Saturday, May 02, 2020

Blog Break

I've never really taken a break from blogging daily aside from when we are travelling, but for some reason I feel the need to at the moment. Not sure why. I may of course change my mind, but regardless, if you don't hear from me for a few days, I am not deaded or COVIDED. I will probably still comment. My connections with blogmates are far too important to neglect.

But here is something for you to comment about. I wish I had asked my dear readers about buying spectacles. I didn't quite get it right.

So I ask if any of you use air fryers and what advice you might have?

Friday, May 01, 2020

South Yarra Stroll #456

The ever so rich private Melbourne Grammar School has no end of tax deductible building donation money and taxpayers money to spend. It's music school is being extensively  renovated and this two storey house next door incorporated into the school.

Just across the road from Melbourne Grammar is the huge construction site for Metro Tunnel. During various works here in the past, reversing beepers have nearly driven us mad. The reversing audio is called broadband here, but I know it as acoustic. The sound is much less annoying, just a choof choof kind of sound.

Will trams ever run along Domain Road again? I think it is unlikely.

Panels showing the progression of mankind, work by Melbourne Grammar students under the guidance of a professional artist. The very long panel began with something like a stylised trilobite and progressed to a human like form.

I had not walked this area for a couple of years. I didn't even know it was still a route I could walk. The infrastructure for the construction of Metro Tunnel is massive.

Switching back to the quiet residential streets, my what a large cumquat you have.

One of our few remaining gas lamps has broken. It will be repaired and returned.

I saw a few of these things and taking a guess about the cross hair devices, they are instruments to check for land stability as Metro Tunnel proceeds.

We call the brick work on the end Victorian terraces polychromatic. While they will have formally beautiful interiors, they will be quite dark and dingy inside. Most would have modern bright and airy rear extensions now.

Just next door, the new sits reasonably comfortably with the old.

A nice flatblock walkway.

Construction vehicles often damage trees. These young ones are very vulnerable, hence their protection.

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Going cashless

As of the last few weeks we have gone cashless. We don't touch money anymore for obvious reasons. It seems absurd to someone my age to pay $3.75 for a cup of take away coffee by debit card, but that is what we do now, and I really can't see us returning to cash.

Our shopping kitty was in cash, $120 a week into a plastic container with us alternating each week with who deposited the money. R set up a simple ledger on the desktop and he now controls the money and if I spend money on food shopping, he pays me and debits the ledger accordingly and of course he does the same when he spends money.

It used to be the case that if it was less than say $100 that one of us owed the other, we would pay in cash. No more. We just use bank apps on our phones to transfer money between us and it takes less than twenty seconds to do.

In a post CVD world, I can't see us returning to cash, nor going out without hand sanitiser in our pockets.

An errant motorist

Remember back here when a stolen car being abandoned was captured by the CCTV of a residential building near here?

The camera caught something interesting recently, a motorist taking his or her eyes off the road, mounting tram tracks and knocking down barriers. I don't think we have to ponder too hard as to what the motorist was doing that caused this to happen, yes, a phone would be involved. You probably need to watch it full screen size.

All the action happens in the first 15 seconds, the rest being a tram driver and pedestrian cleaning broken bits out of the way. I hope the car was damaged.

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Too close for comfort

Monday before last, that is eight days ago we went out for a walk and we really wanted a cup of proper coffee. The office block No 1 Queens Road was all but deserted and the food court closed. We walked on and found a place open where we had not been to before, only because there is no need to walk that far for coffee. It is a good brisk five minutes walk away. We don't do brisk walking. What we didn't know was on the other side of the exceptionally wide road is a private psychiatric hospital. It makes sense now that sometimes there were some unusual types for the area hanging around in the street often smoking. But we truly had no idea of the building's purpose, assuming it was medical specialist rooms or similar.

There was an outbreak of Coronavirus within the hospital, with something like 16 infections, all starting from one psychiatrist. It doesn't seem like the matter was handled well externally or internally but our state health department assures us that it was on top of the matter, but I am not so sure, with reports that the hospital was still admitting patients while people within were still being diagnosed with Coronavirus. As far as I know nothing was known the Monday we bought coffee nearby.

Perhaps where we bought coffee is the second nearest cafe to the hospital and no doubt some staff and patients buy food or coffee there. That is a little bit too close to home for my comfort.

Later: As of this evening's Monday night television news, the hospital has been closed, staff put into two weeks ISO and the hospital receiving a deep clean and it will reopen in two weeks assuming the staff are ok.

Sunday, April 26, 2020

Sunday Selections

Well, I was thoroughly drained by my last post about Richard Pusey. R and I had an argument about Pusey, with him not considering due legal process. His bedroom door slammed at 11pm and didn't open again until 11am. We are both suffering a bit of Coronavirus lock up stress. I woke at 5.30 that morning and considered pulling the Pusey post, but it had been published already as per usual at 5.00. At least two people had read it by then. As I write this, I knew this Anzac Day would not be a good day and it wasn't with no speakies until this evening and only a walk for exercise on my own.

Anyway, onward and upward Pollyanna. Here are few photos, mostly mine, but not all. I expect EC will have a Sunday Selections post too.

Thank goodness that gladdy stem broke as it was blocking my view of tv.

The model after this one, ZD with the headlights arranged vertically, was nearly the best car Australia ever produced but this one was pretty good. This is a ZC Ford Fairlane 500 and it was true luxury.

Swedish Death Cleaning continues.

Just good friends? I am doubtful.

ABI Brother grew tomatoes and pumpkin this year. He gave us a pumpkin and one pumpkin goes a long way, even after making pumpkin soup.

From It is staged, I am sure, but what a great photo.

A couple of weeks ago The Alfred Hospital was lit up to thank health care workers, and they are at great risk if you look at the statistics.

I am not sure what this tree is displaying great beauty. The photo was taken perhaps eight weeks ago.

How cool is this Gatsby motor scooter, the photo taken back when we took out Mother on Thursdays for lunch..