Thursday, March 05, 2020

It's the economy, stupid

Do I have this right? Australia produces a lot of Liquefied Natural Gas, not generally as fuel for cars, but for cooking and heating, We sell it overseas for a quite cheap price, but it leaves us short of gas. So we buy back gas from overseas at a high a price for domestic consumers. Export what we can dig up and extract at all costs.

You must be as stupid as I am if your don't understand how such economics work.

We will be away for a couple of weeks, but I will have internet access and I will keep an eye on you, even if I don't comment. Of course Town Hall Tuesday and the suspense about the next town hall will have to wait a couple of weeks now.

Wednesday, March 04, 2020


Before email there was Email, an Australian company that in the 1920s imported the first refrigerators to Australia, from the US the brand being Kelvinator. I can vaguely remember the company Email from my childhood. It was an acronym for Electricity Meter and Allied Industries Limited. In the 1990s parts of the by then manufacturing business were sold off and what remained was asset stripped and the once very successful company Email disappeared.

Now in Australia we manufacture very little which I don't understand as manufacturing can be so automated and we have excellent designers, engineers and technicians.

I think my maternal grandparents had a fridge that looked just like this one. Do you have memories of now defunct companies?

Monday I spoke to Mother on the phone. To ABI Brother twice. To Tradie Brother once. R spoke to the psych  hospitalised Hippie Niece. She let slip to R that she had recently had an abortion and then quickly changed the subject. Ex Sis in Law and her husband are taking care of the twins and the twin's father has his usual access. To say the whole thing is an absolute bleep disaster is an understatement. I fear for Hippie Niece and I fear even more for her cafe latte coloured twin daughters.

I had a cunning plan when speaking to Tradie Brother to find out the gender of his yet to be born baby grandchild. Mother said he knew, but wasn't telling anyone at the behest of his Firefighting Son and his wife. I said something like, 'So  pleased to hear B & H are having a boy. Isn't that so good!'.

'What?', he replied? 'Where did you hear that?' 'Ah, so Tradie Brother, it is a girl and you just gave the game away. Come in spinner.'

Aside from one of my cousins unknown to me but are my FB friends for their stalking purposes with one having a son, there isn't anyone to carry on the family name, unless his sisters or female cousins don't marry or keep their own names. 

Tuesday, March 03, 2020

Town Hall Tuesday

The City of Port Melbourne was absorbed into the City of Port Phillip in the 1990s. With a huge number of wharf worker local citizens, it was very much a left wing Labor dominated council. Wharf workers were once treated in the most appalling manner in the early to mid 20th century until they unionised, and some may think they subsequently went too far with pay and working conditions. City of Port Melbourne included working wharves, houses built by banks for subsidised sale to people and some public housing. You now have to be relatively rich to live there if you are not in public housing. There are highrise buildings along the seafront where a friend lives.

While there was a cable tram along its main road, Bay Street, the cable tram was not replaced by electric trams but buses. As is still the case, cable tram routes replaced by buses have quite good services. I would have to go in to town by tram and catch a bus out to see the town hall, which would be fine, but in this case we were in Port Melbourne in the car and I stopped to take photos.

A train used to run to Port Melbourne and onto both Station Pier and Princes Pier but in the 1980s it was changed to become the 109 tram, ok light rail system. In spite of route 109 having reasonably large trams, it becomes overcrowded, especially in the cruise ship season, to the point where there is a 109 bus running when cruise ships are in port. I wonder if people using the 109 bus have to pay? We were not happy recently having out route 58 tram delayed by the 109 bus using tram tracks in Queensbridge Street and loading people through the single front door at the casino.

The town hall was built in 1883 and is now used as a local library, for community events and private functions. It looks solid and dependable, without too much ostentation.

Next week will be South Melbourne Town Hall, still in the City of Port Phillip and I confess to not taking much notice, and I found something included that I have never seen in Australia but I have in England. Any British person care to guess, or local even?

Monday, March 02, 2020

Monday Mural

Last Monday I was massaged by my usual masseur. I always make sure he massages me, not by someone else. He has stopped using hot rocks, which I am paying for and he no longer massages my legs, neither of which I mind. He mostly focuses on my back, including glutes, arms and neck. My god, he was just amazing last Monday. Me who doesn't believe in tipping, tipped him $10 instead of the usual $5.

The feel good endorphins were very well released, but I also felt like a wrung out rag, kind of like you feel after a long session of really good sex, if you can remember that. I have a vague memory. I usually catch the train to town for coffee afterwards but I needed some recovery time, so I caught a train in the opposite direction to Sandringham. It is a nice and short train trip, running along the edge of Port Phillip Bay at times.

I couldn't visualise Sandringham where the train terminates but once off the train, I realised only about a year ago we were here in the car looking for a supermarket. R saw his doctor in the street shopping for something. We had lunch in a really nice, large and busy cafe. Now where was it? Ah, I am standing right in front of it and it is closed and undergoing renovations. I gazed northwards looking for a cafe with outside seating and then south and I went to one south. Oh wow when I looked south. You may not like the vicious bird of prey but what a stunning mural!

Sunday, March 01, 2020

Bit of a laugh

I'll plead Leap Year ignorance for not posting yesterday.

Some translation is required and you will probably have to click on it to read it.

Moccies are moccasin slippers
A  slab I think is 2 dozen cans of beer in a pack.
Glenroy and Jacana Stations are on the way to Broadmeadows.
I think most people know what a mullet hairstyle is.
Dole is unemployment benefit from the government.
Moe is known by some as a rough town, pronounced Mo-e.

So now you know all about the Melbourne suburb of Broadmeadows.