Saturday, June 22, 2019

Go Fund Me

I was going to say that I am very time poor at the moment and don't have time to post, and I am actually. This will soon change, like next week. I will explain later. Seems I found time anway.

Homophobic prick Israel Folau has started a fundraising campaign for his legal challenge against his sacking by Rugby Australia because of his homophobic and other inappropriate comments on social media. Fools and their money are soon parted and within hours hundreds of thousands of dollars had been raised for his action at the Fair Work Commission. Never mind that he has earnt millions of dollars each year as rugby player. He is hardly poor, yet has brought rats out of the woodwork who are contributing to the attack on Rugby Australia and ipso facto, an attack on gay people. It is quite simple, he breached the Rugby Australia social media policy, he was warned, he repeated it, he was warned again. He was unrepentant and refused to take down the nasty Tweet and so was sacked. That is what social media policy at workplaces is about. This is not about his religious views or opinions. It is about social media and your workplace.

Meanwhile in Western Australia a young lass has cancer and a fundraising campaign has been set up for her treatment. Instinct kicks in and you think, she is far more deserving of crowdfunding than Folau's legal action. Well yes, but no. While judgements might be made about surgery for old people in Australia, not really based on money, but more on outcomes, there is no expense spared by our healthcare system for a child with cancer. While there can be some adventurous treatments available overseas, and some doctors here, like the controversial Dr Charlie Teo who will step outside of standard clinical practice and cost a bomb, and our health system is far from perfect, a child will receive the best care and treatment possible in hospitals in Australia, and generally much loving by staff.

We refused to donate to a good friend's nephew's fund raising campaign after he had a car accident when he was being irresponsible and we knew that he would be well looked after by his state car accident insurance system. This Go Fund Me money raising is rubbish in Australia and Go Fund Me should be there to save opera, old buildings, digitising historical records, protesting against poor government decisions.

 A new one popped up today on Twitter, to fund raise for an organisation to help young people determine what their pay should be and if they are being cheated by employers. It seems to be kind of like an advice line. Sounds good? Hello??? The government already funds one of those and I know someone who has used it with success. It was called Wage Line, but may have a different name now.

There are lots of places where your pounds, dollars and shekels could be donated but don't waste your money on people like the very rich religious bigoted arsehole Folau, or things that we taxpayers already pay for.

Maybe I should set up a fundraiser to write my most excellent blog posts? Except, it doesn't cost me anything and I enjoy doing it.  But you can pay me if you like.

Later edit: Courtesy of our Senator neighbour, Folau drives a Lamborghini with a purchase price of over $500,000.

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Annoying partner habits

R says he does not read my blog as his memory of things does not match mine and his view of things is different. I wish I had never told him that I have one as I am not sure if he is being truthful, but I think he is.

Annoying partner habits... He coughs too loudly when in the car to to the point where it nearly deafens me. I did mention it once to him and it became quieter, but has now reverted to being too loud but I can cope as he doesn't cough too much.

In conversations with people he repeats himself, to make a point I suppose, and he cares little about accuracy or correct names etc. He is outgoing and gregarious and I am not. My contact with my family, aside from Sister because R barely tolerates her, is mostly via R.

What annoys me the most, and I think it comes from early internalised childhood homophobia, is that he is not a gentle person with things. He shuts doors loudly, he slings his seatbelt off and it crashes into the interior of the car. He forces our apartment door to close against the self closing mechanism. He may make a beautiful dish for a party, with his excellent intuitive cooking skills, and with exquisite presentation, yet he will fling it down on a table to the point where it could be spoilt. Just something I made, he will say. You can't be gay if you are so butch and rough with things.

I am used to all these things and no big deal. But what I am not used to is him half singing, la la la lah. Dah dah dah dah. A single line from a song, half sung  with some words wrong and repeated endlessly. It began recently and I don't know why. It's driving me mad. I know it will be hurtful (think WWIII) if I say to him can you stop doing that, and now as therapeutic to me is writing, I have come up with a solution that focuses on the positive, as R always tells me I should do. Come on hon. Don't half sing, belt it out. I would not mind that at all.

Of course it goes without saying that I am absolutely perfect and I have no annoying habits at all.

If your husband/partner does not read or know of your blog, do tell me what are their annoying habits.

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Settling of Contents

That used to be a warning on cereal boxes, some settling of contents may occur, meaning your cereal box may not be full to the brim. I understood that, a shaking down.

No such warning that I saw came on the 3kg container of Vanish, formerly known as Napi-San, a product sold here by Reckitt Benckiser, perhaps formerly Reckitt Coleman, a world wide multinational giant.

I have helpfully put a mark on our new container of Vanish, where the level of detergent reaches in the container. Some considerable settling of contents has happened, like nearly half the container. Too much time on my hands? I did weigh it and it was over its advertised 3kg weight.

Nevertheless, I see it as false marketing and much more plastic is used than is required, and isn't plastic a huge problem in this 21st century. My 2018 pretty blue and strong South African water bottle is in the background. I haven't bought a bottle of water since. In Australia and New Zealand, I've just kept topping it up with tap water, as I will do in Britain. I just have to make sure it is empty when I go through Border Security in various countries.

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

And the date is?

I recently came across a couple of interesting maps. The first I found on a Twitter thread by Michael Donohoe in which he says "Comprehensive map of countries which use the date format (in red) MM DD YYYY". Areas in white use DD MM YYYY or YYYY MM DD.

As you can see from the map, it is only one country that uses the MM DD YYYY and even then I believe the military use the DD MM YYYY (That could be dangerous with #45 in charge of the buttons). Does in matter? Oh yes, it certainly does. 09/10/2019 to most of the world is the ninth of October. To the US it is tenth of September.

More than once when booking holidays I have become alarmed when the date format was different and thought I had made a grave error.

If the US doesn't want to fall into step with the rest of the world it could at least use YYYY MM DD, which is used in some parts of the world. There is no confusion here because as soon as you see the year first, you known that is followed by the month and date.

One tweeter said it is map of countries using the right date format. A follow up tongue in cheek reply was, Can't believe how the world could be so wrong and so stubborn about it.

As another wit in the Twitter thread said, it also is comprehensive map of countries that put a man on the moon.

Another said it is a comprehensive map of countries that use zip codes, rather than postal codes.

I'll save the other pillory the US map for another day. You might guess what it is about though. Sorry you US people, I know you can't individually change what you are very used to.

Later: I have since learnt that it is terrible mess in Canada, with both formats being used. I am sure a Canadian will explain.

Monday, June 17, 2019

Monday Mural

It is nothing too wonderful and I have no idea now where it is. But painting on such a large scale amazes me. Hey, I posted something. So there.

Sunday, June 16, 2019

A Brunswick Street Stroll

This should perhaps be called a Brunswick Street Memoir.

Although I am very much a south of the river person, I quite like Brunswick Street, Fitzroy to the north of the river and we have visited the street many times but not so much lately. It is the natural home of the bearded hipster and the more 'interesting' people in our society. Even now as it has become an expensive area to reside, it still had the alternative feel.

In the early nineties I used to go there for lunch with a former workmate who was then a 'receptionist' in a brothel. I believe the gay equivalent is 'towel boy'. It was called The Angel and the dyke who owned and ran it was very nice to us. My friend for a couple of years pretended she was a dyke and knew how to flirt with dykes.

We had an absolutely wonderful lunch once with our Brother Friends at a place called Red Tongue?, our outdoor table surrounded by tables of minimally dressed hot European and Middle Eastern men. We didn't know where to look as we were overwhelmed with air redolent of straight male testosterone. It too has long gone.

We took Hippie Niece at about the age of 16 to Madame Sousatzkas for lunch and she was most impressed with the staff in in frilly short black dresses with lacy white aprons, and she also liked that the female staff wore them too. It has also gone.

I can't remember why but a couple of times we went there at night with friends, perhaps the early nineties, and parked at a place called the Bullring. I really can't remember what that was about.

Another time we were invited to a party by a gay couple we knew who lived in the parallel Fitzroy Street. It was nice old modernised two storey Victorian period house. We hung and chatted to the guys we knew in the kitchen but none us of missed that there was nude male spa bathing happening within our view. That was fine. Eventually we decided to look around the house and went upstairs and my goodness, what was happening in a very large dark room full of men even made my hair curl. We were at a gay orgy party. We descended the stairs with alacrity, not that we disapproved, but it was just so unexpected. We had no idea. The song, You'll Always Find Me in the Kitchen at Parties comes to mind, and we returned to the kitchen.

Now after a writing break I remember them. One was called David, an incomprehensible Scot who worked as a geologist for overseas companies and hence was away from home for extended periods.  The other was John, an Australian born person I think. They opened a bar called Jocks in I think Peel Street off Smith Street in Collingwood that went on to become Gay Trade Bar. It was a good venue. I know I've done this before but I forget. The same premises was once a posh restaurant and former  conservative politician Andrew Peacock and American actor Shirley MaClaine had something to do with it. Glo Glos?

After we moved to The Highrise in the early 2000s, we still went to Brunswick Street to have a cheap hair cuts at GI Joe's. There was a modern post office opposite and to my surprise when I went in to buy stamps, a gay former workmate was behind the counter. We exchanged phone numbers and neither of us called each other. He was also known to our friend who died last year. Both GI Joe's and the post office have gone.

Well, as R says, I live in the past. Not quite true, as I recently visited Brunswick Street and it struck me that there are so many.....things on roofs above shops.

It was before Easter and in spite of the advertising in the shop, I couldn't find an Easter egg for R. I Guggled and found my secret new Easter egg place in Church Street, Richmond, which is where I went on to after Brunswick Street.

Don't lie to to me. You know very well that with these radios you had to wait for the valves to warm up before the radio would come on. Yes, transistors were around in your youth, but valve radios were part of your childhood.

How cool.

A naked baby above a shop that has closed down. One can only imagine.

Shifty people can be very nice, as the steal from your pocket.

Is it a Friesian cow?

A tasteful more modern building among all the old Victorian period falling down buildings.

It looks a bit like a clock.

Polyester was an iconic place. Looks like it has gone now.

Has to be something to do with hairdressing.

The Brunswick Street streetscape hasn't been attacked too badly, with plenty of nice old buildings remaining.

I couldn't decide which of these photos to use.

Not all businesses come and go, with the excellent and popular cafe Black Cat surviving for over three decades.

I chose to have coffee at Marios, almost unchanged for over three decades.

Later edit: Two other businesses that have been in Brunswick Street for a long time, Fitzroy Nursery, a plant nursery and Lucrezia & De Sade. While I've looked in the window, I didn't quite realise what the shop stocked. Oh my!