Saturday, January 12, 2019

A Friday Day Orf Pt 1

Our digital radio that sits atop our fridge stopped working. It used to sit on our bench but so many tall buildings have risen around us, it started to lose reception. With a digital radio, the signal either works or it doesn't. I called Our ABC tech people and they told me we were a marginal area for digital reception anyway, a mere three kilometres from the city centre and with line of site of television towers on Mount Dandenong. We found it works fine atop the fridge. I have wiggled the power wire at the back of it in the past to get it to work, but R was quite correct. It was where it was plugged into, a power board that was the problem. We kind of knew we would have to do this. We use the power board because it has flat wall plug and so our fridge doesn't stick out more than it has to. As well as the radio, the fridge and microwave are plugged into the power board.

We hauled the fridge out, cleaned the floor and skirting boards, added an extension lead to connect the microwave and the power board and instead of hanging beside the fridge and after being visible beside the fridge, now sits atop the fridge, hidden behind the radio and other things.

Not a bad achievement in our dressing gowns before 9.30. We were both wearing underwear, so nothing hanging about.

Aside from dust, there wasn't much to be found under the fridge, two pieces of broken crockery, a blue flower arranging bead and a couple of very dried up formerly frozen peas.

Friday, January 11, 2019


A wall separates R and myself when we sleep, a less than soundproof wall. At least if he is snoring, he is alive. It's when I don't hear him snoring I worry.

There is the very old Great Wall of China, and the more recent Hadrians Wall in England. There was a wall in Berlin, dividing the city between East and West Germany. Walls are to divide things, or to keep people in or out.

Australia doesn't have border walls. We are an island and our borders fiercely protected by our conservative government against refugee boat people. While I am quite open to discussing our refugee intake, I do believe that our island border needs to be secure. We know it is not. Drugs, people, all sorts of things come into Australia via our insecure ocean border. We need to control who and what comes into Australia.

The absolutely appalling President of the US who I hope I see in gaol one day, does have a point about his wall though. It is not unreasonable for the United States to have a secure border at its southern boundary. In fact the effort that is put into policing its northern border with Canada seems like a absolute joke. No cheap workers flooding in from Canada, I suppose, just........what? I don't think those seeking a better life.

Bush Mechanic Ingenuity

What a hoot. I have never seen Bush Mechanics before and it really is a great laugh along with showing very impressive 'repair it on the road' skills. I cracked up at the use of the doll's head. It looks like the lads will make it home and the local copper will probably turn a blind eye if they stay off the main roads and out of towns. This was first broadcast in around 2000 and I am not sure how I missed it at the time.

Note the way they just discard things that are not wanted. But look at what they do with things previously discarded.

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Holidays are on

While I really wanted to see Cornwall and St Ives, R really wanted to visit Ireland and wanted me to see Scotland. R wanted to see Stonehenge. Some old rocks, ho hum for me. Bath, oh yes for both of us. We have booked a tour in the English summer to see some of England, Scotland and Ireland, the very same one as Gattina took a couple of years ago. The price is very reasonable.

The only way for me to sleep on plane without taking drugs is to have a couple of drinks. Ok, maybe three. Even then, it is not proper sleep, just a heavy doze. Nevertheless, we bought really cheap flights to London with Royal Brunei Airlines, and while the airline of the very conservative Muslim Asian country doesn't serve alcohol on its flights, they do cater for people who bring their own, with mixers, ice and glasses. Just the glass thanks my lovely.

We will catch up with Marie in London, where we will stay for a few days before the tour. I've already asked her to drag us about London or even to Brighton for a day, and she readily agreed. What a wonderful thing blogging has been for me. She showed us some of Greenwich during our last visit, and this year we will be staying there and look forward to exploring the area further.

After the tour, we will have a few days in the north of England, staying with R's closest sister and then back to London for the flight home.

I will be on extended work leave, beginning in February. Gosh, it is a long time until our holiday in July, but.......

a bargain price deal popped up, for a 14 day Autumn cruise from Australia to New Zealand and back. The cruise leaves from Melbourne, so it is just a short cab trip to Station Pier from home. Brighton Antique Dealer has taken this cruise, as has R's former workmate who he had lunch with today, as I write. We are well advised by both parties.

So, we have two holidays booked, and may well have some brief holidays of a couple of nights here or there. We have to do them while we can and we are fortunate that we have enough money, for cheap holidays at least.

Meanwhile, Little Jo is at a very large scout camp in South Australia, while Sister and Mrs Sister swan around South Australia. So good to hear after the collapse of a pylon supporting the causeway to Granite Island at Victor Harbour, that the horse drawn tram is back up and running along the causeway.

Tuesday, January 08, 2019

Propaganda TV

Bad reflections, sorry, but it is a pretty cool graphic, with the stylised panda bear representing China, and our own kangaroo and a small Australian marsupial of some kind. Maybe I can see a Chinese bear in there too. I really hope China has stopped the disgraceful bile milking of bears.

But what is CGTN? It stands for the satellite delivered free China Global Television Network. It broadcasts all over the world, tailored for different countries, and naturally with such a grandiose name, it is owned by the Chinese Government. It has a massive variety of programmes but one thing I am quite certain about, in its news and current affairs you won't be hearing it being critical of China, both domestically and abroad.

Harmless? Mostly, but potentially could be used for subtle propaganda or if relations between the US and China go pear shaped, then CGTN could become China's Lord Haw Haw, Hanoi Hannah, Tokyo Rose and Seoul City Sue

Monday, January 07, 2019

Old stuffs live on

You know how it is when you see things, but you don't see them. I hope I am not normally too guilty of that, but in this case I was. I never wondered what these brass inlays in the paving outside Melbourne Town Hall were about and why they are there.

Cute yes, but what are they about? Well, they come from the Coat of Arms of the City of Melbourne, but they have been made a bit nicer for the tastes of the 21st century. Our wealth is coming from sheep; wool and meat, cattle for meat, fishing (originally whaling), and trade, as the ship shows.

I have no idea what the Latin means. How selfish of my father to die when he could have told me if he was alive. Yes yes, I know Google Translate will tell me, but that is no fun. Picture from a world Heraldry site, I forget which one.

But where is the representation of our wealth from gold mining that made our city as grand as it is? What is the dark object at the top of the cross? You can also see the Cross of St George on the shield, along with the crown to represent royalty. The kangaroo, while reflecting on the past cannot go backwards as it is impossible feat for the animal.

Sunday, January 06, 2019

Sunday Selections

Joining with EC and perhaps River, this week's choices could be called Bits and Pieces, and perhaps Sunday Selections, as if we have selected something precious, should be changed to Bits and Pieces. Of course it goes without saying that other people's photos are precious, just not my own, and this Sunday, some aren't even my own.

Clouds are never boring.

Let's leave philanthropy for the arts and similar. Go Clement.

Kangaroo paw at the Frankston Civic Centre.

ABI Brother gave R a zucchini and some mint when R took Mother out on Mother Day. We know a zucchini this size will be inedible and the bag of mint was crawling with ants. I've only seen a zucchini this size used for one good purpose. Straight down the rubbish chute with both.

I say there, you can't be spoiling the face of the building with poking out greenery.

I think cartoonist Jeff Hook died only last year, or the year before. There was always a little fish hook in his cartoons, so as well making great cartoons, many used to search the cartoon for the hook. I can't spot it and from memory, it won't be where all the graffiti is. I love the smoke coming from the heavily graffitied tram as everyone is fumeur.

Marie, take the car. We need you.

No comment required, so I shouldn't even say anything, but I have made the comment that there was no need to make a comment. This could go on.

Yep police sharpshooters, take out their major signage at supermarkets with a few bullets as punishment. Not your work is it Grace or Sami?

Oh how I wish. I bet Maribeth has had some really classy plane flights with a husband who was once a pilot. We have organised two holidays for this year. I'll tell you about them soon. We need to get our travelling done before we drop dead, or more truthfully, before it all gets too hard. I can see a reverse mortgage coming up. Sorry kiddies.

While there were reasons he was driving it and it is not his, it's hard to argue that we are not paid enough for the job we do when a fellow employee rocks up to work in this. At least he parked it at a discrete distance away. Me jealous? Oh yes! Our modest Mazda sits among grand SUVs, Mercedes and Audis in the workplace car park. I have never gotten the feel good thing about owning an expensive car, unless of course it is a Roller. In my experience, drivers' of Rolls Royce cars drive in a manner that would never incite road rage of any kind.