Tuesday, July 02, 2019

Sundays Past

What to do today Hon? It is a loaded question. R no longer likes challenging things such as long drives to the countryside. Last Sunday was just an easy drive along Port Phillip's beach road, without a particular destination in mind. We ended up in the ever so middle class area, Hampton Street, with not a smoker in sight but plenty of liquour outlets. Make of that what you will. We ate some bakery food, cheap, and then coffee at a trendy place. Our coffee cost $4 which is fast becoming the standard price.  The train station is right among the shops. This was the only photo I took. I like these personal memories.

Two sundays ago we went a little further in another direction along Port Phillip to Williamstown. Such a nice place on a sunny day. Coincidently it was the monthly market day. We bought nothing. We have everything we need, except a Samsung Galaxy 10 phone and a smarter tv than our present model, and are trying to get rid of what we don't want.

We didn't see any passing horses and bad luck if there were, as there was no water in the trough.

From the pier.

Looking towards town. The High Rise will be there somewhere.

You perhaps know by now I like nothing better than a good rotunda, frequently and often, and in this one was music and dancing. We had such nice lunch on The Strand with so many nice looking young daddies passing by with their toddlers and older. Is it every second Sunday that is father custody access day?


  1. Here we call Rotundas, Gazebos.
    Looks like a nice day, none the less.
    Hope your hand is feeling better.

    1. it was in someone's garden we would call it a gazebo.

  2. The personal memories are lovely. Glad you captured them for us.
    I am with R at the moment, and avoiding challenges.
    Your day sounds and looks lovely and I hope your hand is much, much better.

  3. I love the idea of a couple caring for animal welfare that long ago, and donating for horse troughs not only in Australia but overseas as well.

    I have to be feeling very adventurous to want to overcome all the things that keep me home - low energy, what will I find to eat that won't punish my system, how far do we have to drive (i.e. how stiff will my joints be)! $4 sounds like it better be a good coffee, by the way :)

  4. What a great way to spend a Sunday. I love that the personal memories and history of the place are still there too.Sometimes a beautiful day out is the best tonic for your wellbeing don't you think.

  5. I'm off for a drive through the rural areas to Beaudesert and back again on Thursday...visiting the dentist. After this visit, I've one more to go. It's a most pleasant drive. Some of it is very winding, of course...the roads to and from this mountain greenery. On the southern end is what is known as "The Goat Track"...and that describes it well!! Slowly does it!

  6. Good for you getting out. I have to prize Bill out of his computer chair these days.

  7. That looks like a very nice day out. I like Rotundas too, even empty ones. If I had a big enough yard I'd have one, maybe.

  8. I love rotundas too. They used to be used for musicians in open public gardens. The public sat around, listening to the music, drinking white wine and letting the children play on the grass.

  9. Looks a nice park there with the Rotunda.
    It's every second weekend for our youngest son, Friday the 3 children home Sunday evening, so therefore same for us seeing as they come here to stay - still!

  10. "...not a smoker in sight but plenty of liquour outlets."

    I remember the time when the two went hand in hand. I myself used to "only smoke when I drink."

  11. A nice day out Andrew.
    I find the older I get the less I buy and I'm trying to give away some stuff I no longer need or use, still I've got far too much.

  12. The Sunday drive on a nice day is such a popular activity.. love your harbour shot! $4 a coffee is so good, it's between $4.50 and $4.90 here 😱


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