Friday, June 07, 2019

The Hillbillies

Blame Dora. She mentioned hillbilly in a comment. Go on. Click play. You can't resist .It doesn't start until about 30 seconds and bonus, the closing credits and perhaps like me you have forgotten the very last bit about who made the film.

I kind of liked Jethro, actor Max Baer Jnr, back then. Not sure why now. His father was a boxer and also named Max Baer. Now he was a rather handsome man in my opinion.

Thursday, June 06, 2019

Greville Street

Greville Street in Prahran was super trendy. It was a narrow street with narrow footpaths, parking on one side and two way car traffic. It was the original home of the gay Beat Bookshop. Retro clothing abounded and cool cafes and venues lined the street. The magazine shop Mag Nation is still there. Greville Street was the coolest place to be seen for we who live south of the river. So cool, that it was eventually sent up by the wonderful Magda Szubanski in a tv comedy show, coming out of retro clothing shop with her arms high in the air stuck in a jumper as she waxed lyrically about her clothing purchase in the trendy street.

Stonnington Council had a pretty ugly trial partial closure of the street, but with kudos to Stonnington, the final product is just wonderful. Here are some photos.

Cars are subject to normal rules but as a pedestrian, you feel like you have some rights over cars. Cars who do travel along Greville Street do so at about 20 km/h. A bonus is that skate boarders won't like the paving.

It does change to an almost normal road after Izett Street, but still traffic and there is little, travels slowly.

And treatments even keep going once around the corner into Porter Street at Prahran Station. Just to my left is the old Station Hotel, now a modern and no doubt expensive place to dine with apartments built at the rear. Have a look back at this post of mine from 2012 to see a train coming out of the hotel! I recently read it was a favourite place for police to gather for a drink after work in its older days. There are some good comments in the post too.

The unlamented Table Talk biscuits were as boring as batshit but nice that the sign is still at Prahran Station.

Wednesday, June 05, 2019

AFP Outrage

It would be a terrible disservice to Jewish people to compare what is happening in Australia to the the time of Hitler, but by golly, it feels a bit like it., yes Rupert's media organisation, tabloid reporter Annika Smethurst had her home raided by the Australian Federal Police, her phone and computer etc seized.

Shock jock Sydney radio station 2GB presenter Ben Fordham, who also contributes to Sky News, yes another Murdoch company, is on notice that he is being investigated by the Australian Federal Police.

Well, right or wrong, commercial media does go too far at times.

Our ABC is careful about what it reports. It has checks and balances. That may at times make the behemoth slow to respond, but when it does, it usually gets it right. Now too its Sydney headquarters has been raided by the Australian Federal Police, the much expanded force by former Prime Minister John Howard and subsequent conservative governments.

I consider the stories reported by the two people and Our ABC to be of interest to the public, and things we should know about. It seems to me that the AFP has been on a fishing expedition at ABC headquarters. The search warrant is extremely wide ranging and will have been authorised by a member of judiciary. Are we allowed to know who? It seems not. Why is the search warrant so wide ranging? Probably because the Australian Federal Police lie when requesting the warrant.

The only check on these outrages is our judiciary, and in my opinion they have been overly generous towards the AFP with warrants. If necessary for Australia's security, warrants can be obtained for very specific matters but not wide ranging fishing expeditions. That the AFP can go into the computer system of our ABC with powers to delete things is absolutely outrageous. Name names! Who was the magistrate who granted the AFP such power in a warrant?

How very convenient that Prime Minister Morrison is visiting London to see The Queen.

All three stories should have been public knowledge and thank you to those who put the careers at risk to report them.

Later: Does he really know what he has signed off on?  local court registrar, Martin Kane. It gave officers sweeping powers to access and seize notes, emails, footage, drafts, documents and other items related to the "Afghan Files" investigation.

What's your browser?

We use three web browsers, Internet Explorer, now called Edge is one. R uses it for his personal email account and it has safe for children turned on for when Little Jo visits. The home page is the login for R's gmail. R also uses it for Facebook and it where I go to FB for Mother's FB, that I set up and control.

We jointly use Firefox, and when opening it, it automatically takes us to our joint email account inbox. That is all I use it for. I don't know if R uses it for anything else.

I use Chrome and my homepage is Google. There is link to go immediately to my gmail. Safe searching and safe browsing are not switched on.

We both use Chrome on our tablets and phones.

So tell me what you use? Do you use more than one browser? For what reason? Our use of three browsers is kind of privacy reasons and ease of use.

Tuesday, June 04, 2019

Pakenham Upper

It was forecast to be a cold and wet day Thursday, so Mother told R he need to come to take her out, but was I working on Sunday. I wasn't. So R got out of Mother Thursday and we both went Sunday.

I installed ABI Brother's new modem with not too much trouble. He is NBN connected and so it had to work for his phone too. I walked back into the living area and I heard Mother saying something about a carriage. She went outside to smoke and I asked my brother, what was that about a carriage? He replied, sorry, I wasn't really listening. It went over my head.

Which is exactly what I previously told R when he pondered how ABI Brother copes with Mother. He mostly just lets what she is gabbing on about go over his head.

We lunched at the takeaway/eat in cheap Scottish restaurant and decided we won't return. After our burgers and chips, R ordered apple pies and ice cream for all of us. Sorry, we have run out. We will have some ready in three minutes. After standing there for over ten minutes and seeing apple pies served to tables, he crossly asked for his money back. Cross maybe an understatement. He was furious. He recovered and we drove to see a newish area of Mother's town north and above where ABI Brother lives.

Wow, it is a hilly area and there are so many stone retaining walls, all using the same colourful stones. The housing is all less than ten years old, but of quite a high standard in many cases. I am not one who likes much of modern housing but there was some pretty classy looking architecture. We were above two lakes and what bliss to see two lads fishing in one of the lakes. The views were amazing, and evidently popular at night by a couple takeaway food containers strewn on the bank below. Shame, shame shame.

We could see distant coastal area where Ex Sis in Law lives, Westernport Bay and then French Island.

We dropped Mother at home and headed home. For the horror of last Sunday's travel on the freeway, this Sunday it was great. Now for some relaxing at

When nearly home, Hippie Niece called. Can we and my new root beau come and visit you, and Uncle R, we are broke, can you cook us a meal, otherwise it will be two minute noodles. No dearest niece. Uncle R is 70 years old and will not be cooking for you. As I said to her new lad, don't worry, the 'rich' old gay uncles will pay, and we did at our favourite Thai restaurant in town.

Hippie Niece had busted her money on drinks at Crown Casino the night before with her female friends. The somewhat more responsible lad's bank had taken out a wrong mortgage repayment from his account, so he was left with no funds. Their cheap city hotel was booked in advance at a cheap price and included car parking.

They came here by tram and we went into town by tram, of course. What idiot would want to drive into the city and suffer traffic and parking stress! The stop after we boarded the tram, ticket checkers boarded and honed straight in on him and Hippie Niece, leaving us two older gentlemen quite alone, that is we who did tap on when we boarded. He had a public transport card with credit on it but had not used it. Hippie Niece did not have a card at all. Changed hand bags, she said. Given they live in very outer areas of Melbourne, their lying arguments about being ignorant of the ticket system and the free tram zone might have some weight, but I doubt it. $242 fine for each of them. I feel sorry for them but also pleased that people were caught stealing, and that is what it is. The behaviour of the ticket checkers was impeccable and not having had my ticket checked and so not knowing I was staff of the same company, extra good.

It was a nice meal and quite fast. We are down $146 but as R says, shrouds don't have pockets. I quite liked Hippie Niece's new bloke. She with her two year old twins and he with high custody of his similarly aged daughters, and that they are quite similar in some ways, and of course I inappropriately asked Niece if the sex was good and she said it is, well, we have high hopes for Hippie Niece and this bloke and an ongoing relationship.

Monday, June 03, 2019

Monday Mural

Bit late with Monday Mural but it is early Monday somewhere when this is published. Not remarkable but quite ok. I expect there is some deep meaning in the work, but it wasn't obvious to me. There wasn't the artist's moniker that I could see. I hope I have not posted it before, but if I have, no one will remember and it will have been a long time ago. I think it is Johnston Street in Fitzroy just east of Brunswick Street.

Sunday, June 02, 2019

Sunday Desperate

Nothing written for today to post but I can fall back on cloud photos and a few words.

Still playing with words, last night with a dinner out with new friends and old in the ever so posh Bay Street Brighton but had a cheap meal, Chapel Street Bazaar was mentioned. Later I thought, how bizarre is the bazaar. 

Should I seek legal advice from my barista? Maybe if he or she is a law student. Otherwise I might need a barrister. It is all about empharseis on the syllables when the word is spoken. Would young people know what a syllable is?

Oh Jesus, I hope he is not another god botherer Fijian football player, but no matter. What a fabulous alliterative name has Aussie Rules player Nic Naitanui. His name is poetry to my ears.