Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Bits and pieces

R had an appointment in Richmond to see if he could have laser surgery for his eyes so that he no longer had to wear contact lenses or glasses. For a couple of reasons he decided to not proceed. We were both going to go on trams but when I learnt his appointment would be over two hours, I said you catch the tram and I will pick you up afterwards. Because of drops in his eyes, he had to be collected. I wasn't particularly busy, so I ended up taking him there too in the car.

We left early with the intention of going to Richmond Plaza, a small shopping centre, for a couple of things. It had been pulled down, about to become a few hundred apartments. City of Yarra I think, gave approval for nine storeys when the developer wanted twelve. The developer went to its friend the Evil VCat and had eleven storeys approved.

He made an optometrist appointment for yesterday but then at the last minute cancelled. I am really not sure why he cancelled. We still ended up going to where we were going to go for brunch in the city but we needed to buy nothing else. We had a decent walk in the city.

It is kind of boring week with an empty calendar. You know it must be boring when we are looking forward to visiting Mother on Thursday. An offer has been made for her house, $100,000 less than the price suggested by the real estate agent, which we always knew was absurd. It seems to me that the offer is getting close to a fair price. But she is no rush to sell and will do what she wants about the house.

I am quite content with my life, reading, internet, blogging, online chats, excessively long hot showers. After a lifetime of of quick showers before work or in the earlier days two showers a day, with an evening shower when I thought I might get lucky, it is luxury and I indulge myself. I am waiting for R to query my long showers and I will respond with 'I am a very dirty boi and I need lots of washing to clean me'. R will roll his eyes. All so predictable.

My Prahran Town Hall post yesterday turned out to be more interesting than I thought, thanks to Lee.

COVID is still a problem here but apparently it is slipping into Trump white voting territory in North America. So blacks being dirty and not washing their hands often enough is not really the reason blacks are over represented in the death toll.

Black Lives Matter! Or course they do. All animal life matters and we human animals come in different colours. George Floyd was certain no angel but did he deserve to be killed by the police? I can't imagine kneeling for eight plus minutes as a mark of respect and being able to get up again easily. What must it be like to have your neck knelt on for for that period of time until you took your last breath.

I don't think it was reported here, but I saw today such a sad video clip of light coloured black (yes, not relevant) people bystanders at a peaceful march with an angelic six year old son and saw their son pepper sprayed by police in a US city. Maybe it was accidental but it sure was not pretty to see.

Statues, tv shows, movies that exhibit racist attitudes are all being queried. I don't want our history destroyed but I do want it to put into context and with some input from those affected, I think it can be done.

I never expect 2020 to be year of nightmares, but so it has turned out to be.


  1. Given that 2020 is not yet half done I shudder to think what the rest of the year will bring.
    I think the people who talk about history being 'destroyed' are forgetting that the statues, movies etc only recognise one side of history, and often celebrate a time which was/is extremely painful for others. I would like the history to be more complete and have no problems with housing the statues in museums.

    1. EC, yes, to museums. I fully agree. They are historical figures and they inform us of our history but why leave them to remind some people of what was done to them in the past. You may care to look up the statues to Angus McMillan. The local council voted last night by one vote to keep his statues in their shire.

    2. I saw that story and shuddered. Given the deaths he personally caused I would vote for no statue to him.

  2. I saw an image of Nancy Pelosi kneeling and wondered if she had help getting up and down. Without a wobble. I am sick and tired of these book burners deciding what we should read or not, watch or not, say or not. Maybe one day, a John Cleese of the year 2040 will write a scathing Fawlty Towers like series excoriating them and their beliefs which have fallen from favour. Call it Twitter Tyrants. - Ian

    1. Ian, it is a pity she is so old. I think she would have done a good job in an even higher office. It is like going back to censorship. Unlike statues, people can choose to not watch or read things that they might find offensive.

  3. My point exactly re the movies and books. If you don't like the content, don't read or watch.
    As for people being all colours, so are animals, just look at the variety in cats, dogs, horses, yet no one quibbles about buying a dog of a different colour to any other in the street. This whole colour thing is ridiculous, we are all people.

  4. To you and I colour is of no consequence, unfortunately people of colour have to put up with things everyday that we can't even begin to understand or imagine because of our white privilege.. yup I said it, white privilege and we all know it's true ✨