Saturday, March 09, 2019

When kangas attack

Our kangaroos who are in regular contact with people are cute and cuddly. Not so the wild kangaroos who are very territorial. I am not sure if this video will work, and if not, try this link.

Ok, found it on Youtube. They really dislike this 'big bird' flying in.

A Compact Royce

It is a nice thing to have a straight male reader who comments on my blog regularly. I wonder if Cro's Compact Royce has headlight washers and wipers as I saw on a not so compact Rolls Royce in Collins Street? Swish swish.

Friday, March 08, 2019

Friday Funnies

Just came across these photos somewhere on the net.

Photo of me cooking my most excellent famous fried rice, the only thing I cook. I have strong muscles from flipping the wok around. I am a bit cute, yes?

Strayer of Cat Eyes---A Cat Woman's Photos does unbelievable work by getting medical treatment for neglected cats along with a huge number of cats desexed. I takes me 'at orf to her for her tireless and quite physical work at times. I donate $US7 a month to her Happy Cat Club. It is an odd figure but it is about AU$10. If you have bought something on the internet it will be so easy to make a donation or a regular contribution. I am sure she won't appreciate this cartoon.

I wonder about the authenticity of this one.

I really don't like pigeons or doves, but it is we humans that have made them such a pest.

Thursday, March 07, 2019

Something new

I haven't bought new clothing for ages.

I was badly in need of a new jacket, both for our sea cruise and the forthcoming winter when I don't need a heavy and tight jacket. My older still  jacket has become too casual to be be used as a casual jacket. Just shabby and lacking any kind of style, I would say.

I found one at Myer, FCUK (that was hard to type), reduced from $200 to about $150 with a further 25% off, it ended up being $112. It is really nice and will do for both more formal use (yeah, like when?) and casual use.

But the sleeves were too long. I thought about 2cm, just under an inch. No, said my tailor. 6cm too long and he got to work chopping off my sleeves. The sleeve length is now perfect but my bargain jacket is not such a bargain after adding the $50 cost of the tailor. There was a good bit of work in shortening the lined sleeve is expensive no matter where you go.

Wednesday, March 06, 2019

New for some

What is this thing called, love? The very high balcony glass gives a clue. Don't want the skylarking youth falling over the edge.

Prahran High (secondary) School was closed by close everything down Premier Jeff Kennett in the 1990s. At least his mate Ted Baillieu, a future Premier but then a a real estate company boss didn't get to sell the land to developers. It was made public space. I can't count all the schools closed, but there was a lot of them. A list is here.

It was very short sighted. Our population has grown immensely and some schools are overcrowded and of course the taxpayer has to pay for new schools when there were so many closed. But the alternative to properly educated children is unthinkable. The standard of schools now is a subject for another day.

Prahran has a new high school, described as a vertical school. I don't think multi storey schools are new but how wonderful to have the new school, capable of educating  650 students. It really doesn't look like school, does it. Here is an artist's impression that makes it look more like a school.

Tuesday, March 05, 2019


Like my blog posts are so exciting that a teaser is required. Tomorrow's post will be about something new not far away from us. It is a good thing, and has had to built because of our absurd population explosion and that the old one was closed down.

I can never get past the irony of former Premier Jeff Kennett causing misery and hardship to so many people and then go on to be a front person for mental health organisation Beyond Blue, which was once rather homophobic, as I recall.

Here is a graphic of train stations and lines closed down by Liberal (conservative) governments in our state, most of them if not all by Kennett himself. Well, that is what the headline says, but I am not sure they were all closed byKennett.

Funny Money

I will soon disappear from the blogosphere for a couple of weeks as we sail off to New Zealand and then back. I will be relying on free wifi and my huge Aldi phone data credit, and if that runs out, I will use R's.

We are wait listed for the only ship tour we have booked, a scenic train trip. Otherwise we will do as we did when we cruised the Mediterranean, rely on touts offering tours when you get off the ship at each port. These tours are much much cheaper than the ship tours and in our experience, quite good.

Our dollar pretty well equals New Zealand's dollar, but I am not sure of New Zealand prices. When we were last in NZ, about 1982, we received NZ$1.30 for our dollar.

We decided not to have a travel bank card with credit as we will mostly be on the ship. We did buy NZ$500 in notes. Clearly New Zealand is transitioning (what an ugly word) to a new bank note.

I didn't take a photo of the no doubt worthy people on the other side, Her Maj being one on one of the notes. Of course I should tell you about the birds featured on the notes but it is getting late and I am tired.

New Zealand is a terrific country and when we were last there many decades ago, there were white people and Maori. Now it is very multicultural. Do they all get along together? I expect it is much like Australia. It takes a generation or two for integration. Our photos of New Zealand in about 1982 were a disaster, taken with 'a superior' camera given to us by a friend. They all have green hue. 

Monday, March 04, 2019

Monday Mural

While I like this mural, I do not like the Richmond footballer in the mural, well the artwork not the person. I have no idea who he is. Nor can I find any information about the work online, with the only fact being it was painted after February 2017.

What it does do successfully is represent Richmond icons. From the left is animated neon Audrey the skipping girl sign, Richmond Town Hall, a reference to Richmond Hill where the richer people of lived and at the top of the hill is the well known St Ignatius Catholic Church. 

I don't know if this applies in other parts of Australia or overseas, but the top of a hill is often a chosen location to build a Catholic Church, with Protestant churches lower down the hill.    

Moving on, there is a musician, and Richmond has many famous and not so famous and the iconic Corner Hotel. We have the sign post of the nearby intersection, Church Street and Bridge Road, the Pelaco, a shirt manufacturer, sign. I am unsure of the 'looking over the bridge' reference, but along Bridge Road is a significant an old bridge over the Yarra River.

Then there are the Richmond Silos, with a stalled redevelopment plan and topped by the Nylex Clock, seen from so many places, including our balcony but it has not worked for years after I believe the Nylex company was wound up. Then of course the world famous Melbourne Cricket Ground.

While the musician is a good work in my opinion, am I wrong in thinking the footballer is just a really bad piece of artistic work?

Sunday, March 03, 2019

Stan and Ollie

What a nice little movie about Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy. Their relationship was so complex as they toured England after the peak of their US career and as Ollie's health deteriorated. When I was young, I saw their tv shows and I laughed a lot at their antics, without knowing what skilled performers they were. The first half an hour I found boring but suddenly the movie all came together for me. A truly amazing relationship that had at times had me thinking they were almost a couple but they both had wives and there was no hint of anything that might have been. They had a very close relationship, but purely as friends and workmates.

Speaking of close male relationships, what about Australia's second most famous bushranger (that is robber of stage coaches etc) after Ned Kelly. I must say when I hear or read about Captain Moonlight and the suspicions that he may have been gay, I do bone up, feel a frisson of excitement. Like many woman and some men, I feel an attraction to bad boys who 'treat 'em mean and keep them keen'. Read what James has to say about Captain Moonlight here. Is that a gun you are putting into my mouth Captain Moonlight?

Ah well, I amused myself.

Sunday Selections

I have been neglecting photos of late. When I download photos from the camera and phone to the desktop computer, they are automatically filed into a folder named with the date taken. I had rather a lot of folders and I still haven't finished sorting them out.

Here are a heap of cloud photos.

Pretty and benign.

This cloud did come to become something.

Is it detergent in car oil that makes this road froth?

Building fires last December.

Friday night's dinner is ready to cook. What a pity the salmon colour is dye. Very nice, nevertheless.

This from yesterday. Fingers crossed that there won't be loss of homes and or lives. Already there must be terrible loss of wildlife. I spoke to Mother yesterday when these photos were taken and she lives nearby. She is safe but she mentioned a bright red sun, and is now smothered in smoke.

A tweet from the weather bureau.