Saturday, June 29, 2019

Capitol Theatre

Melbourne's Capitol Theatre in our Swanston spine Street was rather neglected. Photos of the old Capitol Theatre from a website about the architects walter and marion burley griffin. they designed buildings all over the world, including our our federal capitol, canberra.

it has undergone a wonderful makeover by its owners, the royal melbourne institute of technology. my photo of the exterior and then city of melbourne, i think.

it doesn't have to look garish. it can look restrained.

in the late 1970s i had a date with a lass from ferntree gully. we saw the movie lipstick starring margaux hemingway at the capitol, i think daughter of ernest. afterwards she asked if we could drive to a pretty place in the dandenongs ranges to see the city lightsthat is. after asking her about her protection, we did the biz in the car. it was ok. one of my three sexual experiences with women perhaps. so long ago.

partly written before my hand became unusable. sorry for not replying to comments and for not commenting on your writings.

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

One of those weekends

Yes, very social. After finishing work at 7 and dashing home, on Saturday night we dined across the road at Cafe Roscoe with our gay Fijian Indian friend and our straight female Hairdresser Friend.

R had prepared nibbles of mild blue cheese and pate at home as we had a pre dinner drink.

More wine was drunk over dinner by three of the four of us, our gay friend having to drive home.

Back home we got stuck into the Scotch while our gay friend had a cup of tea. Our gay friend got his phone Grindr going and what a hoot it was. I showed them my latest love, a Brazilian slightly dark guy with a big.........personality. We had a grand old time, rather like the old days.

In a none too subtle manner, I said to our Hairdresser Friend, there is a 3A tram in ten minutes, if you care to catch it home.

It was a good call as the evening had come to a closure point. Nevertheless, we had drank a lot and woke Sunday morning, me at 6.30 and R at 10.00 looking less that our usual gorgeous selves.

We have to function. Little Jo is on the stage at 1pm and we have an hour's journey to see her. We need food at the Scottish Takeaway Restaurant in North Geelong, and we wanted to buy flowers for Little Jo. We failed on that score. We ran out of time.

Little Jo's singing and American accent (rich American fashionista) were brilliant. She worked that out herself from YT clips and her drawly accent was a surprise to her theatre teachers. It was her final performance for that theatre group. There are new irons in the fire. We went to the nearby trendy cafe for coffee and cake and a chat afterwards and then walked back to our car and as we will be overseas when it is Little Jo's twelfth birthday, we gave her a present and card early. She was delighted with the Harry Potter Lego, god knows why.

We missed Oldest Niece's birthday lunch, but Mother managed to attend and I have seen grand photos on FB.

Sister's wife Bone Doctor's parents lead quite separate lives. I asked about D and Bone Doctor said she had received an email from her mother with a photo of she and her female travelling companion on a hotel balcony watching the gay pride march in Rome. How cool is that.

Most of this was written that night. After today's skin cancer surgery, I may be a bit thin in the world of blog for I am not sure how long. I type with all fingers and thumbs and struggle to type one fingered with my left hand.

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Just a Sunday

I've been too ranty of late.

We cleaned the car at a western suburbs car wash and went on to Altona Village for a nice lunch.

Where are the photos?  Just the one. A community festival, so nice. Note the summer experiment scrubbed out pedestrian crossing at a roundabout.

The Altona Loop train is mostly a single track train and it is a great way to get to Altona Village, but the train line is very problematic, with many cancellations  It is such an easy option for Metro Trains to cancel trains on the Altona Loop.

Monday, June 24, 2019

Ignoring Falou

Sorry about the banging on about this, but I was not always a bitter old queen. I was once a young gay teenager and I can imagine what Benji has suffered. This is Benji. His parents have withdrawn him from his government secondary school because of homophobic bullying and will home school him. You don't even have to be gay as a teenager to suffer homophobic bullying. You only have to not conform to the sports playing stereotype. Photo from the Sydney Morning Herald.

Benji's parents were told by the school that he was overly sensitive.........yeah, and??? (verification required for this) Does that mean overly sensitive children should be bullied. But I don't blame the school too much. Most schools try to do their best about bullying, but none should ever ignore it.

So this homophobic bullying comes from parental attitudes and general community attitudes.

You may well think best just to ignore cockhead homophobic footballer Israel Falou when he posts anti gay material on Twitter, but think again. As an admired top football player, Falou's behaviour influences the views of young people and while I am not accusing him of encouraging violence, that is what ends up happening when impressionable young people hear his views. If Falou was a brave man, he would take on the debate that gay comedian Joel Creasey has challenged him to but even better, sit down and talk with Benji and hear what he has to say. Bullies usually go to water when confronted by their victims. Photo of Joel from

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Is this true?

I expect this was posted in some racist rant and I chopped off the offensive part of it, but isn't it rather disturbing, if true.