Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Resign without honour

I am not naive enough to know that pork barrelling hasn't happened on both sides of politics. But truly, a Liberal Party (conservative) government grant to one of the richest if not the richest Australian suburbs of Mosman rowing club of half a million dollars is beyond the pale while poor communities who applied for grants were denied.

Then we find out the minister for grants is a member of a clay shooting club (go figure), and that her club received a grant too.

PM Morrison, many ministers in the past have resigned for lesser reasons. Minister Bridget McKenzie must go.

Thieves, liars, crooks and charlatans. 


  1. She was not a stupid minister. So what happened this time - a simple brain failure?

  2. Good Lord, this sounds so much like our province's gifties to friends, rellies and cronies. Commission after commission put in place to investigate and nothing comes of it. Our premier being the worst as he instructs ministers to carry out his dirty deeds and then hides behind their pantaloons and "losing" (read shredding and deleting) the evidence.

    I suppose it always went on Andrew but now it's more visible because of social media.


  3. Sounds like American politics.

  4. Yes.
    And I also note that a club in Scotty from Marketing's electorate was so confident of their grant that they went ahead with a significant building project (for which they did not have the funds) before the grants were announced. And yes, they got it.

  5. How much more of their antics do we have to endure. I despair for our country.

  6. Colour me not-surprised. I long ago gave up being astonished at their short-sightedness, not being able to see further than their own pockets.