Saturday, May 09, 2020

Blogger Email

Today I have stopped receiving email notifications when someone leaves a comment on my blog. Is this happening to anyone else?

The Moon

At 7.48pm on this Friday evening the moon has risen in our eastern sky and is full and bright. While I kind of know how the sun works, the moon only reflects sunlight, so I don't really understand it and how different it can be in other parts of the world. I could research but why bother when I have you to inform me. Do tell me where and at what time you can see see the moon and is it full and bright?

Are you Americans seeing a bright full moon? Or is the moon on the other side of the world?

Friday, May 08, 2020

News to me

Having tuned out a lot from media in these worrisome times, I am not up to speed on the COVID regulations.

I heard just yesterday that you can only drive out with someone if you live with them and then for only one of the four essential reasons. While R has stopped coming, to protect himself and Mother, I have been taking her out to the shops every Thursday. My brother who she lives with will take her to doctor, but that is all aside from doing her shopping.

Yesterday, Thursday I took Mother for a country drive to Belgrave at the foothills of the Dandenong Ranges. Probably illegal. I had an excuse that I was taking her to a specialised plant nursery. Any kind of outing brightens and cheers her up so much. She enjoyed the drive so much. We are not allowed to see our mothers on Mother's Day, so this is compensation. I bought her a bunch of flowers before picking her up. She loved them. I expect Sister and Tradie Brother will call her on the phone come Mother's Day, Sunday.

She is wondering if she will visit her hairdresser next week and wonders what her real hair colour is. She needs to visit her hairdresser next week as I could see her hair colour is granny grey.

Thursday, May 07, 2020


This rather says it all.

As thousands of deaths in Italy happened, why didn't the British government act sooner? I think this excellent report by an Australian journalist is a good summary of what happened in Britain and what and how the country got it all so wrong.

The United States has been even worse. So many deaths, especially in New York City. The world was ill prepared for a pandemic but it really was quite predictable. 

As for China, well it is what it is.

I am furious with our Federal Government for putting pressure on states to get children back to school. It tried to bribe private schools with advance payments but most rejected the proposition. While it might be hard for parents to supervise their children's education at home, missing one term will do them no long term harm. The Federal Education Minister spoke out inappropriately about the restrictions in my state, and then later backed down, if not apologised.

My state of Victoria and our island state of Tasmania are quite locked down as other Australian states start to open up. I am not sure why this includes New South Wales where the figures aren't so great. 

I am also furious with our State Opposition and its leader Michael O'Brien who are telling our State Government to open things up.

The Age newspaper is read by a certain demographic and its online polling is not reliable, as the paper warns us. Three questions were asked in Monday's poll. Should restrictions stay? Should restrictions stay but children allowed to return to school? (Children can actually go to school if they have to). Should restrictions be relaxed? 

The last time I checked, 76% of votes said keep the restrictions. The more we are restricted, the sooner all will be well. 

I think our State Premier Daniel Andrews has done a fine job of preparing and setting up us for the worst, and because of his government's actions, the worst hasn't happened. Perhaps however it is time for restrictions to reflect the reality of what people are cautiously doing.

Sweden has dealt with the virus quite well without locking people down but trusting people to be sensible. It seems they have been.

Vietnam has done very well with a heavy lockdown. No one there has died from the virus.

Singapore was doing ok until the virus broke out among its foreign workers in dormitories.

Good to see somewhat speak honestly about the situation in the US.

Wednesday, May 06, 2020

Easing Back

Well, that little break was rejuvenating. I will post some nice pictures today before a COVID rant tomorrow, perhaps.

A cool tea towel made to look an old Kew Depot tram destination roll. One destination in the roll is fake. Can you guess which one? Hint, River would probably say this to the person who stole her garden ornaments and plants. I think it will work with a North American accent.

More fake news I suspect. I don't remember seeing this sculpture outside the National Gallery of Victoria.

While out exercising a Noisy Miner bird sat on my bench. It is an Australian native bird and not to be confused with Indian Mynah, found in Asia. However both species are strongly territorial and have an impact on our other native birds, especially in our cleared countryside and urban environment.