Saturday, January 26, 2019

Happy Australia Day

While today, the 26th is Australia Day, our public holiday for the day will be on Monday. Double time and a half for me at work on Monday.

Australian Day over the years occupies my thoughts more and more when the day nears. While I was never a 'it must be the 26th or else' person, I have come to think that perhaps the day should be changed, perhaps to May when we don't have a public holiday or perhaps in Spring when public holidays are scarce. I am sure there is something to celebrate in May and we could find something in Spring too.

Here is what I am now thinking. Britain claimed Australia for itself, in spite of there being an Aboriginal population estimated to be 3/4 of a million people. Defence of their land from foreigners was probably not on their minds and they must have been very tempted by bright and shiny things. Our ancestors brought diseases alien to the native population, they encroached further and further on their hunting, fishing and living land. They massacred local Aboriginal populations. The list is almost endless about the wrongs done by the colonialists against the local population. And look at what we have done to country in a little more than 200 years, sent it on the road to ecological and environmental ruin, whereas the Aborigines knew how to work with the land, not against it. Is it any wonder our Aborigines call Australia Day, Invasion Day.

Well, that is what my and perhaps your ancestors did. It wasn't right and no one can argue that it was. But, I am here now and I am not going to go away. It is now my country too. I know no other and I am too born of its soil.

Here is another aspect to it, as in a Tweet I saw. Why do we celebrate the day of claiming Australia as a prison island of Britain?

I really do think the date of the 26th of January is anachronistic for we newer inhabitants of our continent, and offensive to those who were here for hundreds of thousand years.

Nevertheless, a very Happy Australia Day to you, and happy Indian Republic Day to those here and on the subcontinent. Indians are a pretty good fit in Australia.

No info available to credit the photo.

Friday, January 25, 2019

A warmish day today

You've gotta love Aussie blokes

Aussie blokes just doing what blokes do, having fun and harming no one and no thing except a very old motor car. Don't we wish they were all like that all of the time. An underwater car is not quite the right description. The pleasure quotient for those who actually saw this happening, 10 out of 10, I am sure.  What a laugh! Made in Adelaide, it seems.

Thursday, January 24, 2019


The Manchester Unity building is just divine, as is the Melbourne Town Hall Clock tower. The other dominant building, not really so much.

I did not see Nick the day after the 'conversation'. I was a bit nervous about seeing him again, but I saw him again today. Hey Andrew, we don't see each other for weeks and then we see each other twice in one week. He is ignoring, so I am ok with that. Perhaps I should ask him to text me a dick pic. I thought I had his phone number but it has disappeared from my phone. I expect I deleted it because he used someone else's phone to call me about a work matter.

I geeded up R to get in touch with Oldest Niece about what to buy Little Em for her third birthday. Oldest Niece texted back, Little Em wants a baby. Well, she will have to wait until July for that, a new sister or brother called Little Andrew, in honour of his great uncle. In the meantime we might buy Little Em some expensive label summer pyjamas. We know that Oldest Niece notices such things as labels and a label is not wasted on her.

Mother bleached the inside of ABI Brother's kettle. After rinsing, it frothed up once when boiled and then a second time. It took the third boil to kill the bleach effect. ABI Brother had barred Mother from using his washing machine, but relented and showed her how it works. She failed and the machine went into a beeping distress mode.

Sister, Bone Doctor and Little Jo return from Bright tomorrow. I think I will now call them Family 3225. My work team manager and her girlfriend were in Bright a week before Family 3225. Dykes and camping. Tedious. But Bright is beautiful.

Day off tomorrow. We will be out early for brunch and great niece birthday shopping, then hunker down at against the heat. Occasionally we will venture onto the balcony, just so that we can remark to each other about how hot it is. We may then well slip into reminisces of air conditioners past. Well, we did actually do that last night. It may not surprise you to know that my memory of useless information about air conditioners from the past is better than R's. In window with expandable sides, Milton Street, 1980, and Waverley Road. In wall air con Prosper Parade and Station Street, and Rosamond Street. Rosamond Street then split system. St Kilda Road, we are on our second split system. Yep, I remember the important things about life.

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

What car is this?

This was on the wall in Kurrajong House where I get my taxes done. I spent a bit of time trying to work out what make of car it is. It seems to be a small car. I thought I had it narrowed down to being a right hand drive Peugeot, perhaps a 403, but looking at the photo again, I am full of doubt. I think it is older than 1971.

Well, if it is an older Peugeot, I am sure I have some readers in France who might recognise it.

Monday, January 21, 2019

Stupid old man

No, not me this time. An even older man who should be wise given he has lived to the age of 97. What is that stupid old Royal doing driving at the age of 97? Not only did he smash into a car and injure the driver and passenger, his entitlement saw that a replacement vehicle was delivered almost immediately and then we see him driving the new car without wearing a seatbelt. You may think he would only harm himself if he was not wearing a seatbelt, but think about the emergency services that might have to extract a splattered prince from his car.

Never mind the police giving him an eyesight test. They should have immediately taken away his driving licence, assuming he has and needs one.

It seems the car accident was his fault, and so should be charged with the appropriate driving offence. Goodness knows, his daughter has been charged often enough with speeding offences in her various vehicles.  And I am sure he has an adequate number of lackeys to get him what he wants without having to drive himself.

The Royal conveyance on its side and all broke. Photo from The Guardian.

If the police don't do their job, then perhaps Ma'me needs to exercise her feminine or royal authority and say, Philly, enough is enough. Hand me the keys. Now!

I don't care what anyone says, driving above the age of 70 can be problematic, driving above the age of 80 is risky. Above 90 is downright dangerous and there is no way anyone over 90 should have a car driving license. As we note, even tootling to the local village shops is a risk.

(Sometimes blog posts are hard to write and can be quite time consuming, but this one was quick and  just such great fun to write. What an easy target, a poor old 97 year old man. Am I guilty of elder abuse?)

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Failing Mother

Mother cancelled R's take her out Thursday. She was too unwell  and the weather was to be hot. She asked if we could come Sunday. I agreed and said yes, yet I am so behind on things. It will be my one day off after five days of work, and another four to work before my next day off. My next day off falls on a Thursday, but it will be hot and there is no way a Mother Day will happen. I need some time at home.

I am going to have to ask ABI Brother to take a walk with me, perhaps into his back yard and ask if Mother living at at his place is a problem for him? We already know it is but not sure to what extent.

Depending on his reply but regardless really, at some point in the near future we will have to have sibling solidarity and force Mother into a care place.

It is a conversation you really don't want to have with your mother, but as oldest son, I must.