Saturday, February 23, 2019

Review before send

Sometimes people get drunk or just tired late at night and send phone texts or emails and even make blog comments that in the cold hard light of day they regret sending. They desperately want to retrieve the message. Cannot be done.

I learnt this years ago at my own cost and some embarrassment. But then sometimes it can work, a message written when fuelled by the demon drink or emotion to say things you might be reticent about in the harsh daylight. Generally in my own case, I don't have regrets. But then I have never told my boss that he is a prick and to go eff himself.

Last night just before dropping off, I composed a nice text message to someone, ready to send after review the next morning. Write at night and review and send the next day. I accidently sent the message, and upon review, it was fine. He replied. Where I mucked up was in my following message apologising for sending the text message late at night. I said way much more than I should have, but I think it will be ok. I think he will get the thing about tall handsome Sikh men.

Just reinforcing to myself, do not click send or publish late at night or after a couple drinks, no matter how smart you think you are or how well written you think you are.

Life slips by

While I have never seen the tv show MacGyver, I know enough to know that this is a MacGyver type solution to the problem of the wind blowing out our gas barbeque flame. A small clothes horse, an old towel and vice grips to stop the towel blowing away.

We used the barbeque Tuesday night when there was wind blowing. Wednesday was a rare evening meal out at night with a gay workmate at the extremely busy Brunetti in Flinders Lane. It was nice. Thursday night, no wind and we had bought a roast chicken for dinner. Friday night, Angus beef sausages to cook on the barbeque and the wind is back, so Andrew Macgyver's invention is used again.

Is this week two or three of my leave? I can't remember. The days just pass by. I did catch up with an interstate visitor to Melbourne who likes trams and spent a few hours riding trams with him. Last Saturday was a family barbeque at Tradie Brother's. Sad to see him slipping deeper and deeper into alcohol addiction, but he still functions well enough, though he has lost the will to work paid employment. I get that. He just scrapes by with money.

One of the twin nieces is worse than the other, but both do fake crying and screaming to seek attention and or reassurance, or if they are not happy or tired. We have never known babies like these in our family. Yet, they are now getting more used to the old uncles and have ceased to scream when we go near them, even getting a smile at times.

Mother Day of course on Thursday. The journey to her town was horrendous. Roads were closed as we left here, stop start traffic in multiple areas on what is supposed to be high speed freeways. Absurdly low speed limits on the freeway for no apparent reason, then a railway level crossing to sit at for ten minutes. Best trip time, 53 minutes. This trip, 80 minutes. Trip home, just under 60 minutes.

Mother just seems to become more frail each week. ABI Brother has applied for and looks like he will get a full Carer's pension to look after her. But with his acquired brain injury, in some ways Mother looks after him too.

R has a significant birthday this year soon, as does Mother and they are two days apart. We will be on the high seas for R's birthday but back for Mother's. Sister got busy organising a family lunch at an old favourite view of the sea haunt of Mothers, without any consultation with us. Mother said, your Sister will call you. I am now dead because I held my breath.

There were a couple of ticks though this week. One is that I checked a heap of old recorded dvds and then destroyed them after keeping what I wanted, (the boy at the back of the class who snickered about what was on them, detention for you) and all 15 years of digital photos backed up by being being on two dvds have now been uploaded to cloud storage, 80 gigabytes of photos.

Meeting with my big boss next Tuesday about my leave. My union delegate will accompany me. It is my leave, there are vacancies. Why can't I take it? I am supposed to be relaxing on leave. Instead I wake at 2 in the morning trying to work out the best thing to say on Tuesday. I am really getting well pissed off about this.

I think we are going to see some sand sculptures today and buy a cabbage that we forgot to buy to go with our corned beef. Cannot have corned beef without cabbage, even if I don't like cabbage. R makes a nice mustard sauce to smother the taste of cabbage. Sunday, a Japanese thing happening at Fed Square. We may check that out, although don't expect us to eat Japanese food. We don't like.

Friday, February 22, 2019

Another tea leaf

If it was Thursday, maybe I could start a regular Theft Thursday, but it isn't. We were sitting outside Brazil Cafe in South Melbourne and an older bloke of slim build with his grey hair pulled into a short ponytail walked inside. He was carrying a container of McDonald's drink and walked into the cafe, picked up one of the newspapers provided for customers to read and sat down at the table next to us without ordering anything.

Surely, I thought, he is not cheeky enough to sit at a cafe table with a McDonald's drink and read the cafe's newspaper? No, he sat for about ten seconds, stood up and moved to a public bench seat on the far side of the cafe seating, with the newspaper. He was there about a minute and then walked off. I couldn't see if he still had the newspaper with him or not. I stood up and went to check. He had pulled out the horse racing guide and another supplement and taken the main part of the newspaper with him, unchallenged by anyone.

We were watching and don't worry, I won't forget his face in a hurry and point him out to cafe staff if I see him again.

Just a squiggle

The Royal Australian Mint has produced some commemorative $2 coins to celebrate to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Mr Squiggle appearing on our television screens. I received one of the coins in change last week. It is a small coin and the detail hard to see for me without a magnifying glass, it looked quite nice.

I could try to take a macro photo of the coin, but why not use one from the mint.

Some of you will be puzzled, not knowing about Mr Squiggle. Here is a video of an episode of the  children's ABC tv show. I have only been around a year or so more than Mr Squiggle and I loved the show, though it was in my childhood memory in black and white. I should watch the video properly and I may have the time yet and edit this. For the years I watched the show, the human was always Miss Pat and the characters along with Mr Squiggle were Blackboard and I think the ever so grumpy Steam Shovel. 

I can't seem to delete the above video, which I did watch. But here is another, a celebration of Mr Squiggle on a morning tv show, with no mention of our ABC.

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Watching a thief

He was attractive enough, but wore a real don't speak to me face. I suppose it must have been something about his body language that spoke aggression, which I can find appealing but in this case, no. He just looked scary.

We were in South Melbourne Aldi shopping, as we do, and he was queued in front of us with three bottles of mixers under his arm. He stepped out of the queue into the adjacent liquour area, and returned to his place in the queue with a bottle of what looked like vodka. I was focused on what we were doing and only half noticed what he was doing. Can you step back into the same place in a queue as he did? I guess so.

He put the three full sized bottles of mixers and the bottle of vodka onto the belt and he was close to the checkout. He then picked up the bottle of vodka, tucked it under his arm as the mixers were scanned and he paid for them, then gathered up the mixers in his arms and left, with only a cursory acknowledgement to the check out person.

The check out person is very experienced and her fast and accurate price scanning of what you buy is most excellent. I think she is some kind of manager at Aldi.

Our goods went through and we paid and as we entered the lift to the carpark, R said did you just see what I saw? I had but I hadn't. I did see what happened but I hadn't processed it and didn't realise it was just blatant theft.

The thief was wearing a fashionable low cut singlet, which may have caused the check out woman to not look up. You don't want customers to see you looking at a guy with muscles in a singlet.  She was very focused on her scanning. But really, I don't know why she did not see the blatant theft. The next Saturday at Aldi, I had a look around and there is certainly CCTV.

Tuesday, February 19, 2019


I am thinking of a song that begins honey honey. I can't really remember it and I am so not going to look it up on Youtube. Oh, I did and it is one of my least favourite Abba songs. Execrable.

Around the world honey seems to be adulterated with sugar syrup and certainly here in Australia. I haven't convinced R yet to shop green, but that is my intention.

I did convince him that we needed to buy pure Beechworth honey from The Block Arcade in the city and not honey adulterated with sugar syrup that is found in our supermarkets. There was a terrific special for the otherwise expensive Beechworth Honey, three two jars for $12.

My life is full of disappointment in political leaders, my workplace and companies. Please tell me I will never discover that Beechworth honey is not pure. Red Stringy Bark is a variety of our Eucalyptus trees.

Monday, February 18, 2019

Monday Mural

Our favourite creperie is in Centre Place in the city. Not that we often have crepes. It has quite a range of food. Centre Place is dirty, grungy, graffitied, tagged and for some reason a massive drawcard for tourists. It must be listed in every possible online and book guide to Melbourne. There are better lanes for mural art as I show here. Most of what is in Centre Place is a mess. But if you keep a keen eye out, at times little gems appear. Yes, that is a homeless person sleeping, quite undisturbed. Once sitting on the steps I saw a couple of young blokes smoking and one had the slogan on his tee shirt, "Too ugly for prostitution". He wasn't great looking, but he was young and looked ok, and just in need of a good scrubbing down in the shower and a washing of his long blond hair. Hmm, dirty old man thoughts.

This has just appeared in fluoro paint. I like it. At times there is a busking violin player on the steps or across the way. Suppose I better see what I can find about the artist. Ah, I can hear the cries of Grace and Sami as I type. Me, me, me. Look at me. Over here. Straker is a Perth based artist and I know I have seen some of his fluoro work via Sami and Grace in Perth. Check out their Monday Murals. You never know. There may be a massive Straker coincidence.

I took these some time ago in Centre Place. They were very temporary. Oh dear, I hope this is more clear than I can see it here. They amused me. Adjacent similar posters were already covered in scrawl. All are long gone now.

A reference to Banksy and his rat drawings. Have a look back to this post of mine about a Banksy rat. The last comment can be taken a couple of ways. It wasn't Banksy making the comment?

Pirate boy. I cropped the scrawl out, but for some reason the picture did not look so good without the mess below, so I have used the uncropped photo.

This was a really enjoyable post to create. I hope you like it.