Saturday, September 01, 2018

Strange gay photo

BAD is on Easter Island.

This is a very odd work of art. I have no idea where it came across it aside from it being posted on someone's Tumblr. It is so easy to right click and save without noting and author or artist.

None who are depicted are my type, but it is interesting that as the workers go about their work, a couple of them are skiving off and having a bit of fun at a depot de pain or a boulangerie, or maybe one of the workers has picked up some passing street trade. I did spend one minute researching the work and came up with nothing. Whatever, as a work of art, I quite like it, but just not on our walls.

Friday, August 31, 2018

If the cap fits.....

BAD is all at sea for a couple of days.

Pam Ayres is quite brilliant.

This reminds me a bit of myself when I was in a House of Mirrors last year. A snip from what I wrote back then: At one point this stupid old bloke right in front of me would not get out of my way. Why do they let in stupid old men like him? Ahh, that is my own reflection.

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Busy busy, so a quickie

With our new Bosch dishwasher came $100 worth of free Finish dishwashing products, tablets, a couple of smell nice things to hang inside and some interior cleaning and descaling tablets. The salesman told us of the bonus but there was not mention on any documentation. I went online and applied (it took a few minutes to do as there was much detail to fill in online). The large box was delivered in a timely manner.

But then another box arrived. I now assume it was an automatic process once the dishwasher was bought and by me applying, we received the bonus a second time. A clerical error by someone, but I will return the second box. Ho bloody ho. As if. My honesty only goes so far and does not extend to the multinational companies such as  Bosch and Reckitt Coleman.

It is a plausible theory that Household Management threw out our good scissors with the flower arranging cuttings, so with a $20 voucher for department store Myer for being such good customers, we bought a new pair. The scissors can certainly do many things aside from cutting. It is a seriously sharp pair and would cut through bones, chicken bones at least. I ripped them off the cardboard packaging and was left with the two bits of black plastic on the handle where they were attached to the cardboard. How do I get those bits off? I need scissors, but........

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Nasty politicians

I don't agree with many who say politicians do nothing and always do wrong. Most work hard and spend long hours in service for their electorates and for their state and country, for which they are adequately rewarded but not particularly richly rewarded if you compare them to wankers bankers.

I cannot remember really nasty people in politics until the conservative Premier of Victoria Jeff Kennett was elected in the early 1990s. He was elected for a second term, much to my surprise, but chucked out at the next election. (I forget about Joh Bjelke Petersen.... actually, there have been a few more)

There are some really nasty people in Federal politics now, such as backbencher Tony Abbott and Minister for Home Affairs, Peter Dutton, who brought such trouble to our Federal Liberal Party and caused paralysis of our country for nearly a week when he challenged our former Prime Minister and kind of won, seeing the end of Malcolm Turnbull as Prime Minister, even if not becoming PM himself.

But let me go back to the former Premier of the Australian state of Victoria, Jeff Kennett. There is a small gallery space and a half price ticket (for shows and tourist attractions) outlet at Melbourne Town Hall. I always call in to see what the gallery has on show when the exhibits are changed. We were passing by and we saw an exhibition about public protests in Melbourne. I can't remember now, perhaps a pro union protest in the city, but we once took a very young Hippie Niece to a protest march in the city.

R remembers back to the 70s when he was a tram conductor and the monster Vietnam moratorium marches. The city just closed down in lock up, for cars, trams and buses. I think the tram staff deserted their trams and joined the crowd.

In the early 1990s we lived in Glen Iris and along with many of our fellow residents, we walked to Burwood train station to travel to the city and march in protest against Premier Jeff Kennett's legislative programme. There was a great sense of comradery on the train into town. March we did, along with 100,000 other people.

Back to the Town Hall gallery exhibition. I took a few photos.

Felicity is Jeff Kennett's wife. I thought this was pretty clever.

Even the young people in his own party protested against his actions.

He also imposed an extra annual tax on all residents per home for a few years. Our public transport still suffers the effects of actions some twenty years later.

Among other dastardly deeds, he brought the Australian Formula One Grand Prix to Melbourne, and we have suffered ever since. It eats up tens of millions of dollars in subsidies and almost unbelievably, runs around an inner city park. Kennett took away homeowners' civil rights for any damage the construction of the race track might cause to their homes.

Laughably after politics he went on to lead Beyond Blue, an organisation to assist people with mental health issues. Oh the irony when he was the cause of so much pain and distress to so many people.

I'll just include this brief snip from the well produced booklet that went with the exhibition.

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

A nice look

BAD is in Peru.

This post has hung around for a few months. Publish as is.

Friko got me thinking when she mentioned bat wing arms on women of a certain age and how to exercise to get rid of them. Simply put, I have a better solution, and I have mentioned it before. You cover them up if you see it as a problem. Cover your body in light diaphanous clothing in hot weather.

Just to prove I am not sexist, is there anything more horrible than an old man wearing hitched up shorts over his bulging gut with skinny and spindly legs? Some older men can get away with shorts, but many not so.

Monday, August 27, 2018

Vale Mirka

It you stick Mirka into the search facility of my blog, you will find I have mentioned her many times.

At the age of of 90, Mirka Mora has died. She was very challenging and just wonderful, and a child survivor of the Holocaust. She made Melbourne a better place.

Bye bye Mirka.

Let's talk about the weather

This was supposed to be a post for Sunday, but you have to strike while the iron is hot with politics. Who would have thought a week ago that we would have a new Prime Minister.

Nice clouds. Such a cloud appearance means very cold air and it was.

Looking in the opposite direction, to the west.

Another afternoon when it was cold, wet, windy, some lightening and included hail. In the morning we cleared the decks of anything to do outdoors and hunkered down for the afternoon and evening.

Sunday, August 26, 2018


BAD is in Ecuador.

A record for us, three meals out in one day. We had brunch out, then lunch and then dinner out too. We were up early to get the car serviced and while it was being done we went to the big green hardware shed while the car was being serviced and then had some brunch in Bay Street, Port Melbourne. It then became complicated with Hippie Niece texting R, care to catch up for lunch as the babies' father had weekend custody and her brother had presented her with a gift of a night's city accommodation in an beautiful silver American Airstream bus on the roof of a building in town. Then we had a lovely dinner across the road with a workmate of mine at a place that in 16 years, we have been to once, but we often enough order pizza to be delivered from there. Dining in at Roscoe's was really nice.

We have a new Prime Minister. I am quite happy to have a church going Prime Minister, but not one who actually believes. S'pose he is better than the full on religious cranks, such as The Abbott, who was nasty enough but not nearly as nasty as the aspiring Peter Dutton. Dutton puts scary to whole new level. Fortunately the party knew extreme right winger Dutton and his cronies were not electable as PM or as leaders, not that PM's are directly electable, but ipso facto, they are. You vote for your local member and and get a Prime Minister. Until Abbott, I don't really recall having a nasty Prime Minister.

Scott Morrison is our new PM. How did he vote on things I care about as a base(French thingie above the e, or is it the a) voter?

Immigration? Like all rich conservative politicians he is pro high immigration as factory fodder and to break down working conditions and wages. He has been pretty mouthy and disgusting about refugees, refusing funds for relatives to attend a family member's funeral among the detention on nearby but foreign islands.

Same sex marriage? Against.

Public transport? I don't know. Former PM Turnbull was very pro public transport and a frequent user.

Cities overcrowded with people? See immigration.

Abortion? I don't know. As treasurer he could have withdrawn funding, but did not. But I would imagine as a strongly religious person, he is against.

Apologies to our Aboriginal people for the Stolen Generation? Not sure.

Health? Cuts to public hospital funding and a freeze on Medicare gives you the answer.

Environment and global warming? He once took a lump of coal into Parliament and held it aloft and sang its praises as a wonderful cheap and efficient source of energy. Pity it wasn't uranium.

I can only conclude he is not as bad as The Abbott or wannabe Peter Dutton, but bad enough.

Here is photo of the three contenders for Prime Minister of Australia. On the left is execrable Peter Dutton, Julie Bishop and now Prime Minister Scott Morrison. If it was a popular vote by Australians, Ms Bishop would have won. She has acquitted herself well in public life, unlike so many politician blokes.

ScoMo has hit the ground running with a visit to drought stricken areas. I was going to write about the drought, but I fear I will have plenty of time to do that in the forthcoming months.

Meanwhile in Houston, Texas, a black bloke is having more than fifteen minutes of fame as he has the same name as the loser political assassin of former PM Malcolm Turnbull here, Peter Dutton. He seems to be a much nicer Peter Dutton and there is crowd fundraising for him to have a holiday in Australia. He took mistaken tweets on his Twitter account with good humour. Here he is in clip announcing the sex of his unborn child. Dunno, but I just have a feeling Peter Dutton from Houston might be a good and very down to earth Prime Minister for Australia.

Victor wrote a really good post about Prime Ministers of Australia, including a photo of former and late Prime Minister, Sir William McMahon, who as Victor pointed out, did not marry until the age of 57. It did eventually turn out that Billy, who was 'not the marrying kind and a confirmed bachelor', was the marrying kind. Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. Great work, Victor.