Wednesday, July 03, 2019


slow healing, said the doctor. you have not kept your hand elevated enough. sling for another week and elevation at night. it was not well explained me. somewhat depressing.

at least it is not black but still could be, she said, putting fear into me. do you have travel insurance? yes, i replied and doesn't australia have reciprocal medical agreements with the uk. oh yes, your hand can be removed in the uk just like it can be here.  you should be ok to travel overseas next week.

so it is back to the sling with my hand higher and above my heart, including propping on pillows overnight and only left handed typing. it is too hard to post anything but i will see how i go with blog comments using my phone and tablet.

so sorry about the lack of communication and i dont blog when i am on holidays.

Tuesday, July 02, 2019

Sundays Past

What to do today Hon? It is a loaded question. R no longer likes challenging things such as long drives to the countryside. Last Sunday was just an easy drive along Port Phillip's beach road, without a particular destination in mind. We ended up in the ever so middle class area, Hampton Street, with not a smoker in sight but plenty of liquour outlets. Make of that what you will. We ate some bakery food, cheap, and then coffee at a trendy place. Our coffee cost $4 which is fast becoming the standard price.  The train station is right among the shops. This was the only photo I took. I like these personal memories.

Two sundays ago we went a little further in another direction along Port Phillip to Williamstown. Such a nice place on a sunny day. Coincidently it was the monthly market day. We bought nothing. We have everything we need, except a Samsung Galaxy 10 phone and a smarter tv than our present model, and are trying to get rid of what we don't want.

We didn't see any passing horses and bad luck if there were, as there was no water in the trough.

From the pier.

Looking towards town. The High Rise will be there somewhere.

You perhaps know by now I like nothing better than a good rotunda, frequently and often, and in this one was music and dancing. We had such nice lunch on The Strand with so many nice looking young daddies passing by with their toddlers and older. Is it every second Sunday that is father custody access day?

Monday, July 01, 2019

Logie Laugh

I don't think i have ever voted in TV show Logie awards. the gold logie is usually won by a popular commercial tv personality. this year it was won by our ABC, the national government broadcaster, comedian tom gleeson. he kind of set out his campaign to win to send up the awards, and he did so very successfully. i thought his campaign was such a hoot, i decided to go online and vote.

i think many others then did what i did and voted in all categories for ABC tv shows and presenters, resulting in ABC cleaning up many of the awards. mind they did deserve to win but would not normally.

Sunday, June 30, 2019

my non permanent disability

a week a is too short time to adjust to being unnaturally left handed. i am somewhat bored without the full use of my hands. i miss writing and reading and commenting on your blogs, although i have began to leave short comments. pain has stopped unless it comes as a warning to not do something. the bandaging and sling will come off tuesday and all should be well with another week to heal before we fly to england.

aside from typing there is little i can't do except everything takes so long, like typing this. i had to ask r to fold a tablecloth and ball up some socks. i had a shower yesterday with my arm in a plastic bag but otherwise just sponge baths. my bedding needs changing but it will have to wait. r would do it if i asked but i should have thought ahead myself. i wasn't actually warned about how incapacitated i would be.

yesterday, friday, was a work luncheon for a few people with 25 years service and two with 40 years service, one being me. another with 46 years service has just retired. i wasn't going to attend after the leave business stuff up, but i am pleased i did. with the excuse that i can't type or write, my speech was very brief.

for 25 years service staff receive an engraved silver tray, it quickly tarnishes, and i didn't know until a couple of weeks ago, 40 years is literally a gold watch. someone a year ago found out they retail for 1500 dollars. it is very flashy and heavy and i haven't worn a watch since the mid nineties when i bought my first phone, coinciding with my skin allergy to cheap metal, in that case watch buckles and backs. i did wear it for a time last night to get it wound but it annoyed me. we are having dinner out tonight with my gay workmate and i will wear it to show off. my thoughts of selling it have been stymied by it being personally engraved. joking really. i am a wee bit proud of the recognition. before we travel i will resign from work. easy to type but i am so unsure if i am making the right decision.

my left hand is now aching with its unusual effort. bye bye.

ps. lovely dinner with my gay workmate. i will miss him at work, but we will remain personal friends.