Friday, April 24, 2020

After Mother Day

I wasn't going to post anything today, just to give myself a break, but this is irresistible. You may have heard about the terrible crash on Melbourne's Eastern Freeway that resulted in the tragic death of  four police when a truck travelling at speed in the emergency lane hit the police who had pulled over a multiple offender Richard Pusey. Never have four police been killed in one incident in my state.

Pusey, pissing at the side of  freeway, avoided injury and in the act of a low life, took graphic and gruesome photos, fled the scene on foot and in an alleged drug affected state uploaded the photos to Facebook.

He has now been arrested and was already on bail for other drug and driving offences.

Unremarkable facts really, but in the 1990s I knew Richard. He was tall, slim, handsome, charming, flirtatious with gay men and while I knew he was not to be trusted, I quite liked him and for some reason he liked me. I facilitated a transaction between him and my Singaporean born hair dresser and R said after meeting him, I don't like him. He is way too smart for his own good.

I don't know if Our Friend in Japan once went to Melbourne's Cat Cafe to do some feline stroking while drinking coffee, but Richard owned the the building for three years and made a couple of million dollars when he sold it. I've also seen a couple of links to Oxford College. I don't know what those are about beyond there was a former famous Pusey at Oxford and a suggestion that Richard may have been there for drinks once. I am pretty doubtful.

About four years ago I was walking along Toorak Road and a car pulled up in front of me. The driver, it took me a few seconds to realise it was Richard who had lost the fresh face of youth, leant over to the passenger window said to me, Do you know where I kind find a guy to suck my c***.

Once I knew who it was, I laughed and we exchanged a few words. I feel bad that he has turned out to be such an arsehole but I kind of knew that already.

Thursday, April 23, 2020

Doom and gloom then an uplift

I really don't know why COVID-19 has been so bad in England. Lack of handwashing? One reason is that the government was slow to respond.  Yes Boris, a bit like flu. The high number of cases in the less populated north west of England puzzles me further.

The United States has been a disaster. One can hardly believe the behaviour and words from the mouth of the President. I highly recommend you read this not too long post by Snowbrush to get some kind of understanding, which will leave you with no understanding.

My country is not beyond criticism. It too was too slow to act and my god, what a disaster was allowing Ruby Princess passengers to just walk off the ship, subsequently infecting many people with many deaths resulting. The inquiry will criticise departments but it's unlikely any Australian individual will be hung out to dry. Some one person somewhere made a decision. Apparently the ship will depart Australian waters tomorrow and I have great concerns about the remaining crew on board as it sails to the Philippines.

How about some good news? Our air is now so much cleaner. Baby turtles hatched in huge numbers somewhere, formerly deterred by tourists. Fish and birdlife are being seen in a river in Turkey where they haven't been seen for years and fish are swimming in the previously filthy canals of Venice. Our punishment by Mother Earth has seen a dramatic improvement in her health. Life post COVID should mean we don't return to our bad ways and treat her with more respect.

I don't think Australians are particularly jingoistic. We travel, or used to far too much and see other great parts of the world. While we may think our country is not too bad, and it does have some serious problems, we never think of it as God's Own Country. It's not so bad as countries go.

The Australian Broadcasting Commission is a treasured taxpayer funded media organisation with tv stations, radio stations and a now huge online presence. While its board is chosen by the Australian government and the government dictates its funding, it cannot be told what to do by the government and theoretically is not influenced by private companies.

I hope wherever you are in the world you can see this minute long video and it is not geo blocked. Perhaps there is too much self satisfaction in the clip, but still, I love it.

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Weasel Words

I will kick this off with 'Elective Surgery'. Some elective surgery is not urgent. Some is. It is a word invented by governments to prioritise surgery waiting list and inform the public that people who are elective surgery lists are not urgent cases. Some are urgent.

Collateral Damage, used in wars when innocent people are killed and then it became common language. .

What words really stick in you craw as people or governments try to absolve responsibility?

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Not a Quiz

I would have liked to have made this a quiz and I would have trimmed his name off, but I think it would just be too hard and no one would be able to answer, even with this information: the photo is dated 1979 and is of an Australian Rules football player who played for the St Kilda Football Club.

Why am I featuring him here? It is such a lousy photo, probably a copy of collectable swap card. Read on.

Gattina in Waterloo, Belgium recently mentioned that the normally long period they are without a Prime Minister while political bargaining and negotiations after an election are underway in her country, this time it wasn't so long (it sounds like the King banged heads together) and a female Prime Minister was elected.

While Chancellor Markle (that would be funny)  Angela Merkel has been the only leader a 20 year old German will remember, in Denmark the Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen is a woman, and of course there is the highly respected Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern. I think the world is better place at the moment with female leaders. Men certainly haven't done a great job. Looking at you #45 and PM Abe in Japan who I suggest have been criminally negligent.

So now Belgium is ruled by Prime Minister Sophie Wilmes and she is married to.................. former Australian footballer Chris Stone.

Later, how good is this headline! The world should follow suit. Tax havens should have been stomped on years ago.

Bloomberg – Denmark: Companies that are registered in tax havens won’t be eligible for bailout

Monday, April 20, 2020

Musical Monday

I showed you the sexy and very talented keyboard busker Gareth Wiecko before back here. Here he is performing his own composition, a slower and more reflective piece. I really like it.

The background scenery in the clip is interesting. Bourke Street Mall is normally busy as you can see and Gareth often manages to draw a large crowd blocking up the Mall. Department store Myer is now closed because of you know what and I am sure the Mall is deserted. I saw a woman walk past smoking, which has been banned in the mall. The clip is more than five years old and I can tell you that Gareth who I follow on Instagram is ageing well. He is a bit more interesting looking now.

Sunday, April 19, 2020

The Barracks in colour

Visit Mother for her to sign some forms. Important and allowed.
Take Mother to Chemist Warehouse to buy some things. Her carer, ABI Brother won't go there. Allowed.
Take Mother to Bunnings' Garden Centre to buy seedlings and potting mix. Unwise but allowed.

Usual weekly shopping in South Melbourne, allowed.
Take away coffee allowed.
Sit on public bench seat to drink coffee, maybe not allowed.
Buy famous South Melbourne Market dim sims in a take away container to eat at home, allowed.

Visit Port Melbourne to buy a couple of essential things. Allowed.
Buy an egg and bacon sandwich and coffee. Allowed.
Sit on a public bench seat to consume, probably not allowed.
R drives me to Victoria Barracks to take photos. Not allowed.
I stand and take photos, not allowed.
I walk a bit more than a kilometre to home, and as exercise, allowed.

Interpreting our rules is difficult.

Call it Virginia Creeper or Mock Grape or something else, it was stripped down at Victoria Barracks as windows received maintenance and while it is not back to its former splendour, it still looks quite good as we slide into Autumn. On a Saturday it would normally be hard to take a photo of the barracks without Asian couples betrothing in the photo. No problem now.

The Barracks was built as accommodation for the British Imperial Armed Troops in the mid 1800s. During WWII it housed Australia's political war cabinet. In the 1980s I remember it being full of soldiers. Now I don't see soldier coming or going.

It always amuses me that the Australian  Federal Police guard the Barracks. Oddly the army can't guard itself.

They need some maintenance but rather nice gates.

A lamp at the closed Christian Scientists' church.