Saturday, December 08, 2018

It's just too damn hot

Yesterday, Thursday as I write, was Mother Day. She is back at ABI Brother's as of a week and a half ago. I took her out last Thursday. This Thursday both R and myself went. This makes it awkward as her walker has to go on the back seat of the car, which makes it very cramped for the person who sits in the back, which was me.

She was a quaking, shaking quivering mess when we arrived and could barely walk. She does the theatrics really well. As the day went on she became better and better and after lunch and shopping, we called in at her house on the way back to ABI Brother's place. She needed some jewellery for Sister's wedding and wanted to check on things. For someone who could barely stay upright when we arrived in the morning, by the afternoon she spent 15 minutes in her garden in 35 degree heat, bending over and pulling out weeds, in spite of me urging her not to be so silly.

Hippie Niece called while we were having lunch and she was nearby and joined us and she was pretty good. Big highs and big lows for her. We are always hopeful.

I lost my sunglasses when leaving Mother's House. ABI Brother was there to take her back to his place. I reversed out of the driveway and Brother moved his car in the driveway. As I was about to zoom away, I saw my sunglasses sitting on the concrete driveway path. How they were not crushed by either car, I do now know.

Today, Friday, we bought summer pyjamas for Christmas for the twin babies who have a tall and solid Maori heritage father. They are 18 months old. I was doubtful enough about size four fitting them to buy size five, the size for a five year olds. They are very solid lasses, not fat, just solid. If the jim jams are too big this year, they will be fine next year.

It was 38° here today, about 100 in the old money. As I said, we went into the city today, and there were so many hot men exposing their flesh, I felt quite faint. The building has a core temperature, that any heating and cooling must fight against. Our cooling fought against the heat very nicely today and the core temperature of the building after two days of heat is not that high. Of course you keep the place closed up to the heat outside. Well, we do, but there are some tossers who don't and have their windows open in such heat. I do not understand their thought processes.

Two open looking upwards at the side. Good luck sleeping tonight.

A bit ajar in front of our balcony.

Nope, I do not understand why you would want to let air at a temperature of 38 degrees into your bedroom.

Friday, December 07, 2018

I'm Clean

It is with some pride and some luck that I have never been given a ticket by police. I have never been caught driving too fast. I have never been caught driving through a red light. I have never been caught tailgating. I have never been caught driving over the .05 alcohol limit. Note, each time I said I have never been caught. I expect I have done all of the above at times but pretty rarely. My two brothers and my sister have all lost their licences for driving over .05 and someone close to me lost his licence for travelling at 80km/h in a 40km/h zone. Smile at the portable roadside camera hon. I did keep telling him would be caught for speeding and would lose his licence.

But in my youthful years, I did receive some parking tickets. The first was at the Alfred Hospital where I had taken a friend for emergency treatment. She paid the fine. The second time was in the city. I would not now dream of driving into the city, but I did when I was young. Quiet laneway, I parked a too far forward when there wasn't really a space and I received a ticket.

The last time was at a bank in Balaclava and by this time I was 21 years old. I parked illegally because I was only going to be a minute, and I was about two minutes.

As is said perhaps in England, Fair cop Gov. I deserved to be caught.

No more Missy, and ever since, I have pretty well always parked legally.

But it struck me watching tv tonight that people in New South Wales call their parking officers something different.

Here police can book you for illegal parking, but they would never bother checking on overstayers. Normally it would be a parking officer, a council officer, parking inspector or bylaws officer who would book you. All the same person, just referred to with different names.

So what is the person who could book you for overstaying in a parking space in your part of the country or the world? If you have recently received a parking infringement ticket, you may be tempted to use a bad name for them, but I want the proper name.

Thursday, December 06, 2018

Dynamite Here.

I don't think this apartment block looks too bad and to me it looks to be well maintained.

Nevertheless, one owner of an apartment, backed up by at least one other owner, thinks the block is past its use by date and should be demolished and something new built on the block, thereby realising  a huge profit for owners of flats in the building. The flats would have been quite cheap to buy by today's standards.

Bang on the chap may do about selling the whole block, but some people are very content living there, and are not for selling. I forget the exact percentage now, but it is something like 80% of owners must agree to the sale of a whole block of strata title flats. 

This is of some interest to us, but we are old enough not to be affected. At some point our very plain but quite well maintained high rise block will have reached the end of of its life. I can well imagine being a really old owner person and not wanting bother and not agreeing to a sale and being one of the 20% plus who won't sell. 

I think in New South Wales the percentage of owners agreeing to demolition has been reduced to a lower percentage of votes. 

Meanwhile in Sydney a great story has emerged about outsiders parking in a building, where they own a car parking space. The owner parking in a posh apartment building is in Elizabeth Bay. The matter has been taken to the highest court and residents of said block have lost, and the non resident owners of the car parking spaces are free to use their car parking spaces as they wish.

Wednesday, December 05, 2018

Just a day

What to write about? I could write about the ABC journalist tart who was thrown out from the Federal Parliament Media Gallery gallery because she exposed her...........well, I am not sure what. This is how she was dressed in Press Gallery.

I think she exposed a little less than our former Minister for Foreign Affairs in the Senate Chamber. 

Poor straight blokes can't normally see the chests of women, but hey this gay bloke can see the chests of men, their pecs, their nipples. I like! Apparently this was acceptable in the Press Gallery at Parliament House.

So that was what I am not writing about. Instead today I used lots of public transport and it all worked really well. In the morning we caught the 72 tram to Prahran, had brunch and I filled my medicine scripts at Chemist Warehouse. We bought some fruit and Christmas frippery in Coles supermarket and caught the tram home. 

In the afternoon I caught the 67 tram to Caulfield for a medical appointment. I should report the driver for excessive gonging of the tram bell, I reckon about 300 times. It was painful. After my appointment concluded, I caught the 605 bus that travels through Melbourne's best suburbs using side streets to the corner of Alexandra Avenue and Chapel Street. How much wealth did I see in grand two storey housing. I then caught the 78 tram up Chapel/Church Street to Bridge Road and a 48 tram to my destination, the big blue office supply shop, that although promised to satisfy my want for a Christmas present for R, it did not supply. I have tried four of these big blue office supply places, to no avail. I have now ordered online at Kogan, and I think the product will come from Hong Kong. And they wonder why we we buy online from overseas. 

I then caught a 48 tram into the city and then a St Kilda Road tram home. I had minimal wait for any public transport, but then I was also using public transport apps to check details. 

Tomorrow R has an appointment at a big hospital in Richmond, so I will back there again. We will catch a tram to the city and then either the 48 or 75 tram to Richmond. R is stressed about not having a second car, as our primary car sits there unused. We will have brunch and the R will go to his appointment while I will go off wog hunting. Well, that was a deliberate slip, and it is not too often often that I make R laugh, but he did laugh at me going off wog hunting, when I will catch the 78 tram to Victoria Street and find a wok to buy as Mother's wedding present to to Sister and Bone Doctor.

As I am about to to go off to bed, I questioned R again, so what am I doing tomorrow? Wog hunting? No, he said, while I am sure you would rather be wog hunting, you need to get the wok thing sorted out for your mother. 'Night sweetie. Wok, not wog. 

Tuesday, December 04, 2018

Applications, it's the name of the game

I didn't mention it a couple of weeks ago but our friend Victor was visiting Melbourne to see a performance and was staying overnight. He came to our place for a non drink and we then crossed the big wide road below to enjoy a very pleasant meal with him. I think it was about 9.30 when we parted after a great chat with him about all and nothing.

It is a tenacious link, but previously Victor had mentioned to me a couple of apps he has on his phone. Now, I am a shocker for apps. I download them, think how wonderful and cool they are, and then never use them again. Eventually I may uninstall them but it is always with reluctance. What if I need it one day?

One that Victor mentioned was Flight Radar. I had used the desktop version but the app is really cool. You can point your phone to a plane in the sky and find out what aircraft type it is, its flight number, origin and destination and heaps more. Since installing it and playing with it, I have used it once.

Many businesses urge us to download their apps. One that would probably be quite useful is my bank's app. But no. What if I lost my phone or it was stolen? Could someone clean out my modest savings? I bank online and pay bills online at the desktop. I can do the desktop style login to my bank on my phone if I really need to.

Some of my recent app downloads:

Toilet Finder. Very useful and I have used it and no doubt will again to find the nearest public toilet. This is a keeper.

Petrol Spy, informing me of petrol prices around Melbourne at various service stations. It is very dependant on being updated by users frequently and I haven't found it to be very accurate. I will probably get rid of it.

Sky View. Way cool. Point your phone to the heavens in the direction of your interest and find all about the stars you are looking at. Used when I installed it and not used since.

Uber was installed, uninstalled when I became cross with company, installed again when we were in South Africa, and uninstalled once back home. But as a one car family at the moment, twice R has needed the car and so when I have had to start too early to catch a tram to work, the first time I called a cab and all was good. I received to a text message to download the app for future bookings, which I ignored. The next time I needed transport to work, I downloaded the Uber app again and booked an Uber for 5.30. The next morning my Uber app said Mohamad would arrive between 5.20 and 5.35. No, I won't be ready by 5.20. I will be ready at 5.30, as I requested.

I chickened out of using Uber and cancelled my booking. I could have saved a whole $4! I downloaded the Silver Top Taxi app and booked a taxi with the app and once again, I had a good taxi experience. Using the taxi app, you can now rate your taxi driver.

Pedometer is one I check every so often. It does not do a daily check of your possible pedophilia inclinations, but checks the number of steps you take each day, of course only working if you are carrying your phone. My record is over 16,000 steps in one day. Working days it is less than 4,000. Non working days, usually over 6,000.

For some reason I have two apps for the London Tube and one for the New York Subway. I can't bring myself to uninstall them as that would be saying we shall never see either city again.

I thought, if there is an app for aircraft flights, is there a shipping app? Sure enough. Just today I downloaded Marine Radar. Oh, that ship is to load up with woodchips to take to China, woodchips made from trees in our forests. But never mind, using the app I will able to see when my ship comes in!

Monday, December 03, 2018

Monday Mural

Melbourne's inner eastern suburb of Richmond is passionate about its football, as are many others who don't live in Richmond. The football team is known as The Tigers, and boy how do the mighty Tigers roar at times.  This mural was painted by well known artist Mike Maka (Tron).