Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Yakkerboo Festival

Yakkerboo is a festival in Mother's town that began in 1976. On the Sunday there is a street parade along with a carnival and market. Yakkerboo is an Aboriginal word meaning 'greener pastures'. The parade used to be down the main shopping street but with the expansion of the retail area and it being such a busy area, it has moved to residential streets. It travels along Mother's street on the edge of a park, but turns off  just before her house, that she no longer lives in. It was handy to be able to park four cars in her driveway.

Mother said 10.30 was too early for her to be ready to see the parade. We met Sister and Little Jo and wandered around the carnival and had coffee, then later met Hippie Niece and her twins, Tradie Brother, ABI Brother and surprise surprise, Mother made it.

It is not a Mardi Gras level parade, just a local community event but the children seemed to enjoy it regardless. The weather was grey and the light poor. Rain threatened but did not arrive. I wish I taken my camera as I can control it much easier than my phone.

The parade kicked off with vintage and not so vintage cars.

Needs some work.

Work done on this one.

A De Soto. Beautiful.

There were a few minis. Morris Minnis, that is, later Leyland.

I have seen this Humber ambulance before. It is kitted out in the back as it would have been at time, including a dummy prone patient, at least I think it was dummy.

A purple Mini.

An Australian Ford Falcon from the early 80s or late 70s.

I don't know what these are called around the world, but here they were known as a Mini Moke. Pretty eyes and buck teeth.

I think this is a late 80s Ford Falcon.

A 1960s Chrysler Valiant. Great car.

MGB, I guess, another Morris car.

No idea.

Maybe a General Motors Holden.

Built for speed, not comfort.

Motorbikes and sidecars.

Here comes Mr Yakkerboo, the product of someone's wild imagination. He is the third Mr Yakkerboo incarnation. The first just disintegrated, the second was burnt in a shed fire.

The tail is a question mark, as everybody asks what is it? Nobody knows.

Now come the marchers. Scouts.

A group representing the story in the Jungle Book.

The Wizard of Oz, by a local dance class company.

A local kindergarten.

Martial arts students paused and performed.

The Very Happy Caterpillar by a local primary school.

Kooweerup Secondary School Band.

Roller skaters.

The Cat in the Hat by I think a rural town school.

Not sure about this one.

Another local town, Bayles, with a Frozen theme.

Someone had to do Harry Potter.

Local Sikhs.

Local Hindus. There are quite a number of black African people now living in the wider area and they were not represented. They should be encouraged to participate. Relying on stereotypes, they really would add some colour.

I should know this theme, but I don't.

Snugglepot and Cuddlepie.

Seems to be a pirate theme.

Op Shop is Opportunity Shop, usually a charity run second hand goods business.

Is that Tin Man?

More Dr Seuss. The truck wipers were on and waving the red and white hats.

Very commercial.

And that's about it.

We all went to the cheap Scottish family restaurant for food. The twins had a play on the indoor slides and we then went our separate ways.


  1. Oh what fun! I do so like a good old fashioned parade. Seems to be a dying thing up here. Perfect parking for you! Glad you all made it!
    Love the pictures!

    1. Maribeth, certainly old fashioned, yet the children did not know that.

  2. Looks fun for Mother's Day.
    Loved looking at the cars, it reminded me of two of mine - the Mini and the MGB we had in the past.

    1. Margaret, the Sunday before actually, but given I did not see Mother on Mother's Day, it was kind of that. MGB......I seem to recall you mentioning that in the past. What fun!

  3. I think they should have stayed in the busy part of town, regardless of the inconvenience. It's all about atmosphere. I wonder how that D Type Jag' ended up in Oz?

    1. Cro, commercial imperatives are the real reason. A big new shopping centre carpark entry point would be blocked off. D type is it. Very nice. We have had Jags here for my whole life, of all sorts, including modern ones that I don't like much, along with the terrible el cheapo ones in the 70s and 80s, that almost succeeded Alfa Romeo for their unreliability.

  4. Yakkerboo! What a fabulous name!
    It looks like a good day was had, thank goodness the rain stayed away. The old ambulance put me in mind of the Ghostbusters one.

    1. River, it is a good name, hey. I have a vague memory of Ghostbusters, and I think I get that similarity. Thanks.

  5. It seems that parades are the same the world over. All the things you show are basically what we get in parades here, too - antique cars, school entries, etc. We tend to have bagpipe bands by the cartload, too, I guess, so that's different. And we don't have the Yakkerboo! What a great idea :)

    1. Jenny, we often have pipe bands too. A little bagpipe music goes a long way.

  6. Parades are great...such fun. And I love the cars.

    Often, up here the hill, vintage car enthusiasts enjoy the mountain ambience to show off their well-maintained vehicles. I love seeing them. :)

    1. Lee, I would love to see the old cars climbing around your hills.


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