Friday, September 21, 2018

The Gramps

Last weekend siblings Fire Fighting Nephew and Hippie Niece went bushwalking in the Grampian Ranges here in Victoria. In Melbourne on the Saturday, the weather was atrocious. Seems it was even worse in Grampians, with snow. Such is our spring weather. Come Sunday, the weather must have been better. I wonder if they built a campfire, smoked a joint and heated up a couple of tins of baked beans.

I'd like to know the name of the lake, but Red Nomad no longer blogs, and I reckon she would know, or perhaps Ann Odyne who is familiar with the west of our state might?

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Buying online

Just the thing for me to buy, a kit model English cathedral. Imagine me with my shaky hands making a model. I would have the tower clock in the vestry and the alter as high chair for short people, with a non slate roof made out of collection plates.  For a moment I considered buying one as a challenge to assemble and at £25, the price is not too bad. It was only a few years ago I assembled a balsa wood plane, complete with tiny engine that would propel it along a smooth surface via rubber bands, but it would not lift off into the air.

But the clincher for not buying the cathedral kit was this, the cost of delivery. I stopped buying advent calendars from Germany for Little Jo. The price of the calendars was reasonable, the postage not.

I bought a small item online from Dick Smith, aka Kogan. (More about that later) I hadn't seen it around and and it was only $7. But the postage was $10.

For the cathedral model kit:

Please click on an image to see the price of the selected model.
UK delivery is free .
European delivery: £10.00 surcharge per order.
Rest-of-World: £22.00 surcharge per order.

GB£22 is AU$40, US$29, CAD$37, €25. Bah! Anyway, I have seen enough grand cathedrals in my life. I don't need a model at home, that I would chuck out in a couple of years anyway once it became thick with dust. 

I have just ordered a  book from the UK. It was published in the 70s and that is when I read it. I must have donated it at some point. The total cost including postage is AU$15. While it is not too sexually explicit, I found the book at the age of about 20 incredibly arousing. Well, at the age of 20 I found a lot of things terribly arousing. It will be interesting to find out how it holds up as against my memory. Pron is all very well, but written words can be terribly stimulating and exciting. 

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

A Fine Work

Klimt. It is an easy enough name to pronounce for an English speaker, yet it looks like it would be difficult with a t following an m. On a plane once during a very long flight I saw the movie Woman in Gold. The focus of the story was this fabulous painting by Gustav Klimt. Trailer here. I so want the painting. Photo from the website Literary Fictions.

Here is the late American Maria Altmann, rightful heir to the painting, who successfully fought the Austrian (no kangaroos) government to have the painting returned to her family. The brilliant Hels fleshes the story out here. I have just the wall for it. Photo from the website MashuMashu.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

A satirical poem (it's two for one day)

A great little poem by Pam Ayres about the Russians who are accused of poisoning the father and daughter in Salisbury, England. While captured many times on CCTV, they say they visited Salisbury as tourists and to see Salisbury Cathedral. What does Pam think?

I went down to Salisbury To listen to the choir, A pair of Russian tourists They were staring up the spire, Staring up the spire, they were, Silent and aghast, Against the sky, hurtling by, A piggy flying past.

Recommended Reading #468 (a double bunger day)

Does any non Australian know what a double bunger is?

Is this not just a wonderful thing.

Monday, September 17, 2018

A visitor

I was going to do Monday Mural, but I am so tired and I don't have the energy. Here is a post I prepared earlier.

A picture tells a thousand words. Mother has been here.

ABI Brother had a sporting social event to attend. As it was R's Mother Day, the day when he takes Mother out, she asked if she could come home with R to stay the night as she is too frightened to stay at ABI Brother's place alone. Dunno why. Nothing valuable in his house. Better they rob her empty house and find the hidden sovereigns.

I stalled her as long as I could, but Mother's neighbour property investor has issued Mother with a fencing notice. This is a legal document and we must respond within thirty days. Australia Post only took three weeks to deliver a registered post. Eventually it turned up at the local Post Office, which I only found out about after going there and asking. I had already done that in a timely manner.

I have fought against the fence replacement as Mother is going to sell her house, but we siblings have now agreed that the property owner investor is determined . Tradie Brother is determined he will not pay for a new fence, but Sister and ABI Brother and myself will acquiesce and pay.  Mother has now promised to pay us back all debts incurred once the house is sold, rather than equal shares in her will. (Later, Tradie Brother has now agreed to pay his share)

Poor R. He put up with Mother from 11am on Thursday to 3pm on Friday. I was working and only spent some time with her. It is fortunate that we don't keep guns in our apartment. Somehow she lost one of her three pairs of glasses in our apartment which occupied us for some time while trying to find them. I expect they are in her voluminous luggage that she brought for a one night stay. (written Friday, Sunday night they still haven't turned up)

If only she had checked first. I am quite retentive about out towels and when they are washed. I had just changed our towels, matching sets for both bathrooms. Mother used my nicely and recently updated shower stall to shower as the main bathroom is a shower over a bath.

She took my bath mat, that I stand on to dry myself after I shower, and put it on my shower floor, so she would not slip over. She apologised. I did not realise your shower had a non slip base. Well Mother, you could have checked with R! She had opened my shower door inward, which must have meant a tight squeeze for her to get into and out of the shower. I blame R for now showing her my smart new bathroom fittings and how to use the shower.

I am now with a nice blue towel but an old red bath mat, which is all I could find in the linen press. Quelle horreur! This won't be rectified until next Tuesday when I change and wash the towels. Yes, did I say I am a very fussy about our towels?

ABI Brother had to wait at home for Mother's Meals on Wheels delivery. It came late and that is why ABI Brother was late to pick up Mother on Friday and take her home, well back to his place. He dropped into his his massage service place to apologise because he was going to be late, only to find his appointment was for next Friday, not this Friday. Of course when ABI Brother arrived late, Mother was not ready. I haven't finished packing, for a one night stay. I need to go the toilet. I need a cigarette.

What can I do? She is my mother and I love her dearly, but wow, is she really is a pain in the arse at times. As the Geordies in the north of England say, I wouldn't see her wronged.

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Sunday Selections

BAD is in Auckland.

See what River and Elephant's Child have to show you this week. Mine are just random photos.

I suppose it is the same time of year that last year we saw these black cockatoos, and heard them. They make a much sweeter sound than the Sulphur Crested Cockatoos. I could tell from the markings in the photo that they are Yellow Tailed Black Cockatoos. They were certainly around last year but that haven't always visited Melbourne's inner suburbs. They fly past daily in both directions so I guess they are heading for a food source each day. There are about 20 to 30 birds in a flock.

I am in alien territory, just north of the city. Just past midwinter when I took the photo, the weather wasn't bad. What is that tallish tower in the photo? Someone might notice a council gardener in the background. I saw him much closer up. I involuntarily licked my lips. 

It would be the Albanian Australian Moslem Society church. Aren't these sort of sky projections so phallic? Do feminists have problems with such architecture?  I think I am a feminist and I don't have a problem with them, but then I am not a female.

Back at the tram stop on my way home, a city view over Melbourne General Cemetery. If they are not buried here or in St Kilda or Brighton cemeteries, they are not important.

Melbourne's laneway culture partly involves sitting in dirty graffiti covered laneways. The first is Centre Place where we often brunch at the table where the lasses are seated on the left and the second is Degraves Street.

Laneway culture does not extend to the more utilitarian lanes of the inner south eastern suburbs. But one does love a good and efficient spoon drain made of lovely blocks of bluestones.

The beautifully proportioned and symmetrical Oakleigh Junction Hotel. Oakleigh was once an outer suburb, the last civilised place before the countryside, but it is now firmly a middle suburb. It is maternal family area I know well. Where did the space come from to make a roundabout between the Oakleigh Railway Station and the hotel?