Wednesday, May 08, 2019

Stupid old man scammed

In the very early days of the our internet experience, mid 1990s, I was scammed by an adult site that requested credit card details for age verification. I successfully disputed the transaction with my bank and the money returned to my account.

You would think that with twenty years plus of using the internet and listening to how people get scammed, I would know better. But I was scammed again. While it was late afternoon, not drop of liquor had passed my lips.

An email or something popped up from our internet company saying Google was offering Samsung 9 phones for $1 for the first 100 people who responded. Well, I would really like the upgrade from my 8, even though 10 is now on sale. It kind of made it more plausible to offer the 9 and not the 10.

Out of curiosity I followed through. I was prepared to risk $1 on the off chance and entered my credit card details. I was not being at all careful and I don't know why, but it does give me a better understanding of scamming. I had signed up for aka adhkptch based in Birmingham, England and my credit card had an unresolved payment for over $40 and I knew it would be a recurring charge. I never went to the site, as that may have indicated some interest by me. Eventually my credit card payment went through after a few days.

I was ready to dispute the charge with my bank, but it seemed I could not do it online as the only classification I could see that was appropriate was fraud, which required a phone call to the bank.

I decided to do this but not when R was here. I would wait until Monday morning.

The bank website did mention contacting the company who you have a problem with before entering the disputation process. Ok. I sent an email in reply to the one I received post joining. Here is a copy, followed by the company's response.

> I had no intention of signing up to any adult hookup site and I consider I
> was scammed.

> Please refund the money to my credit card and make no further deductions.

> Without a prompt and positive response from you in my favour, I will
> dispute the credit card transaction with my bank, Monday morning AEST.

Slightly edited to remove my credit card details:

Your membership has been cancelled and you will not receive any further charges to 
your account regarding this purchase.  

Your account has been refunded in the amount of USD 39.99.  Please allow 5 - 7 
business days for the funds to reach your financial institution.

Thank you,

Stupid old man. The same offer popped up again, ostensibly from our internet provider and I looked at it, and the url was not that of our internet provider, and that was where I should have stopped.

R was astonished that I was caught like that but no one was more astonished than myself. I think the thought of risking $1 overcame common sense.


  1. Ouch.
    Having lost considerably more than that (nearly $1000) when I clicked on a link which 'looked' like Australia Post I am fairly careful these days.
    Glad you got your money returned.

  2. It makes me sad that with all the possibilities the internet offers-people choose to scam others rather than making the world a better place. Sorry this happened to you Andrew!

  3. It sucks! I'm sorry to be so blunt, but it really does. I was caught some years back when I bought Christmas Cards online and then another window popped up saying I'd won free labels from this company. Next thing I know $12.00 a month starting showing up on my CC bill. I didn't catch it at first, but then I did and I called and they made sure the funds were returned.
    Now, I trust no one and nothing. And I report all Scams! Makes me crazy!
    So sorry it happened to you.

  4. Looking forward to our adult hookup match.

  5. My CC was scammed in July of last year, a string of charges made in Brussels of all place. I live in Newfoundland Canada. I blamed my auto backup service but no, not them, I couldn't figure it out.

    Complicated taking an oath to the CC fraud division that I had not been in Brussels and did not order food and liquor and a new phone in Brussels.

    Then in December I get a letter from the City of St.John in New Brunswick, telling me that their whole parking meter paying system had been scammed and 10,000 users were affected and they had to track all users (many, many tourists like me) and apologize.

    Sometimes you think you're safe from this crap but you're not....


  6. Me personally I would cancel that credit card because your details have now been compromised. :/

  7. You and R were both astonished that you was caught like that but no one was more astonished than me! I have seen every scam possible in fake antique sales, bit coins, meet-the-love-of-your-life organisations, your-Nigerian-uncle-is-dead schemes etc etc

  8. I seem to remember that scam appearing on my Facebook page, but people had left hundreds of messages saying to avoid it.

  9. I agree with Snoskred about a new card. I was caught because I didn't know that every card had the same first four numbers. When I rang the bank they said I wasn't the first for that day.

  10. Scammers are everywhere,be careful. We are on the do not call register for unsolicited calls but this doesn't apply to calls from outside Australia so we are still getting scam calls. Yes definitely apply for a new credit card, good advice from others. Getting caught by these scammers is horrible, it's happened to me before, you are not alone.

  11. Sure is a dangerous trip you up world out there. I mean in here, in the computer communication age.

  12. "...not being at all careful and I don't know why.."
    I know why. Maybe it sounds cruel, but I believe it's a greed and status thing. Whenever something new comes out, you must have it, the latest model/upgrade. And it isn't just you, many others are the same and I bet hundreds got scammed.

  13. Google offering $1.00 etc, too good to be true as you found out.
    Great you got your money back and thank goodness it wasn't more.
    Sometimes you don't even have to click on anything and you can get changed by the phone company apparently, pays to look at your account and look for charges you didn't authorise. Was on the TV about it the other evening.

  14. Glad you managed to get a refund Andrew. I'm so paranoid about not clicking on any links and don't usually buy anything online either to avoid giving my credit card details. So sad we can't trust many things nowadays.

  15. One has to be so very careful these days. Trust, like commonsense, seems to be quickly fading into the past...sadly.

  16. I work on the principle that if something sounds too good to be true its not true, a sad state of affairs Andrew ✨

  17. PerthDailyPhoto said exactly what I was going to say. I'm sorry you got caught in this one.