Saturday, February 08, 2020

Pride March Pt 2

More Gay Pride March photos.

We used to see performances of the chorus.

The State of Victoria's Premier Daniel Andrews marched, as did the state member for the local and  our electorate Martin Foley. Also marching was former member for Albert Park, John (Buckets) Thwaites. This is the head of Victoria's State Emergency Services, Andrew Crispin, who acquitted himself well during the recent fires.

Life Saving Victoria.

Huge cheers for our State Emergency Service and the Country Fire Authority.

Police Chief Commissioner of the State of Victoria Graham Ashton marched.

The guy with the zebra around his neck was a huge laugh.

In spite of the makeup and wig, this guy looked pretty good, front and back.

You can guess what they were singing.

Country trains, suburban trains and our trams were represented.

Jah Teh, your council rates at work. I am sure the only cost was the banner and transport to the event.

A regional town.

I know that Scotsmen wear nothing under their kilts and the sporran is to stop the kilt blowing up and exposing them. My theory anyway.

Big girls can have fun. He went down a treat.

Friday, February 07, 2020

Crime 3

This is third time someone in a neighbouring building has caught some criminal activity with the camera focused on the area of Metro Tunnel works. I expect the tyres were ruined and the the car was running on at least one rim. The lesson to be learnt is lock your car when you leave it, even if just refuelling. I have for the last few years. To quote the person in the neighbouring building:

This morning a lovely Bangladeshi guy was stopped getting fuel and washing his windscreen. A guy jumped in a took the car.
Not sure of the condition now – listen to its arrival…you can see the sparks flying….and why climb out the window. Door worked fine.
Plenty of police soon on the scene. I’m told they have apprehended the guy.

Portents of Doom

I don't know if that is the right subject heading. A few years ago Mother's lemon tree split and mostly died. It was a prolific producer of fruit. Now we have to pay an absurd price for lemons. It did shoot again and while not its former self, seemed like it it might come to something. Mother decided that once her lemon tree died, she too would die.

It was a couple of weeks ago when she recounted a dream of her bestie who died from a brain tumour in  her early forties. Her late friend was calling to her, Come and see me Thellie. We took Mother to her house a day later, and the new growth on the lemon tree had died. That's it, Mother proclaimed. I'm done for.

But Mother has lived on and the lemon tree shot once again after her gardener removed the dead growth.

At the instigation of Hippie Niece, and with the best of intentions, in a duplicitous manner Ex Sis in Law and Husband got hold of a key for Mother's house and took a real estate friend to find out what it is worth. Mother's firm price is $500,000 but the agent suggested $650 to $700. While she was happy with the suggestion, she will insist on getting an opinion from an agent who is a friend of a friend. The agent also suggested an auction, but in spite of it being a huge block of land that could fit six apartments and walking distance to the shops, the train station and a passing bus service, auctions have never been successful in Mother's street. Ex Sis in Law knew Mother would get stressed if she knew about what they were doing, so that is why they did not tell her.

We had an interesting day at her house yesterday, clearing out things, finding photos and all sorts of old things, mostly photos, but my 70 plus year old uncle's 21st birthday key, along with sister's. I had totally forgotten about 21st keys, a large wooden key where guests at the birthday party wrote their names. You've got the key to the door. You've never been 21 before.

ABI Brother who she lives with has been daily taking up a drawer from the house for Mother to go through. He returns the empty drawer and brings back another.

Canna lilies along the back fence. The pile of greenery is just old tree branches. grass clippings and leaves but I expect it houses many critters. It was once where their caravan used to sit. Her garden is looking so lush, thanks to ABI Brother's conscientious watering and good recent, albeit it muddy rain.

As is par for the course, R and I had a terrible argument on the way home from Mother's. Apparently I am an appalling driver who endangers the life of my passengers every time I am behind the wheel, in spite of my smooth and relaxed driving and not having an accident for 40 years, nor a fine from police.

Thursday, February 06, 2020

Pride March Pt 1

R was a little reluctant to attend this year's Gay Pride March. Afterwards he told me we two old men would stand out like the proverbials. We used to attend in a large group that gradually diminished to just us and our Hair Dresser Friend last year. But we went and there were plenty of older couples to be seen and plenty of single people, old and young out and about. There isn't a lot to say about most of the photos. You are fortunate if you use Blogger and have Light Box turned on and can just click through them at the bottom of the page.

Very quiet to start with. The place where we have lunched for the last few years, the long time St Kilda Institution Leo's Spaghetti Bar has gone (Later, I am not so sure). We found a table at Topilinos instead and had nice enough food and coffee. This year the parade started at 11.00am, rather  than about 1.00pm, so no drinkies for us.

Dykes on Bikes lead the parade.

The Aboriginal smoking ceremony.

Rather cool dress worn by this dyke.

Among the gay Pacific Islanders marching was Mauritius, which the last time I looked is in the Indian Ocean.

There was some commercial focus, but it didn't dominate. The march is predominately about community.