Saturday, January 05, 2019

Saturday Supplement

AKA, what amused or intrigued me this week.

White Power Australia held a meeting at our St Kilda Beach today, a location set to incite a violent reaction. There were so many police there, that no one behaved too badly. Ostensibly, they are are anti immigration, but in practice they are anti foreign types. After they succeed, they will then come after gays, old people, disabled fact anyone who is not like their own kind.

Does that ring a bell at all?

Speaking of which, in 1934 the Melbourne and Metropolitan Tramways Board received a letter from a German company suggesting that their tram destination product was very superior to what was produced locally and offered its product. The letter concluded with the sign off, Heil Hitler! (sic) I don't think too many Australians would have understood what was to come and it perhaps seemed innocuous at the time.

Meanwhile in the US a newly elected member of parliament has used naughty words in public. C'mon woman, while I love you for it, it is not the American way. You haven't caught up with the news? She said about Trumpet, We will impeach the motherf........ Yes, rather coarse and common, but sometimes you just have to be.

There are huge works affecting a number of train lines in Melbourne at moment, and buses are replacing trains. It seems we have imported a large number of surplus to requirements buses from Brisbane and Perth to cope with the demand.

Tosser Neighbour

We had a lovely family next door in the apartment on our floor. They were from Hong Kong and lived here since the building opened. The father was often absent, in Hong Kong I suppose, the son was about 12 when we moved here and we saw him grow up. The mother was very sweet and used to do ballroom dancing. She loved Latin dancing. At times there was another young male person but they changed every so often, so I guess student boarders.

Little did we know that the rented. They built a house in an outer suburb and were gone. Now we have a succession of Asian, probably mainland Chinese students, who keep changing.

It is not our fault that our barbeque is just one metre away from one of the bedroom windows. You could call it bad building design. If I thought no Asian student was in the room while we were barbecuing and the window was open, I might have reached out and closed the window.

But there has been a battle between us and one of the Asian students. We love sitting out on balcony and watching the world go by. I will call him Window Wanker. As soon as he hears our balcony door open, he closes his window. We were getting quite paranoid about this, not going outside when we wanted to.

Then there was my clarity of thought. We own the property we live in. We have lived here for nearly 18 years. We are older men. I am simply not going to be afraid to go out onto our own balcony because of a foreign Window Wanker student.

And then I was a bit naughty. I started opening the balcony door loudly and then closing it again at random. He quickly picked up that he was being played.

Last night I thought it was game on again, but no, after the first visit to the balcony and the window closed, then the blind went down.

Friday, January 04, 2019

An insignificant puddle

What will happen to this remaining little puddle sitting atop bluestone blocks, or large cobblestones if you like? Pitchers, even.

Some of the water will evaporate but mostly it will soak into the ground. In this case the ground was already waterlogged when I took the photo, so it will be a race to see whether more will evaporate than soak in. Soaking in. This is a good thing. Moisture soaking into the soil, sustaining all sorts of things and giving a large surface area for moisture to rise into the atmosphere and return as rain.

But, we are sealing so much of what used to be areas where rain soaked in. From the city, where smooth concrete paving is now preferred, against the above bluestone, to the inner suburbs where medium and highrise buildings are aplenty taking up whole blocks, to middle suburbs where large blocks of land with vast soak in areas are being replaced with medium rise buildings, covering the land completely, to the outer suburbs where new developments have houses built almost covering the whole are area of land.

We are already seeing the result of this, but it would be stretching it to say it has led to less rainfall but what we are seeing is greater flooding, meaning our streets, roads, train lines and tram routes become impassable after heavy but brief rain. There is just so much water to run off now, rather than soaking into the ground.

The authorities have made a terrible mistake and there is no going back. A lot of money will now have to be spent on drainage, and of course the taxpayer will pay, not the profit driven property developers.

Thursday, January 03, 2019

The famous are in Melbourne

Yes, well, the tennis players are here for the Australian Open. Go Raffie. I've never saved photos of Andy Murray, or I don't think any other tennis player. I wonder how old Rafael was in this photo. He has aged have all the other male players. Why aren't there top young players like there used to be? While I don't love watching the tennis, I look forward to the atmosphere in Melbourne every year when the Australian Open is played.

But I came across this photo of a world famous gay porn star pulling a silly face and strutting his stuff along Southbank. I really don't suggest you do any searching about him (name deleted), but how cool that Melbourne attracts so many different people. Axel then did the Great Ocean Road drive and he and his three mates could not find anywhere to stay as everything was booked out. I expect the kindness of strangers prevailed.

Wednesday, January 02, 2019

The west end

The west end of the city is a place I don't visit too often for mostly good reasons. There is little there for me. Flagstaff Gardens is great and Southern Cross Station is an interesting and useful place. The west end is becoming very residential, with huge and tall apartment towers being built on what was at times industrial sites.

The area I was in where I took these photos was once very sleazy.

MICM was once the Owners' Corporation managers of our building. We have changed managers just last year. It is a subsidiary of the development company Central Equity, responsible for the forest of residential towers at Southbank, and to no one's surprise, a big donor to the conservative local councillors of the City of Melbourne. If it quacks like a duck........

By the look of this straight male entertainment place, and the state of the sign, I thought it might have closed but it seems not. It has a bright and glittery website. I think ABI Brother has been there, from what accidentally popped up on his computer when I was fixing something for him. Not a bad old building.

And just when you can't get enough sleaze, you can pop into this place, Men's Gallery. I take no moral stance on these places. Elbow to the face the person who said, just as well. I wonder if there is a neo gothic theme inside and what happens inside the building.

Tuesday, January 01, 2019

I read it on the internet, so it must be true

Happy 2019 to you all.

What a terrible thing it was for a couple in England to be falsely accused and named as the culprits who flew drones over Gatwick Airport. How did the police get it so wrong? If they were not the culprits, they deserve a lot of monetary compensation. A police spokesperson said they could not shoot the drones down because of the risk of stray bullets. Duh, sharp shooters can't shoot straight?

Meanwhile here in Australia firefighting aircraft had to be called off at a bushfire on Tasmania's Bruny Island because of drone intrusion.

Airports and emergency services just need to look at this video. I have put up a video once before of an eagle taking our a drone, but this video is quite professional. How much would it cost to keep an eagle and an eagle keeper on standby? Absolutely nothing compared to the cost of the chaos at Gatwick Airport. Five minutes of suspension of landings and take offs while the eagle took out the drone, and Bob's your Uncle. Night time? That could be some work for an owl.

Monday, December 31, 2018

More cheerful tomorrow

We have lost a few from our screens this year. Thanks Andrew. To add to the list although not Australian is English actor June Whitfield. She was absolutely fabulous.

The year in review

It hasn't been all bad, but this year has pretty bad for us. I have some new blogmates. We had good brief visits to Sydney and Launceston, and a great holiday in South Africa, along with my Sister's wedding.

And look what came in our Christmas card handed out by Oldest Niece on Christmas Day, due July, her third and a sibling to Little M and Little Em.


Mother decided she could no longer manage at home and without by your leave, moved in with ABI Brother. She has been slowly transferring many of her possessions to his house. What a shock she will get when he tells her he is selling the house to move into a retirement village.

Hippie Niece and her twin daughters are an ongoing issue.

Our long time friend died, who was a perfectly functioning 70 year old. He went into Cabrini Hospital with a diabetes related ulcer on his leg, and left dead, with total organ failure. Hels will not speak well of Cabrini and that was where my grandmother died, suffering because of nasty nuns until my mother spoke up for her.

Then there was my workmate's wife who we used to socialise with who died from MND at the age of 60. Her widower came across R at a tramstop recently, and R said his greeting hug was really needy. R was a bit emo about it. I have shed a tear with him at work, but then we man up.

Then one of our Brother Friends died after a long treatment for cancer. He was a quiet and unassuming person and it is hard to believe he has gone after knowing him for nearly forty years.

Our Dyke Friend's ex partner's father died, and then her own sister in Hobart died from an aggressive cancer just before Christmas.

Late Step Father's niece died from cancer in her early forties. She was the primary carer for her 80 plus year old mother. Step Father never liked this sister but loved his niece.

And then to top it all off just a week before Christmas, Copper Witch's mother dies. No, she did not pass over or pass on, she just died, because she was old.

As the saying goes, shite happens.

I have had a tear or two in my eyes when I have read some of your blog posts over the last year, but no one made me cry like this post by John Gray of Wales, who has had his own issues aplenty in the year past. While there are many who can rise above their backgrounds and the disadvantages they are born with, not all can. I hope the lad is still doing well some 22 years later.