Saturday, January 04, 2020

The kindness

As we would expect, many Australians have offered accommodation to people who are displaced or have lost their homes to fires. Others have offered to agist livestock or take in pets.

Australian Bad Boy of tennis Nick Kyrgios has donated $200,000.

Kim Kardashian after retweeting sensible media articles about our fires then tweeted Climate change is real.

The fabulous Bette Midler tweeted,

Pity the poor , their country ablaze, and their rotten @ScottMorrisonMP saying, “This is not the time to talk about Climate Change. We have to grow our economy.” What an idiot. What good is an economy in an uninhabitable country? Lead, you fuckwit!!

Then the just as fabulous Pink came to the fore with a half million dollar donation to Australia's fire services, or fire appeal. I can't remember which.

The world, including R's relatives in the UK are talking about Australia. We are an example of what is to come from climate change.

Former blogger and now friend Victor spent a day in Melbourne last week to see a show and said how nice it was to see blue skies after all the smoke shrouding Sydney. The next day we were shrouded in smoke, visibility reduced to 2 km from our balcony

I felt compelled to say something on FB, to recognise what people overseas are saying and their concern, and while R usually criticises me for what I post on FB to the point where I rarely post, here is what I put up last night. He gave me a 'Like'.

If us city folk needed any reminder of the terrible fires happening here in Victoria and in southern New South Wales, today we are smothered in smoke. Former PM of New Zealand Ms Clarke mentioned that the ash from our fires is settling on south island glaciers and melting them. Climate change believer or denier, this situation is unprecedented. Our volunteer firefighters are exhausted, yet our Prime Minister says they want to be there. In nearly twenty years here we have never had visibility down to two kilometres. Climate change or not, Houston, we have a problem. Feeling deeply for those who have lost their lives or homes and all creatures great and small. Nevertheless, a happy 2020 to you all


  1. Time for a global response

    1. Travel, that is so true. I thought we had a global response in Paris, or at least the start of a global response, but Paris seems to have been de-knackered.


    "Nick Kyrgios wants tennis stars to raise funds for bushfires, will donate $200 for every ace he hits."

    From Nick's winning match last night (Friday night) from the aces he served his donation was $4000.00. He has pledged to donate $200.00 for every ace he serves during the Summer of Tennis. Others are following his lead.

    Also..."Tennis Australia says plans are in place to support those affected by the country's bushfires after Nick Kyrgios's proposal for a charity exhibition match to raise funds ahead of this month's Australian Open gained rapid support."

  3. You are on the news here every day now, but without any mention of climate change.

  4. What A Drag Brother - Wish I Had Something Encouraging To Share

  5. And the oxygen thief is using his government's response in political advertisements!!!!
    Shrouded in smoke here too. The house is filled with it this morning and still the fires burn...

    1. Are you in a safe area?? Should I worry more than I already do?

  6. The devastation is horrendous.

  7. It is truly awful and the climate deniers are everywhere it seems, follow the money. Here our premier brags of more deep-sea oil, eff the fishing industry that is decimated.

    I cringe when I see the pics and loss of life and animals and their suffering. Armageddon, this is it and most are snoring.

    I hope you and R have masks, you need to filter this crap off your lungs especially w older lungs :(


  8. Whatever the reason might be, it is a terrible catastrope ! Fortunately there are people around who try their best to help and not only with words which mean nothing !

  9. I was going to send you Bette Midler's tweet when I saw it.
    We are all watching and hoping for rain!
    No snow here, and way warmer than it should be.

  10. Today there were many news reports on the TV about the fires. It kind of angered me. Finally our media realizes that Australia is burning!
    You and your country are in my thoughts.

  11. I had smoke inside my home when I woke up this morning, but not from any fires. The back door neighbours opened their doors and the stink filled bong smoke from yesterday and last night poured out, right into my back porch and bedroom. I slammed that door so fast it rocked.

  12. As Travel said, a global response is really needed. Yesterday.


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