

Sunday Selections

Joining with Elephant's Child and others for Sunday Selections.

Why aren't all power plugs like this? So easy to pull out from the socket. I think this is on our electric knife. It is put away and I can't be bothered checking.

Lorikeets busy feeding on a seed ring in a South Yarra Street. They are fast, noisy and very colourful.

The window cleaning vehicle that moves around the building next door on a track. Window cleaners are suspended below. I wonder if Grace has ever thought of that as a job?

Its centrally mounted power supply. Note that even after well above average rain in the past couple of months, the roof is still muddy after the January muddy rain event.

Generally masks aren't worn in Australia. We have bought some in preparation to visit the city in the future and using public transport. I've sat on the bench seats around this electricity substation while having my take away coffee at the corner of Domain Road and Park Street and observed the melee of the rich and famous buying their ISO coffee. I walked there yesterday once I decided showers had stopped and the rain radar was clear but alas I was rained upon. I was cold and wet by the time I was home. The idiot did not even take an umbrella, just in case.

Creatures have come out to dine and have taken prime cafe window seats normally coveted by now disease ridden humans.

We've had two visits by cockatoos that I know of. I think the red cyclamen and the other red flowering plant attract their attention. The yellow tailed black cockatoos have been flying past in the last few weeks. The currawongs are busy calling to each other.

A week or so ago people here became sick after picking and eating poison mushrooms. Signs have gone up in Fawkner Park, warning people to not take the risk. Regardless, I would never pick and eat the mushrooms as I don't like them and there is a good chance that one of the hundreds of dogs walked in Fawkner Park every day have urinated on them. I did pick them in paddocks when I was young and there is only one type I know, which is quite safe. My brother and I once picked a bumper lot and Mother especially bought brown paper bags for us to sell them at the roadside. I can't remember the price we were selling them for but it must have been too cheap as the first person who stopped bought all of them, like a washing basket full of mushrooms. What we thought would be an afternoon of customer interaction did not happen. Back to making dirt roads for Matchbox cars I expect.